The Paper Is Not Enough For Me. Poem by teal sky

The Paper Is Not Enough For Me.

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I once perceived a girl striding a sidewalk
She was naive, but had a vigor in her walk
For she was in haste, just like running
I don't know how it happened, but she was cunning.

Her pale skin was glittering in twilight
When I thought the God was in his way right
By knowing the best way to adorn her
Was to get her a beholder.

She passed everyday-the same sidewalk-with her eccentric style
And I stopped my talks, and became dazed for a while
I couldn't do anything else, but to fall into gaze
As her face to me, had an unsettled maze.

The dreams are precious, but so was she
I wanted to talk to her, I wanted to see
If she was a delusion, was this a dream?
But now there were no dreams, as there was no sleep.

I remember precisely, the last day I saw her,
It was before spring, but nothing more than a blur.
I didn't know that moment, that it'll be the last time,
When I'll see the stupendous youth in the sunshine.

I never saw her again, it was more strain than I can take,
Or in other words, nothing more I can make,
This piece of paper can't reside the feelings I had at that time,
When I saw that stupendous youth in the sunshine.

Neela Nath Das 23 April 2012

The feeling for her is immeasurable, that's why it cant be expressed.Very nice.

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Neetha Sasidharan 17 March 2012

grt writting...grt rhymes.....gud comparison... kp finding rhymes....

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Vipins Puthooran 04 October 2011

I can guess that the stupendous beauty through your words, may be more elegant than 'Taj Mahal'and evoking the spark of love in your heart.. It's a beautiful poem...and I like this one..

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