Ramona Thompson

The Dream Of What Can Never Be - Poem by Ramona Thompson

Strongly, so strongly you yearn
Yearn for you and I to join
As one in the art of your own twisted imagination
You seek to make me
All that you want
All that I never want to be
A whore and a slave to your every erotically cruel whim

How you sicken me
How you digust me
With your carnal lust and desires so vile
So out of your own control
You speak to me as if I am nothing and treat me as even less
You are no gentleman
We both know how very that fact is

What you want me to do to and with you
Ain't never gonna happen
Who you want me to be
Forever on my back and under your thumb
Keep on wishin' and dreamin'
Twisted dumb little wannabe
Never gonna be my lover man
Don't you get the point of this prose yet?

A lady not a slut is what I am
Someone else's
Never yours is who I'm gonna be
Feelin' nothin' more for you then pity and a whole lotta digust
Losin' out on my good lovin'
All because you refuse to live learn
How a real man treats his woman
Instead, forever and always from this moment on
I have to leave you
Leave you to dream....

Dream your sick twisted sexist dream of me

The dream of what can never and will never be

2008 Ramona Thompson

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 17, 2008

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