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Born on Dec 01 to the family of Ch. E.B Falana. He learnt the great lesson of life, that life is not a problem to solve, but a reality to experience...
He published his first work in the year 2017, the work titled The World.
He has thereafter written for different magazines, anthologies, competitions etc.

His aim is to make the world a better place.
Above all, he Ioves creativity and Impact........


The Best Poem Of Falana Zion

Dying To Live

I will continue to live on
Without giving up to the moon
The ice is broken
The old tombs are filled with rickety worms
Painful odds of time are like block of stars

The old cranky time reminiscing the stars
are memories seasoned with gleeful tears,
like a babe dreaming of stairs.

The time keep on breaking the tears
and the odds of the past
seem like a dot of black on the future's sky
Yet, I will risk though hard to dream
I'll keep on dying,
Without giving up to the moon
For within me, I love to live.

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Anthony Fry 11 May 2020

Jambo Falana. From Jambojersey.

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Falana Zion 06 December 2018

All things bright and beautiful.............

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Falana Zion Quotes

From my experience hitherto, the world and its inhabitants are poetic

Determination will only determine your success, when you have the courage to determine your determination.

Not happy, Not sad; Just accept life as it is...

Life is just as it appears, A glance flitted like a bird. Life is not a problem to be solved But a reality to experience.

Wake up every morning, not with a mind full of melancholy, but with ardor of hope and a face filled with laughter.

Look beyond my speech, consider the tears on my face, My tears speaks louder than my speech.

Love is a kiss under water, only the valorous men could take a step; The weak gets drowned, and back out like an army on retreat

When the beautiful morning comes, the ray of the sun kisses us, the garden of flowers greets us, sowing how beautiful the nature is....

At the sight of the shining sun, the awesomeness of the trees, I whispered to my soul within, what a wonderful world.

Your attitude is as clear as the sky, bright as the day, reflects on your face and speaks louder than you think......

For you to become the shining star, you don't need the acquisition of more facts, But the evaluation of the available fact, Which is, believe in your inner man.

Each time I seek His face, my life experience an unspeakable grace; Coz, the spiritual controls my physical.

My wonderful book, All the pages in you tells new things, I can't do without you, Coz I don't know what the future brings.

My personality may make you smile, fill your night with a shining light, but my beauty appears and attract, it can't make a great impact. Love my personality, love me as I am.

I love everyone I meet, they always teach.

Solution is not far from your sight, not beyond your wit, When you know the problems to be solved, listen before you speak and reason beyond your normal thoughts.........

What If Jesus had bowed, When He was tempted in that alluring land, Where ecstasy overwhelms the mind of man What would be our hope and song......

I've concurred, that life is a market, that I will bite into the grass, But I've also decided to be as unapproachable as a star, that at the end of my pilgrim journey on earth, I would spend my eternity in that beautiful home of love

December reminds me of my birthday and my Christmas mission trip to an unknown land.

I don't want to feel the power of your love only when I'm happy. I want to feel it more when I'm sad.

You're not like an empty vessel that sounds in vain, You're a God's vessel created for a Purpose.

Satan wastes not his time on an empty vessel, he puts all his time and life on the line to capture the purposeful. You're not an empty vessel, that's the reason troubles dances around the corner.

If you think you know it all, You can't reach the end point

If you're afraid of criticism, you won't shine beyond your room

You can't achieve your own result, With another person's procedure... You'll only achieve the result of the procedure you use..... Don't live someone else life, Know yourself and make your own plan, your purpose differs

Technology is not a tool to annihilate life, It's a tool to modify it

It's not about Him walking with me like a flesh, that melts at the sight of fear But, it is about His presence that dwells in me like a God, that never disappear even when I fall

Life is a stage prepared for many actors, Act your own scene, and beautifully go offstage .... Betwixt, harm not others with your own single scene

If you forget me in an hour, don't mind looking back, for I might have cleared you off my mind

Some people may pass through your life like a ray of light, but the fact is that; The person that passed through like a ray to you, is a light to someone else.

The road maybe rough and rugged But, always remember, A rough road, isn't a Blocked Road

From my view of life, people's lives are controlled by their beliefs, not they themselves act, but the man within their minds

From my experience hitherto, problems, hardship, sadness and the positive and negative changes in life are the things that give writers the utmost inspiration and frabjous topics to write on.

'I don't know what people will say', is a sentence that grants you the chance to miss your own way

The night may be silent and out of stars, longer than the journey of life But as long as we are together I'm not afraid of any hunter

When I think about myself I picture my world and my strength The hurt, the love and the stress But at the end, I see beyond life To behold a flesh giving up to death

It is a pity; We are in a world where everyone is ready to exploit others to succeed

Maturity is you acting without considering those who are watching you with a negative perspective

Don't focus too much on a closed door, to forget that some doors are left open

I'm not bad My plans only bridge a gap I'm not cruel No, the man declares My plans only speak the difference 

The journey of a thousand miles will surely turn out to be a journey of a single step, it's just a matter of time.

When you were on holiday, I felt your impacts and we played Now that you're gone, The impacts are now a compass Piercing my heart with your beautiful sight

My Earnest Desire as a poet, is not to own the whole world, but to make the whole world my own world.

Like the twinkle stars, I'm born to shine In here, I will surely rise

No time for frivolity, time is more precious than gold Life without time, is indeed a lifeless ride

I have to tell you something Life is not always sweet But always be your best, and be happy

He came, to bring a moment of love A century of hurt Leaving the heart in an unbraced world

The world of my dream Bring forth a new moon Let the shackles be loosed For all to have the hope to dare to dream

Faith of our mothers, a glorious faith Rise from your grave to rescue our age With the hope that we'll be true to thee till death

Sometimes, all you need to do is to view your past and your starting point to motivate yourself not to give up

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Falana Zion Popularity

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