The Other Side Poem by Falana Zion

The Other Side

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This side I am
Is where Lack and sadness reside
Filled with tears and darkness
But the other side,joy and love reside

This side
Harbors failure and lack
Out of light and full of dry land
But the other side is full of light

This side we are
Lacks the river of life
Thirsty for a beautiful sky
But there is sea of life,
On the other side

The other side
Is where I long to be
A land full of love and smile
The world of beautiful sky

Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: heaven
Lyn Paul 13 February 2019

Life itself has its own beautiful sky and joy and love can reside. Life too can be incredibly hard and is for so many. We must keep shining and not wish ourselves to Heaven. It we are fit and able and fed and not hurt life can be beautiful. We are here for good purpose.

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Falana Zion 17 March 2019

Indeed, Life itself has its own beautiful sky But can't be compared with the one on the other side...... Thanks for the comment Lyn......

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Falana Zion 13 February 2019

The other side.......full of life

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Falana Zion

Falana Zion

Ekiti State, Nigeria
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