The Phoenix Needs The Ashes Poem by Mary Spain

The Phoenix Needs The Ashes

Rating: 5.0

An organism crumbles from the core
And we, who dance on the circumference,
Stick paper on the cracks in the pretence
That they will disappear if we ignore
The stench of death. It all took place before,
Man's empires come to pass and no defence
Of the perimeter can check the sense
Of creeping rot within. What lies in store
Is lawful and deserved; we should not mourn,
Or curse the fading light, lest inner eyes
Grow dim and fail to see a seed is borne
In rotting fruit, a seed that never dies.
In Winter's discontent is Spring re-born,
The phoenix needs the ashes to arise.

Joseph Daly 07 August 2006

This is truely wonderful Mary. You return to the original use of the sonnet: to project a philisophical debate. It is a real joy to see such a disciplned mind at work. If I continue I will only be accused of hyperbole.

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Rani Turton 08 April 2008

And how out of the ashes and destruction springs the act of creation...Very lovely. Thanks

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Greenwolfe 1962 21 April 2008

On of the best philosophical poems I have read. GW62

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Bill Thomas 19 July 2008

Mary, this is utterly stunning: depth of thought superbly expressed: it should be compulsory for A level (I'll make sure my students read it) & will repay being mulled over carefully. Thank you.

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Fay Slimm 30 October 2008

Yet another one of yours for my list of favourites Mary. This is a deeply provocative piece and will stay with the reader as a form of recurrent analysis-theme. Powerful and unforgettable.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 11 August 2009

Ammmmmazing poem! used metaphor and myth excellently! 10+

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 27 April 2009

truly symbolic and deep..very profound and prolific! well done

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Blue Eyes 10 April 2009

what a lovely poem. i like its symbolism.

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Gordon Wilkinson 26 February 2009

delightful peice of writing - 10

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Catrina Heart 25 January 2009

A marvelous composition, true phoenix needs its ashes to rebuilt...a thought provoking craft, interwoven with zeal...10

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