The Fallen Poem by Steve Armstrong

The Fallen

Rating: 5.0

You are majesty, I think,
The belle of the ball,
All eyes are on you,
As you walk into the room.

You flow through the air,
Almost gliding, its so easy for you,
Its as if it comes naturally;
The thing that others long to perfect.

Your long, silken, red dress,
Flows like the rays of Dawn,
Deep, firey reds,
Conjoined with burnt orange,
Shimmers in the light.

They all stand in awe,
As you move about the room,
With your counterpart,
The perfect Gentleman.
Speechless, as you perform your dance.

And as the years go by,
Time is not so kind to you,
Your skin begins to wither,
Your bones become weak,
You become frail,
A shadow of your former self.

You sit and reminisce,
About the old days,
About your fall from grace,
And how one day, maybe,
You'll meet him again in heaven,
And you'll dance like you did then.

Marvin Brato 09 October 2007

Its quite an inspiration to reminisce the good old days of your youth, when old the memories lingers beyond imagination. Good write. top mark.

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Chantel Braatz 09 December 2005

You're really talented for your age alot more talented then some older people I LOVE THIS POEM!

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Max Reif 06 December 2005

I see you're twenty. I think this is a good poem for a young man, is the only way I know how to say it. I hope you don't find that condescending. I think you have skill with language. Your narrative and description flow well, and I don't find any excess (unnecessary words or lines) . I think as far as the subject matter, at my age what you say is a given, but at your age, it's not, so much. The ending, also, would seem kind of obvious had I, at 57, written it. But again, for a young man, I think it works pretty well.

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