The Paradox Of Independence Poem by Bill Darrah

The Paradox Of Independence

Independence-what a funny word
To describe a freedom that's both
Pleasing and displeasing, depending
Upon its function.
Independence from what?
A nation, a cult, a war.
How about independence from parents,
From children, from irritating in-laws?
Even worse than these independencies
Is the independence from religion,
From God our creator, and from the
World we live in.

Independence is more than just a word
For the feebled mind to conjure-
It's a feeling of tumultuous
Emotions, a paradox of the mind, if you will.
It feeds our confidence and need to be
Self-sufficient and starves our need
To benefit from the dependency of others
By feeling loved and needed in their lives.
Self being the root word of selfish
Leads to the life-threatening addiction
Of being dependent on no one but yourself
To fulfill the dependencies of your heart.

Why should we rejoice our independence
From another nation with which we
Could possibly persuade to be dependent
Upon each other for the dependencies
Leading to and inspiring world peace
With every nation alike, regardless of
Size, power, and prestige.
To rejoice at independence is to deny
Our dependency for world peace and
To embrace victory in the self-fulfilling
Prophecy of strengthening our
Independence by crushing another's

Surely independence has a fixed purpose and role.
Otherwise it wouldn't be valued so highly.
Certain issues demand the proper use of
Independence for a people to serve their nation.
Proudly and justly.
Things like terrorism, assassinations, and
Annihilations deserve the utmost respect and
Honor of preserving what independence
We regard as sacred and
What independence we destroy for the
Sole purpose of strengthening our selfish
Why have a vision of hope and world peace
When you destroy the dependency of
Such a vision with ruthless and malicious
Disregard for the humanity designed by
Our creator?
Instead, lead us in dependence of every
Nation's defining, unique, ever changing, and
Empowering impression and existence-each
Adding its own humanistic and deep significance
Of insight identifying and unifying the proper
Perspectives and principles of how life should
Truly be lived given the presence of love's endearing
And disciplining devotion to the dependency of
Deep compassion for the sanctity of life
When war will no longer win the independence
And isolation from what could be called a
Peaceful persuasion of principles
Nations of all size, power, and prestige
Could present to each other as a prayer
Preserving precious lives with persuasive
Words rather than persuasive powers
Of punishable death and destruction of the
Hopefilled vision of peace that could have
Been fulfilled had only our powers of persuasion
Changed a nation's selfish pride through
Peaceful negotiations designed to truly
Define and determine absolutely the most
Dependent importance in promoting
The peaceful living we all dream of,
Discovering that war only destroys this
Dream worth more than anything else this life
Of independence could ever afford to offer
In the enhancement of our lives in the
World of lives we live in and interact
With so briefly before time declares
The death of each life lived so beautifully and gracefully.

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