The Nostalgia Of Music Poem by Paula Glynn

The Nostalgia Of Music

Part 1

The nostalgia of music
Goes on forever
In the public's heart
Musical act after musical act
With genius musical scores
Musical notes sung correctly
Instruments played by experts

Years and years go by
Songs to buy on CD
And repeatedly play
From the musicians
That studied for their
Whole lives to create works of art
More to music than singing one song

More to modern music
Than standing on a stage
More to modern music
Than five minutes of fame
Quick paparazzi attention
Not guaranteeing
Forever fame

But musical acts
Etched in people's hearts
From decades of creativity
Creative album artwork
Genius lyrics and musical hooks
And charismatic stage performances
Musical artists making people happy

Clubs and concerts
Packed with excited fans
And just generally the curious
To find out for themselves
Whether they like the band or not
But giving it a chance
The performers do impress

The romance of an old CD
Even classical music played sometimes
But country music artist Patsy Cline with
An outstanding and melodic voice
The world has never forgotten
Music with soul deep enchantment
Music with magical memories

Back to country music
The most famous Dwight Yoakam
The most famous Nanci Griffith
And other amazing and incredible artists
Their work lasting forever on the radio
So many people feeling nostalgia
And a sense of romance

Music is part of the soul:
No matter the genre
R&B, soul, jazz and the blues
All capture my heart
Remembering my life story
With all songs ever recorded
And reminding me of my wonderful life.

Part 2

1950: Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline starting her career
At fifteen years old:
WINC Radio station a hit
And a high way up that career ladder
Next joining a band
Run by performer Bill Peer
Television broadcasts starting
Patsy Cline a star in her own right
Because "Walkin' After Midnight"
Sky rocketed Patsy Cline's career
In which Patsy was in full control
Did decide for herself and did steer
Her career taking her into the early 1960's:
A decade music lovers will never forget
The list of hits never-ending
After signing with Decca Records
Under the direction of the producer Owen Bradley
On the jukebox a Patsy Cline song always chosen
Always pressing play and select
The public not pretending
Popularity evident with every Patsy Cline song
That showed to the world
The music industry in which Patsy did belong
And her legend shall always remain strong.

1960: The Beatles

The most famous band on the planet
Formed in 1960 in Liverpool
Band members:
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Ringo Starr

The biggest influence in music ever written
And legendary stage performances
Never forgotten with time
Their music charismatic and exciting
Influenced themselves by 1950's rock and roll
Music in their soul
Musical elements of classical music
And traditional pop
Ballads, psychedelia, hard rock
And pulling it off with 100% success
Their names remembered forever
From young teenage girls swooning
And the working man needing entertainment
The Beatles shall always be played:
Whether on YouTube or CD
The band breaking the record
Of most popular band ever created.

1970: ABBA

ABBA Swedish super-group
Formed in Stockholm 1972
A band where members
Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus,
Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad
Four members of a music group
That would go on to sell over 300 million
Albums worldwide and branch into film
Mamma Mia! Super-popular
A successful musical that toured worldwide
ABBA a band with a great deal of pride
Their music original and influencing
Groups throughout the music industry
Their compilation album "ABBA Gold"
To top the charts
Not forgetting the Eurovision Song Contest
Where ABBA won for Sweden in 1974
With their song "Waterloo"
A song remembered to this day
A song no one can ignore
And capturing such nostalgia
The 1970's life where people did dream
And hope for a better future
But still living their lives
Going about their daily routines.

1980: Sade

One of the favourites of the 1980's
Sade formed in London in 1982
The band named after the lead singer
Sade Adu: also known as Helen
Most of the members from Hull
In Yorkshire: a county beautiful
And music as equally as beautiful
Sade first album "Diamond Life"
An album with music brand new
To smash the charts in 1984
The most famous song:
"Your Love Is King" but their career ongoing

Releasing other albums:
Love Deluxe
Lovers Rock
Soldier Of Love

Sade no one-hit wonder
Their career legendary
And making the evening magical
Their music of soul, jazz and blues -
With a touch of pop -
Music I love and always will
Sade also having made brilliant music videos
Quality rather than quantity
And Sade will live forever in my heart.

1990: Manic Street Preachers

A world famous Welsh band
Formed in Blackwood Wales in 1986
Practising their guitars
And lyric writing
At their homes in Wales
After launching themselves
They to be taken seriously straight away
With those legendary guitars they play
And expertly play
James Dean Bradfield an expert
With putting lyrics to musical notes

And their albums keep coming:
Generation Terrorists
Gold Against The Soul
The Holy Bible
Everything Must Go
This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours

They are a hit factory
And their stage performances stellar
Manic Street Preachers
Going on and on: staying strong
Especially with their alternative rock sound
And political outlook
For this band does not do it by the book:
They do it with grace and originality.

2000: Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud created in 2002
ITV talent show "Popstars: The Rivals"
Five young women chosen
To be spectacular musical artists
With utterly brilliant music
And vibrant stage performances
Wearing the coolest rainbow outfits
And show stopping high heels
Albums to all be dance and pop
Appealing to many teenagers
And young people in general
Going on for many years
Girls Aloud have fun, exciting music:
Music that I love and find original
For Girls Aloud makes people
Get up with their friends and dance
And sing along with a hairbrush
Imagining themselves onstage
Singing "Sound Of The Underground"
Girls Aloud creating a new sound
The first Girls Aloud album recorded
The second album being
"What Will The Neighbours Say? "
Another fun and genius album
Chemistry one of my favourites
Girls Aloud to experiment
With electropop, dance-pop and dance-rock
Members being Cheryl, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding,
Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh
I just cannot tire of this band
Although sadly Sarah Harding
Having cancer and passing away
She shall be remembered always
For being an important part of a band
That Guinness World Records listed them as
The 'Most Successful Reality TV Group' in the 2007 edition
And being nominated for five Brit Awards
Winning in 2009 for Best Single "The Promise".

2010: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez a pop culture icon
Described as a triple threat entertainer:
Dancer, actress and singer
Having a film career
Grossing over 3.1 billion
And global record sales of 80 million
Jennifer Lopez is not a woman you can ignore
An utterly fabulous actress:
And an even better stage performer
A woman close to iron woman
Having been photographed
Millions of times
And having been interviewed
Millions of times
Jennifer Lopez worthy of her income
And will cheekbones so sharp
You could sharpen knives on them
Her music videos my favourite on YouTube
And with films like "Maid In Manhattan"
Her film career entertains the entire world
Her facets as an actor vast
No two characters ever the same
And with her earnings
She does wear the most beautiful dresses
And perfect high heels
That show off her long legs
For Jennifer Lopez believes in herself
And will never surrender or beg:
No matter what you try to do.

2020: Legends Ongoing

Musical legends go on and on
Their nostalgic memories
That are part of daily life
Being a true romantic
I truly feel music is part of my soul
From 1950 to beyond 2020
New music is out there all the time
Along with the oldies
But all music is relevant
All music is for everyone:
From the young to the old
From classical to rock
And we know we can't stop the clock
But we hold our memories
Like gold that makes us rich
Living our busy and important lives
Going to music concerts and the theatre
Just having fun and being with friends
Or even remembering that fantastic party
Where we danced to Girls Aloud
Or remembered our parents listening to Patsy Cline
In the lounge of an evening time
Where we looked back at our first love with Sade
Where we did live a diamond life
Just loving spreading our wings
And realizing if the stars can do it
Why can't we? We make our memories every day
And must know we are as great as the music we play.

Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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