The Only One

Rating: 5.0

I don’t ask who else you see
Or if you kiss them quite so hard as me
I’ve never asked you to stay and I never would
Never asked you to love me or even if you could

All I ask is that you don’t tell me at all
Never walk out on me or ignore my call
We can pretend no one hurts and that we’re both fine
Kiss the troubles away; they’ll heal with time

I won’t let you learn the truth no matter what I do
That you’re what I’ve searched for, that it’s always been you
Don’t know how I got here, I resisted your kiss for so long
‘Till now I can’t deny these feelings, written in a song

I’ve got a few more months then I’ll never see you again
My mind tells me it will hurt too much, be too much pain
I’ve left before and it hurt so much
Made me cautious so I resisted your touch

I don’t know why you choose me or even if you care
But if I’m honest I’m just really glad you’re there
I love your hands on me, and how it feels when I’m with you
These days you’re the only one who stops me feeling blue