The Father Poem by Samantha Collins

The Father

When your busy taking care of everyone else
you lose yourself.

your wishes become the needs
of the one your trying to please.

yet you smile and smile
cause no one can see
what you hide oh, so well.

your the man everyone wants to be but cant
because no one can make that kind of sacrifice
when they are too caught up in their own life.

you mask your life
with the lives of others
so no one will ever discover
how beat up you really are
with your bruises and your scars
and you can keep fulfilling the needs
of the greedy ones your trying to please.

Unwritten Soul 08 July 2010

just what i used to say before, sometimes when we chase a perfection we forgot what we already have..too blind to see it...but i am glad that u can see the way out, so use ur beauty inside invite him to join the window that he couldn't see...slowly he will see... just give him a new perspective of life indirectly so slowly it will fix it correctly... Don't break your heart with this, it will only ruin your life..u only need positive thinking and try to be optimistic..for one day they will proud and notice what they missed...Perfection is a word of lie, it only exist for God.

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