So The Title Of My Poem Is............, Wait! Poem by teal sky

So The Title Of My Poem Is............, Wait!

I like to write poems, like everyone else,
but what should i call it, is the thought which dwells,
in my imbecile inside, who dared to write,
but can't give it a title now, am I a hypocrite?

You can call it anything, someone implied,
don't waste your time on it, everything is bona fide,
but my moron mind was yet not satisfied,
it seeked for a catchy title, not something dull and void.

So O reader, do you have something to say,
what should I call my poem, I 've wasted my whole day,
what? you think this is funny, no way,
it is the problem which never goes away.

So my poem has no title yet, and hence no knuckle,
it just a bone, without any muscle,
Yeah, I am the culprit, and my poem is the bait,
so the title of my poem is......, wait!

Indira Babbellapati 11 May 2012

i too get stuck with the titles all the time!

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Neela Nath Das 27 March 2012

Nice thought.You juggled with words.

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Neetha Sasidharan 17 March 2012

wow...........i really had a vry gud laugh after i went through it....dis z simply grt...i hv never seen smthng like dis b4........ gud idea.... grt rhymes..... bt 1thing i don't undrstnd z y u thnk dat u r naive? ? ? ? ? u r a budding penning......

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Aditi Khandelwal 29 February 2012

Pretty good... I find giving titles to my poems difficult too! Nice write... Aditi

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