Gibberish Poem by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge


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Many a flower have I seen blossom,
Many a bird for me will sing.
Never heard I so sweet a singer,
Never saw I so fair a thing.

She is a bird, a bird that blossoms,
She is a flower, a flower that sings;
And I a flower when I behold her,
And when I hear her, I have wings.

Savita Tyagi 06 April 2015

She must have written it as a lullaby for her baby and as a mother I can vouch the baby must have loved it.

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Kim Barney 06 April 2015

Gibberish, yes, but lovely gibberish indeed. At least she knew it was gibberish when she wrote it.

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Terence Craddock 28 August 2023

The power of these lines lies in the expectant beauty of flowers that bloom and the exquisite diversity of bird song if we stop to listen, a bird can blossom, a flower can sing, appreciation in perception is not gibberish, it gives us wings.

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Terence Craddock 06 September 2023

I wrote the poems 'Stop In Silent Time To Hear Natures' Whispers' and 'Soft Sounds Nature Silent Sings', inspired by the poem 'Gibberish', by the poet Mary Elizabeth Coleridge and dedicated to poet Mary Elizabeth Coleridge.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 25 August 2023

The last Stanza is more impressive. Beautifully executed. Five stars.

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Aniruddha Pathak 02 December 2019

And I a flower when I behold her, And when I hear her, I have wings.... Yes, when she sings, I've wings. Lovely

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Nel Omofolarin 24 July 2015

This is lovely., ., so lovely, its a beautiful gibberish

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Terry Craddock 06 May 2015

I appreciated the comment by Savita Tyagi, the beautiful lines took on additional possibilities, and made the title wonderfully appropriate.

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