The Indian Princess And Her Tiger Poem by Paula Glynn

The Indian Princess And Her Tiger

The Indian Princess walks her tiger
Around the opulent palace grounds
Her strong tiger always serving and obeying her
Every utterance and command she does vocalize
For her tiger is her ultimate protection.

The Indian Princess grew up with her pet tiger:
She knew he was safe to always be around
And the Indian princess is protected
By his true animal grace
That no other animal could ever replace.

The Indian princess grooms her tiger
Gently with a special comb
Her tiger also loving to groom himself:
His coat striped orange and black
A tiger no one to kill or attack.

The Indian Princess loves her pet tiger
Whilst others fear him
For the Indian princess's tiger does have stealth
And a fierce roar heard all over the palace
Her enemies knowing to stay far away.

The Indian princess does feed her pet tiger:
All kinds of especially prepared raw meat
With many pieces of meat her tiger needs
Because he is her royal protection
And if anyone attacks her, they will bleed.

The Indian princess cherishes
Her beautiful and magnificent tiger
For her animal will never perish
At the hands of a dangerous gun
Only her pet orange and black tiger having won.

The Indian princess shall always remember
That powerful and athletic pet tiger
Because her gorgeous tiger protected her
And warned her enemies to not get too close
They not wanting to be mauled.

The Indian princess never to replace her pet tiger
Having loved bathing with him in the small pool
Having run with him across the vast palace grounds
Having hidden cat treats that her tiger found
Having an animal with compassion and strength.

The Indian princess feeling proud
Every curious person getting excited and loud
The circus show in the vast and excited crowd
Gasping in awe at the Princess' tiger doing its rounds
The stage man showcasing a roar that is strong and loud.

The Indian princess taking her tiger
Off that colourful and traditional circus stage
But after the tiger tamer doing his performance not into a metal cage
Because although her tiger can attack and feel rage
That is not happening: at least not today.

The Indian princess seeing her protective tiger
Inevitably grow into old age
The Indian princess glad he was never kept in a restricting cage
For the Indian princess loves her deceased from age tiger
A tiger with an old and wise soul and with a true heart.

Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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