Kareem Itunu Azeez

The Greatest Slave Master

The Greatest Slavemaster

Hi I'm the greatest slavemaster ever known.
The one that has mind control on the human race.
I truly have no power; but to them that's not the case.

I am their king & they are my fools.
For me they will break any rules.

People kill for me.
Steal for me.
Work for me.
Die for me.
Cry for me.
Lie for me.
& never ask why from me.

I whip them into shape with my enticing antics.
Without me, their souls run frantic.

When life wants to hold them in bondage I'm the chains life gives.
If they don't have me they move like they can't live.
Without me, how could they ever find a care to give?

Wherever I am they go.
By any means necessary they will follow.

I get them what they want & what they need.
If they seek growth I'm their only seed.

I can make people do the things they hate to do.
Somehow I can make the worse lies seem true.

I smile in their face as if I'm posing for a picture.
If they want me they'll give their dignity away along with a signature.

They spend me more than they spend time.
My presence causes their hearts to go blind.

Bird boxing the truth.
Blindly leading the youth.

God tells my slaves that loving me is a sin.
I feel as though I should be able to bark, I'm clearly man's best friend.
However 1st Timothy doesn't agree with me in chapter 6 verse 10.

The bible tells people that when me & love get together we stir up hate.
When we intertwine, our roots sprout evil.
I'm sure Satan can relate.

I cause greed.
& turn wants into needs.

I tell them to trust in God.
I wonder if they realized that on my back is where I lied.

I'm printed out like a 12 page essay that holds no meaning.
Yet I always have people feening.

My presentation holds all of the power.
I am the wage that determines a persons worth per hour.

I enslave them; but they still love me.
I push them away; but they still embrace me.
I'm worthless; but they still chase me.

Why do they still chase me?
It's simple.
Because I'm the greatest slavemaster ever known.

Hi I'm "MONEY! ! ! "
I know it's nice to meet me.

More money more problem

Topic(s) of this poem: poems

Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 31, 2019

Form: Chain Verse

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Comments about The Greatest Slave Master by Kareem Itunu Azeez

  • Chinedu DikeChinedu Dike (10/15/2019 8:06:00 AM)

    Well conceived and elegantly crafted in persuasive poetic expressions with artistic brilliance. Really a poignant rendition set aside for sober reflection.

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  • Kareem AzeezKareem Azeez (3/5/2019 12:38:00 PM)

    Okay brother, thanks and I would love to read it

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  • Jazib KamalviJazib Kamalvi (2/1/2019 11:33:00 PM)

    A refined poetic imagination, Kareem. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.

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