The Bird Watcher (Part 1) Poem by Nooruddeen Mathilakathveetil

The Bird Watcher (Part 1)

Rating: 5.0

I plod through the leafy woods
The shadowy, coolly rain forest at the dale
Harkening the spellbinding tunes of trills
Watching the vividly coloured pretty fowls

Echoes of those feeble (But aloud) chirrups twinging me
Of those little birds I encaged in my early ages
Were all tremulous and dolorous sobs, but
Misapprehended unto chant sweet songs of rollicking

Encaging the birds is remorselessness
To set all those confined birds free, now I wish,
To let them spread their wings beneath the skies
And dry out their invisible tears in the fresh breeze of the freedom

The red and blue Macaws, the Golden Pheasants….
The birds of passage,
The settlers for the time being,
Blossom the trees with lurid variance of colours

The Green Turacos, the red Robins
And the tall milky Flamingoes with pinkish limbs
Creeping in the marsh and organizing their eats,
Deceive me the marshy land to be an enchanting flowerbed

Golden slanting rays and long shadows
The contrasting beauties of the forest
And the humming of swaying trees in the breeze
Embellish to the beauty to the trills & chirrups

May 11-2009 (Hawiyah - Saudi Arabia)

Sanober Khan 11 May 2009

this is one of the few poems that literally take ur breath away! keep it up!

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Saadat Tahir 11 May 2009

ya i agree with friend Alf....all the winged birds be allowed to go their way ; -) very nice poem a dream of wild as the bireds it eulogises great cheers

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Subroto Chatterjee 12 May 2009

Nicely expressed feelings and description of the birds' plight... Cheers. Subroto

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Noel Horlanda 13 May 2009

One has to read it twice or thrice to feel the sincerity of the author in regards to birds, to feel how a bird watcher observed the fowl kingdom, its habitat coupled with lovely verdure about, the virgin forest, beauty of the faura. After the read you will find yourself smiling happily, satisfied that everything around you is well taken care of. That's the essence of this creative piece of work and of course the very talented writer we have here.

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The Creator gave birds wings so they can fly freely and gave us their bird song so that we can rejoice with their flight.Lovely poem...I like birds too but my birds are free flying garden visitors.A ten from me

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Pampero Jadan 18 November 2009

i lived this poem amazing describing thank you for beautiful writing let's see more

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Rabi Anata 06 July 2009

once again great imagery, and lovely concept.: ]

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Shashendra Amalshan 02 July 2009

beautiful indeed sir.... great one to get away from the complex concrete world we are living! ! ! ! this is a nice read! ! with love shan

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Ivor Hogg 24 June 2009

A song bird in a cage sets all heaven a rage

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Indira Renganathan 21 June 2009

Soul-filling words...indeed a divine write

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