Falana Zion Poems

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Dying To Live

I will continue to live on
Without giving up to the moon
The ice is broken
The old tombs are filled with rickety worms

A Wish Come True

The stars are cool
They smile like you

The flowers steal my gaze

Where Were You?

Where were you?
In that silent night
Where were you,
During the dark time

In Love With A Poetess

Hope my bed won't be filled with ink
Hope my feelings won't be lost on the field
I hope my feelings would find a brace in your heart
Even beyond the poetic lines

Where Do Broken Dreams Go?

I'm lost without the hope of being found
I'm swallowed by a river of thoughts
I'm broken beyond repair
My mind is giving up to the soul

You're Loved

Beyond the silent night
Beyond the life's rocky ground
You're loved

A Mile With Me

Who will walk a mile with me
In this scary way?
A friend with such a frolic fancy play
A hope to the arcane ways

Africa My Land, My Pride

O Africa
The home of love and art
Your beauty aglow on a fertile land
Beautiful as the purple flush of dawn

The Plead

I lay my soul like the breeze
Within me flow the river of peace
My heart a den of harmony
Like the exasperated god sitting in the tree

The Other Side

This side I am
Is where Lack and sadness reside
Filled with tears and darkness
But the other side,joy and love reside

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