The Formation Of A Star

Im bored
I wont live like this
I hate him more than I know
He tries so hard and all he gets is my scorn
Hes better off without me
Hes living day to day for me and I don’t even exist
Im a floating particle in space
Waiting for gravity to pull me together like the forming of a star
Till I explode

And we don’t even know how we got here
We’re fighting wars for land that we don’t even know the origin of
We were all formed by God
Big bang
Elephants on the back of a turtle
Trudging wearily through space
Before time-what is time anyway?
Before –what is before?
Why did it bang?
What banged?
How could it be big when size didn’t exist?
What is this ‘big’ compared to?
I want answers and they give me theories
They tell me I’m grown and to flee the nest
I can’t go anywhere till I know where I am now
And no one knows the answers
No one knows the answers
We’re all alone
All alone
In a million city
In a megalopolis