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The Invisible Wisdom Of God.........

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Do we know the truth of heaven and our God's love?
Do we understand the knowledge of invisible wisdom of God?
We must understand that God's wisdom rests on the
foundation of spiritual practice of compassion and love
Learning spiritual power and prayers could make us
to realize the truth of heaven and God's love
We all born with God's love and care at the beginning
and the problem arises how to remain till our end
Our spiritual journey starts with understanding on God's trust
and continue with perception of God's precepts till the end
The spiritual perfection could be achieved not only by meditation
but also teaching others to reach the knowledge of wisdom
That is why God appointed wisdom as his goal for mankind
God loves his people and enjoy their knowledge in wisdom
and he feels proud of his rational creation on earth
Our choice is live with the wisdom to delight in God
or choose path of that leads to miserable life on earth.

Brian Jani 19 May 2014

Ravi well done I like this one

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Seema Chowdhury 21 September 2008

an excellent poem that shows the love and respect of God. well done. have you read my poem 'The invisible hands of God? '

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Chitra - 21 September 2008

a great way of showing supplication to the Divine Force mighty word these are, prolific in tone

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Hopeu Likadapoem 10 September 2008

Great write...so true, God is truly withinin you

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