The Other End Of Heaven Poem by Mary Spain

The Other End Of Heaven

Rating: 5.0

How can true knowledge fade and disappear?
Where does it go? Only the other day
My fingers touched the stars; and yet today
Known formulations blur, to re-appear
As dusty platitudes at which I peer
Uncomprehendingly. It slipped away -
My recognition of the gods at play,
The shaft of light that showed me why I'm here.
But has it really gone, or does it lie
Below the surface of the clouded mind -
A reservoir of truth whose rich supply
Can never be depleted by mankind.
Light will not fail, but we who occupy
The other end of heaven can be blind.


Thoughtful poem...really impressed..look forward to read your other poems...

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Wojja Fink 23 December 2008

Wonderful in the real a polished mirror..thank you...John

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Fay Slimm 19 September 2008

\mary I am a true fan. this is another gem, and I must retain it. In fact It is almost my favourite piece out of your sonnets. You are able to use the visionary muse and for that I send my sincere thanks. Keep writing even though I know you are busy with other things. fondly from Fay.

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Blaine Mccanless 21 February 2008

wow thats awesome very nice

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