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Know Holds Bard

Rating: 4.9

To fix a headlock on a
metaphor, or
clamp a full nelson on a

simile, body slam a weak
double-entendre &
choke the life out of a

forced rhyme. To get a toe hold on a
trochee, apply an

armlock that brings a
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Goldy Locks 15 September 2007

Reminds me of Carl Rakosi. Spirit, flair and such wisdom, cleverosity. Call those points of grammar, writing into questioning ~ it's our duty to keep them on their toes! ! Astounding! stay fresh, sjg

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Poetry and wrestling, each an art not easily mastered, like shaping a schooner from fresh-cut wood or a god from alabaster master forgive me i am unlearning poetry

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Lee Degnan 02 January 2008

Haha, very cool, CM... you are so clever! Lee

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Emancipation Planz 28 September 2007

I know some of these moves and surely, surely the Bard knows holds he plays them beautifully and squeezes them bold...

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Cheryl Lynn Moyer-peele 18 September 2007

Chris - I guess this answers the question, ' have we compared everything to everything else yet? ' Here's a new one! Fine work............Thanks, Cheryl

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You clever thing... t x

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Ted Sheridan 15 September 2007

A ten from me my friend

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