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Mary Spain Poems

1. A Need To Kneel 3/25/2011
2. City Church 3/25/2011
3. Pebbles 3/25/2011
4. The Last Word 3/25/2011
5. The Needle's Art 3/25/2011
6. The View 3/25/2011
7. To The Person Who Stole My Purse 3/25/2011
8. Two Tea-Cups 3/25/2011
9. Under The Skin 3/25/2011
10. Unicorn 3/25/2011
11. The Mirror 7/30/2012
12. Remember Me? 7/30/2012
13. Flight 7/30/2012
14. A Seed 7/30/2012
15. Jungle Games 7/30/2012
16. In Touch 7/30/2012
17. The Game Of Cat And Man 7/30/2012
18. Generation Gap 7/30/2012
19. Who Am I? 7/30/2012
20. A Need To Sing 7/30/2012
21. Out Of Step 7/30/2012
22. Old Acquaintance 8/1/2012
23. Hope 2/4/2014
24. In From The Cold 2/4/2014
25. Battle On The Beach 12/6/2013
26. Unity 2/2/2014
27. The Drought 3/25/2011
28. The Choristers 7/30/2012
29. The Mystery 7/30/2012
30. Midsummer Day's Dream 7/14/2014
31. What If? 3/25/2011
32. The Unknown Factor 8/11/2006
33. Poetic Law 2/4/2014
34. The Right Approach 8/6/2006
35. No Overture 8/9/2006
36. No Badges 8/14/2006
37. Pavement Artist 8/11/2006
38. The Other End Of Heaven 8/6/2006
39. The Simple Art 8/7/2006
40. Between The Lines 7/30/2006

Comments about Mary Spain

  • Mary Spain (5/25/2016 8:47:00 AM)

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  • Michael Shepherd (9/4/2009 9:15:00 AM)


    Do you feel like adding your blog address to your (non-existent!) biodata here?

    I keep losing track of it..

    Michael with love

  • Babasaheb Salve (7/14/2009 3:30:00 AM)

    very butiful indeed arousing closeness to the divine sound

  • Gina Onyemaechi (8/4/2006 2:28:00 PM)

    I am so grateful to Michael Shepherd for announcing Ms Spain today on the forum. She writes with skill, elegance, and innovation using unforced and almost inconspicuous rhyme. When I wrote this (4th August 2006) , Ms Spain had 11 sonnets on show and I enjoyed every last one immensely. Thanks for sharing your writing, Mary.

  • Michael Shepherd (8/2/2006 6:19:00 AM)

    Mary Spain is one of those poets who published 'slim volumes' of fine poetry in the days before the internet, read by discerning readers; then found other good things to occupy her time, which continue to touch many people young and old. She writes skilful, relaxed sonnets among other verse, and I commend her wisdom to what I hope is a new extensive readership worldwide in this 'poetic renaissance' - hers and ours!

Best Poem of Mary Spain

A Deaf Musician

As though a deaf musician, I am part
Of some great orchestra I cannot hear.
The only notes that fall upon my ear
Are those which rise unbidden from the heart
And offer teasing glimpses of the art
Of harmony. Yet have I heard, in clear,
Still moments of perception, what appear
As distant drum-beats; pulses that impart
A rhythm to the cosmic melody.
Then, with a quick'ning joy, I see that I
Am moving to creation's symphony.
As birds that wheel and dart across the sky
To secret music, so it seems that we
Can sometimes see the patterns as we fly.

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An Early Night

He said he'd ring as soon as he returned.
At nine, indulgent of her eagerness,
She settled down with joy to wait and turned
Her chair to face the 'phone. At ten the stress
Of waiting prompted her to make some tea;
Eleven found her mind in disarray
Imagining some dire calamity
Or accident encountered on his way.
At half-past twelve... should she dial 999?

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