Philip Winchester

Rookie (1942 / Surrey United Kingdom)

The Eye Of The Beholder (A Kings Muse) - Poem by Philip Winchester

540-Poem ....... The Eye of the Beholder..(A King`s Muse) ...................May 3rd 2010

To some of my loved one`s a Kings beauty like his faults are in the eyes of the beholder.
Never contented that he can ever achieve perfection though he tries Oh how he tries.
Give him a ball of silver wire to un-tangle and for hours he will sit until it is as new.
Then if you will just discard it upon the fire knowing that his devotion will keep you warm.

Watch him for hours slaving cutting golden charms honing to perfection then when it is complete.
And as he presents it for your inspection find the slightest fault in one cut in a hundred and dare.
I dare you point it out and he may say” Try doing this yourself sometime “It’s not easy to be King.
He means no malice only wishes to please all of those he loves yes only those he loves.

You see when you constantly strive for perfection there is no halfway house to settle at.
No half in love half conceived half pregnant half born half alive or half dead no half way.
All or nothing every aim perfect aims every solution a perfect solution the only solution.
The target or goal-posts may me moved at times without warning or reference to the King.

The King must understand that this may be the case sometimes and take it in his stride.
To know that any moment things may change and compensate and adjust his aim to suit.
Miss out he will for sure and he will accept responsibility at all times ego free responsibility.
His Love is un-conditional and the love that he accepts is un-conditional a balance is maintained.

A balance that does not rise and fall with the levels that lovers display on any given day.
No highs and lows can be measured as the best or the worst one lover can endure against another.
Love as you would be Loved, Look before you leap think and polish all you write and say.
For it is crystal clear that sometimes just one word can be like a dagger to the heart of Love.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 15, 2010

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