The Illusion Of Life Poem by kenya black

The Illusion Of Life

Rating: 2.7

The things you see
They can make you bare the questions of curiosity
They can swallow the purpose of fantasy
And overtake your consciousness of thoughts
Thoughts that can escape to a new world
Or become the start of something new
Or maybe even weave themsevles together as
one night and one day...
Life is a plain reality that is to force you to be alert and at one with yourself...
Life is a gift to be able to comprehend or to even make
with your own gentle hands, maybe to even just have the thought of being apart of it...
The Illusion of life is like a sadistic dream that showers constant realities of desires...

David Beckham 13 August 2010

Great Philosophical ideas expressed in this poem. I don't even have answers, but we can continue to grow and hopefully figure things out. Thanks for sharing

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Craig Mize 18 July 2010

You remind me of this poet that met in Atlanta GA. Her name was Mystic Fire and all of her poems spoke nothing but the truth sometimes it was the harsh truth but nether less the truth. She is one of the best new poets that I know and you are on her level with the past two poems of us that I read.

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Felicia Garcia 18 July 2010

gurl you knw thats true not all things in life is true so hold on to things you cherrish most

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kenya black

kenya black

North Carolina
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