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Photos Speak

Rating: 4.3

Dragging me these old pictures
In to my by gone days
They are decayed in course of time, though
The pictures have a lot to speak
Of the love and ardor towards
A girl resided next to my door
But a picture is essential not
For reminiscing about those sweet memories
Of all those love and ardor
As it is solidified as a thick layer of sediment
In the deep depth of my mind
And it keeps on jolting me in my darks
Oh! My Girl, you have never been a girl
In my forgotten corner of mind, thus far,
You are with me, as the shadow of mine
Wherever I am
Ever since you walked off
To reunite in our next birth


Amir Forougi 04 July 2009

Well made form of regret and sorrow.10

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premji premji 04 July 2009

time is stagnant in pictures........ vibrant also............. please read my latest one liners........

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Anjali Sinha 24 June 2009

a touching love poem excellent -10 anjali

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Pandian Angelina 15 June 2009

You are a rarity among men Who leave the one beside And go behind another To remember to keep To live with in your mind You are united now In this life itself - When She in you resides No need for photographs As she lives in your breath! A very touching and romantic poem Envy of every woman longing for true love! Each word squeezed out from heart Lovingly written in lovely verse. Angel

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Howard Kern 14 June 2009

those pictures can bring smiles and tears. nice to keep unless they need to be burned, Because of someone new. Never burn the family pictures for they need to be remembered and passed to the young so they know where they come from and you can explain as you see fit even if you embellish on the truth a little. very nice 10+++

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Unwritten Soul 12 February 2011

I love the idea and the thought here...creative and true, like photo did..this poem also bring a good reminiscent of great days of past...but the feelings and memories fully expressed in min..nice :) -Unwritten Soul

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Photo is a wonderful thing helps to travel down the memory lane…even fade… Poet nicely carried this farther… ‘To reunite in our next birth’…wow! 10 Ms. Nivedita UK

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Supriya Prathapan 28 March 2010

Yeah, thats why we click pictures don't we? We can't touch memories, so pictures make them tangible! Beautiful poem.

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Poorvi Pandey 20 February 2010

hey nice one...........i luv d concept..........

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Indira Renganathan 18 December 2009

Some imprints, we just cannot erase....touching and lovely poem10

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