The Notion Poem by Nooruddeen Mathilakathveetil

The Notion

Rating: 5.0

Old age knocked on my door and enjoined
‘Over, your stint in the desert’
Obeyed, though my reveries remain unfulfilled
Oddments of my odds and sods are wrapped up to carry along
Being the remnant of my bygone age
In the reduced and straggled circumstance

The nook in this room may have a lot to tell the next
Of my grieves and pains, though I portrayed to be jovial
As it might have overheard my weeps and whimpers
When pang of loneliness crushed me in the shadows of the nights

Throng of memories spring to mind while leaving my den
Of yore, for the land of bliss and delight, I left all my nearest and dearest
It was on the later part of a dull and damp day
The sun was hidden, as he was too fighting back tears so I was.

The burning days were unbearable
The summer days in the promising land
Toiled away beneath the fiery cruel sun, but
Thoughts of my nearest and dearest hasten dried out my sweats

Vacations, quick as a wink and hurry, were
Waving hands of friends and relatives prompted,
‘Be ready to set your pace in the heat and blizzards, and
The rousing (but a weeping) send-off for long, again and as often

Not hurry, I am, now
My hired wheels are also rolling at a glacial pace
As if the chauffeur knows that my journeys are over
He too seems dull, probably, no trip after mine…

My nest, not remote, away only few minutes
My ecstasy is curling up away in to infinity
Seeing my clan of people, at the thought of,
Who would be waiting for me eagerly as usual.

The cab is in front of my mossy house, but
My notions are all for naught
I am devoid of my friends and relatives
Who used to be eagerly waited for my arrivals.!

March 20,2009 - Hawiyah (Empty Quorter of Sadui Arabia)


Memories can be great company and looking back on one's life a comfort.Enjoy each make even a very sad poem sound beautiful.A ten.You are a real poetry gem! ! ! ! ! I'm glad I found your poems.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 15 July 2010

Geriatric memory and contemplation of bygone days are of mixed bag type…here you’ve very aptly conceived and poemed….… thanks sharing Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Shashendra Amalshan 11 October 2009

This is a nice moving poem sir.. Generally I like to read narrative poems. And you have woven it very nicely.. Good..10 regards Shan

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Vijay Menon 09 July 2009

nice poem best words and sentiments 10+++

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Jacob Andrew Jarman 22 June 2009

this is so creative brilliant 10

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Rafique Farooqi 16 June 2009

you have wonderfully painted the memories, that linger in mind.........

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