The Pic You Sent Poem by Cretan Maineiac

The Pic You Sent

Rating: 4.9

Since then you’ve ground
my sincerity like
an old smoke under your heel, scoffed

my legwork aside like a
used crutch and
stared clear past Favor to

fault, kicked me from bottom
rung to the
floor, and cringed at my

britches even as i
filled them out, even
throwing that shirt off my

back in my face when you felt sufficiently
warmed by
another, then tossing it around

the next Namedroppers support
group, all the
while filling my

passenger side so snugly, window
down, soft
hand wafting in the

wind stream (as when we
shared your
lizard kiss) . I stood

what you’re doing apart
from what you
call your doing & you, jealous of

all who ain't
you, sucking in just to
blow off, plopped my

Words like a loaded trash can on
my chest, as I lay,

Still, when I look at
the pic you sent I see
Beauty in those eyes.

Cece Lamberts 15 August 2007

The problem arises, Chris, when you rely on pictures to get your information about a person, and not on good old-fashioned human contact! Then, you may see beauty in those eyes on the picture, but the reality you 'live' with them maybe quite different, 'cause some people tend to show their good side on pictures...Just don't be fooled! Good job with this one, Chris. CeCe

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Scarlett Treat 09 October 2008

Do we only see what we WANT to see?

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Ameer Mcarthur 13 September 2008

The pic gives you all the view you want.Keep em coming Cretan.

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Chris Mendros 19 August 2007

i think it can speak for all manner of victim, of all manner of abuse.

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Alison Cassidy 19 August 2007

This is a great piece Chris. Love the way you break the stanzas so the reader is forced to continue each sentence without a pause. And Ivan's right about the concept of beauty apart from the mere physical. The woman who refuses to charge her abusive partner would understand... love, Allie xxxxxxxxx

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Blue angel Florida 19 August 2007

WOW...What a nice inspiration from a Picture you can take and write about! Thanks for pooring your heart out here!

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