I'M Sitting Here... Poem by Mary Spain

I'M Sitting Here...

Rating: 4.8

I'm sitting here and you are sitting there,
You're telling me what's happened since we met,
And I am happy for I love to share
All aspects of your busy life. And yet -
Rebellious fingers yearn to stroke your face,
Rebellious mind strays from your argument
And dwells instead on thoughts of your embrace
And memories of what our kisses meant.
I try to concentrate, but cannot find
Much aptitude for logic when you're near.
Oh, darling, surely you can read my mind?
You're sitting there and I am sitting here
Just longing for the moment when you'll say,
With outstretched arms, 'You're rather far away.'

Gillian Prew 10 August 2007

Oh, Mary, I felt like this so recently. I won't go into what's happened since then but your beautiful poem strikes a chord in me.

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Ana Monnar 01 September 2007

Your poem flowed very nicely and your emotions pored out. Excellent!

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Elias Jones 30 October 2007

Nothing is as grand as love that is returned. Great piece...I enjoyed it very much. Regards Pete

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Jerry Hughes 03 November 2007

.............................this is truly lovely Mary, thank you

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Rommel Filoteo 07 November 2007

imagination is free to run, it takes us into there arms and allows us to linger there knowing there's nothing we rather do.We know our thoughts are only reflecting the loving hopes of our heart because whenever they wander, they always take us to the one we love..... God bless you always! Hugs, Rommel

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David Beckham 01 August 2010

vivid images creep slowly to imagination as i read through. great work

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7he N0153 4nd 7he Fur9 07 January 2010

Great, love it, will add you and keep reading... thanks for sharing

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~ Jon London ~ 29 June 2009

What a beauty this is Mary my lovely....so touching to read...each line deeply felt...thank you for this loving share 10++

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Oluko George 18 February 2009

Sweet...nice to the thoughts and soul.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 10 October 2008

Lovely poem. Nice to read.

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