... The Gardens Table... Poem by Ken e Hall

... The Gardens Table...

Rating: 5.0

Nature's bountiful wonder, its symphony begins as
Leaves ripple in the gentle breeze setting rhythm for all alive,
Birds free, singing from their hearts magic for the ears
The garden's table opens for samples in this natural hive,
Minors and lorikeets already dining on the red honeyed bottle brush flowers.
The water dragon lizard sits submerged in the birdbath
His head just staring at the lawn, then whoosh he leaps airborne,
Like a jumbo bouncing on the lawn landing on a fat worm's path.
A pair of minors flies in, too late the worms gone in a gobble!
The stone garden duck looks on but unable to quack,
Ducks on the fence dare not sample the bread crumbs strewn around,
Beau Jangles the blind family poodle arrives his super smell nose will never lack,
Every living thing looks on as he devours the lot, and to add insult to injury
He poo's on the spot.
Kookaburra's high in the trees laugh and chatter then fly away
The sun already says it's going to make it a very hot day,
Pelicans resting by the canal snooze dreaming of their favourite dish of fish
I sip my morning tea am I so lucky to see this every single day, I wish.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Akhtar Jawad 03 September 2015

What a lovely description of nature................................10

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Patricia Grantham 18 August 2015

Very beautiful nature poem. One can just envision being amidst these surroundings. I enjoyed this Ken.

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Diane Hine 16 February 2013

A delightful and memorable morning tea. I would have liked to see the lizard leaping out of the birdbath.

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Malaya Roses 01 February 2013

Such beautiful garden and its so lively in this poem. The poet is a real nature lover and each words used made us love the mother earth more. Excellent.

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Ken e Hall

Ken e Hall

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