The Gift Of Writing

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There is a word in every poem, one that is so hard to write,
but if you can write one sentence more.
Then the gift is your's to take wherever.
It is a gift, to be able to write, and show what you can do.
Some write a letter, and they think that's hard.
Others write a note, which may seem easy.
It is a gift when out comes a story,
and from that story, becomes a book,
A book that will go on, and on until you write another.
Then you will never want to stop
Writing is no talent it is a gift, a gift of creation,
that only God can give. His greatest creation was Mother Earth,
and too us his gift was love.The gift of writing came from him too.
When he picked you out and placed the pen in your hand.

Nalini Hebbar 06 July 2006

how very true! ! ! ...yes i was given this gift...the keys...ha my hands...just out of the i am so obsessed i cant stop...we have some thing in common...will write to tell

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Duncan Wyllie 06 April 2006

Thankyou for the inspiration Sylvia, I must try and hold that thought then release onto paper you have given me fresh images, I'm of now to right about this first line.thankyou so much., I absolutely love your first line the best, This is so worth the read.Love Duncan

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Scarlett Treat 15 March 2006

I write grocery lists and am proud of myself, so whenever I write a poem and it makes sense and says what I meant for it to say, then I am amazed by the talent it took to write, and I know that it is not me writing, but the gift that God gave me. Love this. Scarlett

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Sandra Fowler 13 March 2006

You certainly have that gift, Sylvia. Lovely poem. Warm regards, Sandra

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