The New Exorcism-Part 1 Poem by Prem Nizar Hameed

The New Exorcism-Part 1

Rating: 5.0


A friend of mine had a chance to see the apparition of a ghost;
Since her unplaited hair was long, thick and oilless
He was unable to presume the place of her moving feet-
Whether they were on the ground or in the air;
But his scent receptor confirmed that the fascinating fragrance
Of the blooming Devil's tree was also accompanied her!

Since he resides just opposite to my house under a beauty parlor
His narration did not surprise me at all;
Besides, we have an old public bathing pond
From where some hearsay nicely being weaved
By certain daily visitors and their mouth spinning mills;
Stories then spread by episode by episode like snowballing

Somebody told me earlier that he heard a kind of
Jingling of chain moving on our pocket road;
Some other reiterated that he also heard
The invisible foot tapping up and down nearby my house;
One more story was that a lady, lived and died in my house earlier,
Was seen sitting on the right side of the courtyard of my house

All those stories were spread during my stay as a renter
But as soon as I became the owner of the house
The stories went to drown in the same pond forever,
Having written a collective confessional statement:
That all those were the true lies by some vested interests.
So, my friend insisted me to unravel the mystery behind his case, too.

I reluctantly accepted it, knowing that I was going to exorcise;
But are you bold enough to listen to what I plan to do tonight?
Then wait, I will be back after a short non-commercial break;
In the meantime, enjoy the following meaningful advertisement:
Use mask, keep social distancing and wash your hands with any soap
Covid-19 is still around us; prevention is better than cure, stay safe.

(To be continued)

Lasaad Tayeb 27 June 2021

Well-written poem with insightful ideas, I rate it 5*, Please take a look at my page I will appreciate your feedbacks. Kindest regards

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M Asim Nehal 27 June 2021

A poem with nice message and purposeful.5***

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