The Poet Poem by Craig Moses Uche

The Poet

Rating: 5.0

The dividends
Of the modern culture
A farmer of words
Turning art into agriculture

Truly a wino
Intoxicated with arcane imagery
And his mind with nowhere to go
Seeks solace in art's brewery

At wits end
He sees clearly, the promontory
That the meagre mind
Would simply call a bosh story

Now certainly, a wizard
With his wand he turns history
Into a soulful ballad
Full of fetching scenery: -

Works that make Achilles
As bardic as Shakespeare
And leaves Hercules
With no more strength to spare

Pieces that Inspire Napoleon 
To draw
Banishing his puissance to oblivion
Giving him the fondness, men never saw

Honestly, the Poet is anything,
Without void or season
He's both nothing and everything
Wearing every color for a reason

Such is the curse and beauty
Of the poet
Wearing words for sake of duty
Summoning mind and paper for the duet

LeeAnn Azzopardi 05 June 2023

Brilliantly done my friend Bravo! ! !

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Hi Craig, I went through few poems of yours. You do have a penchant for poems and they are really good.

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Craig Moses Uche 05 June 2023

Thanks for taking out the time to read my poems, if you have time on your hands please check out my new poem, 'A world without a Poet'

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Poet is a"farmer of words/turning art into agriculture "… beautiful poem. Enjoyed the revisit.

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Soran M. H 24 September 2023

They speak to everyone. Their language is simple and poetic. Their themes are humane and attractive.

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Chinedu Dike 24 September 2023

Amazing eloquence and emotions. A beautiful creation nicely embellished with poetic rhymes and rhythms. Thanks for sharing, my brother. Remain enriched.

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A pleasure to give you top score for 'The Poet'.God bless you Craig.

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'A farmer of words Turning art into agriculture'- Excellent description of a Poet. Kudos

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