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The Dressing Table

I got to looking at this dressing table,
the one we share, my wife and I,
plain white painted wood with a backing mirror,
she has the right side, I have the left.
Between in no man’s land presides
a large moon-faced Akuaba, mother goddess
of Ghana, whose tranquil gaze takes in
impassively three family photographs—
two nieces and a son and daughter.
Just now, my side is cluttered and untidy,

I admit. Some things are always there,
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Cyclopseven R 22 December 2006

I dont see the mess but wonderful collection of items that rejuvenates the memories long gone. Sometimes the collections such as those you possess talks sweetly about the silent history. I wish I can be part of that collection of yours, filling your dressing table :))

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A. B. 01 November 2005

What a mess your side of the dressing table is, you better put things in order :) .By the way....i'm impressed to hear that a book with some Tigrinya phrases is there too :)

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Uriah Hamilton 31 October 2005

My whole house is mass confusion, every day I promise also to put things in order, but it never happens.

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Marcy Jarvis 30 October 2005

I used to like lists and I used to like antiques but this reminds me just how much I long to clear it all away and donate it to the Kleiderkammer! What a burden it is owning anything.

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Linda Hepner 30 October 2005

I feel like a voyeur in your bedroom! I like the love you show to the few items on your wife's side... will you change? Does anybody? Does your wife really want you to? Linda

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