/rose Koffin/ Poem by kenya black

/rose Koffin/

Rating: 2.7

You there, I can see you
Deadly in vain, but pierced with love
Closed within you are
While roses turn away to blossom

A silent request, made to last forever
Sewn inside thees' heart is sadness and in pain
She's kept in the dark walls
Of loneliness she is said to sleep

Noisely, the maiden screams
But only I can hear you
Faces of every side hidden, but the lying truth
In thy rose koffin is confinement foe eternity

'Is there no way to escape? '
Purity showers over thy compassionate heart
Said to not stop the treasures ahead
Fate becomes inevitable in the eyes of sinful beings

Waiting for a return
Hopes rendered mercilessly to stir you
Do not fret thee maiden
For surely faith is given if believed

Once again, I place my eyes on your future
The color of white blinds me curiously
Beads of life flourish beyond her
But the rose koffin speaks of only selfishness and haste

'Why do you not hear her and only I'
Slight whispers of prosperity bring forth yet wonders
'Maiden why does thee torture me? '
Countless answers are sacred and does not exist

Reborn with a new tragedy
Sought out as 'new found' peace
Roses fade to black
As life began to disappear freely

I am bound by she

My heart taken as hers too

Be it slain in thine arms as well

We share our pain and unsaid loneliness

The rose koffin cannot perish
No matter how I wish to end everything
Potent desires like poison
Reach thees' threshold of be latent tears
Forever will the rose koffin live...

Craig Mize 18 July 2010

I had to read this one twice to take it all in. I speaks to me in a way that I can not explain but I like it all the way through. Beautifully written poem kudos my friend kudos

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