The Man Beside Me Poem by Craig Moses Uche

The Man Beside Me

Rating: 4.0

The man beside me is a man of many tales
He is sober yet griefed, sorrowful yet tarnished
Of his two wheels, he looses one talent
For this he breaths words
That even the Lord must be at ease to his wishes
Each word he breaths are like atmosphere of grave yards

Each word he breaths is seen in him.
But his words do not denote the cause of his scar
Its but like a glimmer in sight
Can no one tell me the cause of his scar?
Maybe an unfortunate accident, an unforseen war

A sacrifice made in respect of a loved one
Whatever the cause of his scar
His mood was as telling as that of the thinker
The man beside me had a mood as sore as that of a high storm
His mood expressed an inner death and confusion.

I looked in pity and prayed in respect of my prayers for him
So that God would have no choice
And his presence tried to impact changes in me
Lessons morals even my ways he tried to impact
But i left as i came

Because the man beside me led me realise
That he actually me.
The more i looked into his eyes i saw more of myself in him
Than i would in my closest one's
And as birds learn to take flight so we learn our Own ways. (11 Dec.2009) .

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: sad
Vipins Puthooran 16 December 2011

[The man beside me is tha man with a heart and he has many stories to share] An excellent poem! ! ! !

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