The Necessity Of Peanut Butter And Jelly Poem by Bill Darrah

The Necessity Of Peanut Butter And Jelly

Peanut butter and jelly have become a popular necessity in the lives of people, especially children. They are compliments used to greatly enhance the flavor of bread products. I especially love and adore peanut butter and jelly simply because it is so sweet and pleasant a taste that my mouth rejoices every time it feels the smooth and moist sensation of the peanut butter and jelly melting in my mouth. My loving adoration for peanut butter and jelly has the same sweetness of taste as my taste for falling in love with a girl for the first time. Not only are peanut butter and jelly compliments for bread, they are compliments for each other. You may ask, 'How is this possible? ' Well, if you eat peanut butter without the jelly, you will soon discover that the peanut butter, with its sweet and pleasing taste, is so thick and concentrated that it sticks to the roof of your mouth forcing you to loosen it up with some kind of beverage or liquid. However, if you eat peanut butter with jelly, the jelly acts as a liquid-hence the word 'jelly'-loosening the thickness of the peanut butter, enabling the two substances to be easily and more pleasantly digested. Not to mention the fact jelly offers a much more flavorful variety of taste than that of peanut butter, which has only one flavor to itself.

With this in mind, I have come to the conclusion that the peanut butter symbolizes me the best while the jelly symbolizes women the best, to my way of thinking. The idea of peanut butter being thick, sticky, and concentrated represents my unwillingness, perhaps stubborness at times to accept other people's advice and comments of criticism as well as to accept change as a positive end result for me. The peanut butter (me) is unwilling to be freed because of its stickiness to the roof of my mouth; therefore, it is the responsibility of the jelly (woman) to carefully break up and change the thick, stubborn peanut butter in order to free my mouth of the peanut butter (my stubborness) . The stickiness of peanut butter also represents my undying desire and committed longing for a deep, thick connection with the jelly (woman) with the idea that the liquid jelly sticks to the desirable peanut butter (me) once immersed in it given the proper ingredients for a loving relationship and proper timing involved in this immersion experience.

On the other hand, jelly just doesn't taste as completely good without the sweet, unique flavor of the peanut butter. Jelly being more of a liquid than peanut butter symbolizes the free-flowing (emotion driven) capability of the jelly (woman) to enter into the thinnest cracks or crevices (secrets) of the peanut butter (me) to show the peanut butter that this particular jelly cares about the peanut butter's dreams and ambitions in life-thus the jelly compliments the peanut butter's shortcomings and unfulfilled desires/needs, and vice-versa. On the other hand, the jelly acting as a liquid needs, at least to some degree, the thick and stickiness (firm foundation) that the peanut butter has the ability to offer her, so that the jelly can feel more satisfied in knowing she has a better sense of direction and meaning in her life with the peanut butter's inspirational, uplifting comments or advice. The peanut butter is also significant as a strong, yet comforting foundation the jelly may choose to come to if and when the jelly needs to feel inspired, supported, or perhaps just needs someone to listen to her joys/concerns. Anything the jelly tells the peanut butter will have a secretive, yet strong stickiness to the roof of the peanut butter's surface, unless what the jelly says to the peanut butter is not too personal for the peanut butter to spread to other people who may be more successful than the peanut butter (me) in comforting the jelly (woman) in her troubles.

Well, in closing, I hope you will better understand the significance of peanut butter and jelly working together in our daily lives, as well as in your eating habits, so that you may experience a much more appetizing, tasteful relationship in the future in your search for that special peanut butter (man) or special jelly (woman) . I hope you enjoyed reading this. As for now, keep eating your 'peanut butter and jelly, ' and you will soon discover what you really want out of life. So long.

Author Notes
If I made you laugh hard, then my message has been well worthwhile since most healthy relationships require a greatly appetizing amount of laughter for the continuation of love's greatest feelings of sheer joy and depths of significance!

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