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Death~a Fear Or A Chance To Outlive?

What's the reason I'm here?
In this dreadful world of fear,
Where people close their mind, lest they fall,
Why can't they see those who stand tall?

~ My Life, Everyday~

Every day, there are things I say
Every night, there are dreams I play
Every dawn, there in silence I pray
Every dusk, there are fears I fray.

The Deadly Dead Dentifrice A.K.A. Mr. Toothpaste.

Brought froM a store brand new
me was inside mY packet blue
which Someone tore in shreds a few
these man-iacs are savages me knew.

My Friend, I Should Have Said

He dragged me with him all the way,
and held my hand meticulously to make me stay,
and to appear like he has forgotten that he will never be alone,
but I knew that my place was his house, and his my home.

So The Title Of My Poem Is............, Wait!

I like to write poems, like everyone else,
but what should i call it, is the thought which dwells,
in my imbecile inside, who dared to write,
but can't give it a title now, am I a hypocrite?

The Paper Is Not Enough For Me.

I once perceived a girl striding a sidewalk
She was naive, but had a vigor in her walk
For she was in haste, just like running
I don't know how it happened, but she was cunning.

The Inception Of Success

I realized where would watch wade me,
If I believed just saying 'I'll not give up' will make me,
Who am I? I‘ve achieved nothing yet,
But I know God has bigger plans for me to be met.

.verses Of War.

Man created borders
Scarred the earth with lines
The earth did bleed crimson
But he said its fine


I do not know what it is
that wants me to go back in past
there are surely some things I miss
and the memories won't forever last.

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