The Love Of Nature Or The Nature Of Love's Vitality Poem by Bill Darrah

The Love Of Nature Or The Nature Of Love's Vitality

Please dream about some love every night
Life makes time throughout our heart
Before the heart gets too hard to warm
Like a fire after a cold wintery day.
Weather falls in between dark and light
So shine as if snow is hotter than any sun.
A beautiful season is easy for us to celebrate
So come grow a flower bouquet garden,
But relax change always keeps you wanting
A calmer feeling than before the stress
Of a new change as you trickle above stormy clouds.
See past the gray towards the yellow,
Orange, and purple sunrise. Let all good
Nature be there full of peaceful sky.
Live happy-sing with birds that always
Know how Spring rain will never bring
Bad use of wishes made or waiting to be made.
Why take that which could leave your laughter
From giving this resonating look at their songbirds'
Early morning work?

But then waffles are early morning party food
Candy would know how to cheer up with
Maple syrup rather than vinegar and oil.
Walk on to find who has no little taste
To hunger for love's unending weather changes
Of appetites I can almost envision having with
Someone here to guide me through the dark storm
Of my lonesome gloom.
Together only ask amusing questions.
Say words like spiced up holiday birthday costumes
While wearing the Summer months of joyous
Celebration even though green weeds name off
When the year was my filthiest, foulest state of mind
For the grossly impoverished standards of
My poorly valued living for the love of nature or
The nature of love's vitality.

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