The Gift Of The Rain Poem by Dr. Vaishnavi Gupta

The Gift Of The Rain

His eyes speaks
the pain,
But his cold heart
and freeze lacrimal gland
refuses to flow tears.

consoles his wrenching
with a heavy downpour.

The cloudy emotions
mingles with his
silent tears.
He fails to understand
the words of the rain.

Missing her deeply,
He visits her grave.
Sowing the seed of his loneliness
in the camouflaged monsoon rain.

Sitting on the rooftop
he looks for her
among the star.

As days passed
His life became more dark.
On a roaring cloudy day
lighting and thunderstorm
fears his soul, if it will
bring more gloom.

But every clouds
has a silver lining,
thunder foretells
a new story!

When he walk down
the waterlogged streets,
His eyes catch a glance
with a teen.
Her blond hairs and smiling
radiates some hopeful rays.

She sails her paper boat
to a land of dreams!
Chuckling hard and dancing
on the monsoon melodies!

The neurons flashbacks
similar memories,
He and her daughter
sailed the paper boats
at the fountain in the backyard.

Regaining his consciousness
He asks the girl for her address!
The orphan tells her story
of how she lost her parents
to the deadly covid virus.

Teary eyes hears the
soulful voice,
she wipes his tears with
a caring smile.
His conscience know s
what the fate want,
to unite the two hearts.

Signing all the legal papers
lifting the teen in his arms,
He takes the girl to her new home
as his new heir.

The marvelous drawing hall
hanged a part of his heart, framed.
They both salutes the brave daughter,
The girl watches her elder sister with pride
whose guns in the glass case
enriches the glory of her sacrifice!
Today his soul smells her presence
in the smell of the sprinkling rain.

His eyes cried both tears of
happiness and melancholy.
As rain stops, the rainbow covers
the azure sky,
His eyes reads the message
this time,
as the daughter sends her blessings
from the heaven, disguised.


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