The Neighbours Are Talking Poem by Paula Glynn

The Neighbours Are Talking

The neighbours have seen the rubbish
The family produces
They've seen the muck
Echoing the resident's mind
Through the bags and bags
Of worthless rubbish in the garden

They have heard the angry shouting
Through the open window
Of a family at war
The drama and problems
Seen all too often before
Neighbours spreading the vicious gossip

The neighbours dread to see inside the house
They dread to see the mess and filth
The useless clutter and rubbish bags
Littering the abandoned hallway
The pile of dirty crockery
In the messy, uncared for kitchen

The family unfortunately torn apart
As if no love in the heart
The family living separate lives
One family member in an apartment
Another living in luxurious London
The father living sadly alone

For conflict lost the connection
Conflict threatened the protection
All family members needing
To see inside their true reflections
But a new family has direction
For wonderful grandchildren born

The father now a grandfather
The grandmother sadly deceased
But love does never cease
And future generations
Will take stock
Before their own family line can go to pot

And the neighbours did talk
But the family has expanded
Children born to a proud grandfather
For good does always come out of bad
And happiness happens
For new generations to feel glad

They've got their own family home
Where they reap what they sow
Even though the hard times
The world does endlessly throw
But relatives forever united
For blood is always thicker than water.

Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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