The Other Side Of A Mirror Poem by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge

The Other Side Of A Mirror

Rating: 3.7

I sat before my glass one day,
And conjured up a vision bare,
Unlike the aspects glad and gay,
That erst were found reflected there -
The vision of a woman, wild
With more than womanly despair.
Her hair stood back on either side
A face bereft of loveliness.
It had no envy now to hide
What once no man on earth could guess.
It formed the thorny aureole
Of hard, unsanctified distress.

Her lips were open - not a sound
Came though the parted lines of red,
Whate'er it was, the hideous wound
In silence and secret bled.
No sigh relieved her speechless woe,
She had no voice to speak her dread.

And in her lurid eyes there shone
The dying flame of life's desire,
Made mad because its hope was gone,
And kindled at the leaping fire
Of jealousy and fierce revenge,
And strength that could not change nor tire.

Shade of a shadow in the glass,
O set the crystal surface free!
Pass - as the fairer visions pass -
Nor ever more return, to be
The ghost of a distracted hour,
That heard me whisper: - 'I am she!'

Randy Gill 29 March 2006

I agree Mary was a fine author and poet. But I do not see what her biography says about this poem. About she seeing Christ's reflection. The poem was a fine one. I reiew poems all day for a poetry site. I've done this before.

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haley 15 August 2018

this poem is stupid

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Ramesh T A 10 November 2018

Nice poetic composition to read! But bizarre theme is puzzling!

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Haidee Majola 10 November 2018

Looking at our mirror image while in despair and anguish gives a reflection different from the one we seek to see when we mirrorize may shock us but in the end we accept the mirror doesn't lie... we are it.

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Baquee Billah Ahmed 10 November 2018

Good poem................

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Anonymous Visitor 05 March 2020

I tried to enjoy the poem, but was disappointed by how they have ruined a good read with ads all over the page.

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Aniruddha Pathak 11 November 2019

What a candid and beautiful portrayal of self! A lovely poem

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Andrew Blakemore 10 November 2019

An excellent poem beautifully written

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Harley White 10 November 2019

This is a marvelous poem as is usual for Coleridge. I don't understand why people give so many classic poems a low rating, . and in general here I find that for me the ratings here often do not reflect the quality of the poems.

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Kingsley Egbukole 10 November 2019

Brilliantly composed. Thanks for sharing.

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