The Power Of Black - Poems On Humanity, Social Cause, Poverty, Women Empowerment - Volume 2 Poem by Nikhil Parekh

The Power Of Black - Poems On Humanity, Social Cause, Poverty, Women Empowerment - Volume 2

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This Book which has 72 differently titled Poems, is actually volume 2 of the Book titled - The Power of Black - Poems on Humanity, Social Cause, Poverty, Women empowerment (400 pages) .


The Book cardinally aims to end the negative perception and energies associated with the color black and the under-privileged sections of the society. Many a different times the utmost exhilaration spawns from a persons disability as his/her desire to achieve the impossible is several times heightened than the normal counterpart. The magical essence of Black has been epitomized to the hilt in every poetic stanza that follows-to lead to a trail of unassailable victory.

Dedicated To

This collection of poems is endlessly dedicated to the power of the color Black. Black which in common parlance is perceived to be negative and a disability to continue the chapters of life. But this very Black which has been described as the most powerful color for survival on earth. The most magical fragrance of every entities soul which continues to infatuate even beyond the dormitories of heaven and hell.


I nikhil parekh am truly grateful to every bit of Blackness enshrouding me, which has made me a magician to express the innermost realms of my soul into poetic verse on blank paper. Black is beautiful. Black triumphs till beyond eternity. Black is the most inscrutably tantalizing fabric of existence. God bless Black.

About The Poetry Book

The poet has genuinely believed that even the most inexplicable of sorrow can be projected as well as alleviated via the power of magical poetry. Wondrously implementing the same in this soothing compendium of poems-Parekh brings to the fore various evils lingering in the society and tries to cure them offering the balm of poetry. The poems contained within are starkly explicit and poignantly debate on various global social causes like female foeticide, blindness, smoking, molestation, adopting the girl child, hiv-aids discrimination.etc. In a battle of adroit analogies the poet emphatically portrays even the tiniest of social evil and urges mankind to rise above the same. Poetically he tries to unite hearts all across the Universe in the spirit of love, oneness and compassion to give birth to a renaissance against evil and unjustness. This victorious concoction of poems would appeal to all those who've so selflessly fought for a social cause and to uproot evil forever from the fabric of society.


39. LOVE
61. LOVE -PART 2


The Greatest Happiness on this Universe was in; bringing unsurpassable Happiness to the lives of all those; unfortunately divested of mesmerizing fortunes; tragically lambasted by strokes of uncouth destiny from all sides,

The Greatest Victory on this Universe was in; bringing unassailable Victory to the lives of all those; miserably slithering without their loved ones; despicably sinking deeper and deeper into the graveyard at every step; for ostensibly no fault of theirs,

The Greatest Enlightenment on this Universe was in; bringing spell binding Enlightenment to the lives of all those; ignominiously oppressed and ostracized by every quarter of the acrimoniously tyrannical society; lugubriously swooning with every unfurling instant of time,

The Greatest Empathy on this Universe was in; bringing bountiful Empathy to the lives of all those; diabolically marauding the silken fabric of immaculate atmosphere; unrelentingly staring ahead with savagely untamed hatred in their eyes,

The Greatest Melody on this Universe was in; bringing enchanting Melody to the lives of all those; wailing a billion tears of monotony a minute; obnoxiously besieged in the marketplace of bizarrely horrendous manipulation and malice,

The Greatest Euphoria on this Universe was in; bringing unconquerable Euphoria to the lives of all those; preposterously decimated by even the most evanescent trace of passing breeze,

The Greatest Benevolence on this Universe was in; bringing altruistic Benevolence to the lives of all those; maniacally incarcerated in dungeons of insane bloodshed and criminal malevolence,

The Greatest Optimism on this Universe was in; bringing unprecedented Optimism to the lives of all those; disparagingly crippling towards the aisles of
inexplicably gruesome nothingness,

The Greatest Strength on this Universe was in; bringing invincible Strength to the lives of all those; being brutally tortured every unfurling second of their lives; by the hands of the mercilessly whipping devil,

The Greatest Wealth on this Universe was in; bringing endless Wealth to the lives of all those innocent messengers of the Almighty Lord; derogatorily
surviving in the horrifically stinking gutter lines,

The Greatest Compassion on this Universe was in; bringing eternal Compassion to the lives of all those; miserably orphaned since the very first cry of life;
abominably kicked into the corridors of salaciously stagnating poverty,

The Greatest Sparkle on this Universe was in; bringing an unflinching Sparkle to the lives of all those; opprobriously underprivileged molecules of the Lord
Divine; for whom life was nothing but a corpse of remorsefully penalizing darkness,

The Greatest Humanity on this Universe was in; bringing unshakable Humanity to the lives of all those; maliciously adulterated and bereft of the divine; satanically sucking blood from even the most astoundingly similar of their kind,

The Greatest Penance on this Universe was in; bringing everlasting Penance to the lives of all those; indiscriminately massacring the impeccably holistic; ruthlessly snatching an impoverished child from the lap of its sacrosanct other,

The Greatest Solidarity on this Universe was in; bringing perpetual solidarity to the lives of all those; heinously infiltrated in the webs of spuriously raunchy commercialism; surreptitiously waiting each moment to wring their comrades neck,

The Greatest Truth on this Universe was in; bringing irrefutable Truth to the lives of all those; sordidly fretting and fuming in the dungeons of dastardly
depraving lies; ghastily castigating even the most majestic elements of God's creation; with the foul spit in their mouths,

The Greatest Fantasy on this Universe was in; bringing tantalizing Fantasy to the lives of all those; lividly cursing each resplendently Omnipotent aspect of their
persona; abusing existence in terminologies more condemnable than what the devil could ever conceive,

The Greatest Purpose on this Universe was in; bringing gloriously symbiotic Purpose to the lives of all those; deliberately pulverizing each instant of their
miraculously Omniscient life; with the swords of baselessly meaningless religion,

And the Greatest Love on this Universe was in; bringing immortal love to the lives of all those; frigidly wanting to embrace gory death; with a heart
all right but sadly without the most diminutive of beats.


On the surface it was merely a conglomerate of meticulously assembled stone and colossal pillars; extruding boundless feet from the trajectory of congenially moist soil,
But what made the castle stupendously FIVE STAR; was the majestic King; Queen and princess philandering inside; the ambience of unconquerable royalty that profusely perpetuated the air from all sides.

On the surface it was an insipid amalgamation of dry twig; streams; and fathomless kilometers of insatiably untamed wilderness,
But what made the forest irrefutably FIVE STAR; was the melodiously harmonious chirping of the spell binding nightingale; the poignantly enamoring trails of the regally mischievous lion and kin.

On the surface it was a macabre view of countless stray bones; agglutinated in articulate tandem and disdainfully abhorring every sensitive entity around,
But what made the brain Omnisciently FIVE STAR; was its unsurpassable entrenchment of compassionate fantasy; its unrelenting ability to conceive beyond the realms of the infinite infinity.

On the surface they were just overwhelmingly lanky poles of inconspicuously coagulated mud; pompously protruding towards the Mid-Day Sun,
But what made the mountains invincibly FIVE STAR; was their unflinchingly intrepid ability to confront the most acrimoniously mightiest of storm; uninhibitedly sequester one and all in swirl of gregarious belonging;
handsomely alike.

On the surface it was just a flabbily gargantuan assemblage of foaming water; nervously rising and falling umpteenth number of times in a singleton minute; under the most evanescent rays of the Sun,
But what made the sea ravishingly FIVE STAR; was its miraculously rejuvenating froth; the fountains of voluptuously tangy salt that it vibrantly diffused; after clashing against the seductive rocks.

On the surface it was just a frigidly sticky and pugnaciously dribbling liquid; shabbily corrupting all thoroughly synchronized space around,
But what made the hive enchantingly FIVE STAR; was its beautifully holistic scores of rambunctious bees; symbiotically melanging with the spirit of effusive
existence; to disseminate ubiquitous sweetness all around.

On the surface it was just a parsimoniously molded cauldron of wax; obnoxiously infiltrating the blissful atmosphere with its snobbishly inflated stench,
But what made the candle Omnipresently FIVE STAR; was its heavenly ability to illuminate even the most horrendously sinister darkness; impregnate a spell of optimistic enlightenment in the lives of those treacherously deprived….

On the surface it was just a ferocious looking fireball of blistering gases; gruesomely charring even the most Herculean entity who dared to trespass by
its belligerently flaming side,
But what made the Sun Omnipresently FIVE STAR; was its rays of perpetually triumphant happiness; its endless cradle of celestial light which unassailably embraced every organism; irrespective of caste; creed or spurious rites.

On the surface he was just a haphazard synchronization of flesh and bones; with everything being savagely engulfed by unruly hair; hair and capriciously mangled hair,
But what made Man unchallengably FIVE STAR; was the wave of Godly philanthropism in his commiserating eyes; the apostle of Universal benevolence
wholeheartedly pouring from his amiable palms.

On the surface it was just a disconcerting mass of mucus and derogatory darkness; ghoulishly scaring the wits of anybody who witnessed it for the very first time,
But what made the nostril Omnipotently FIVE STAR; was its essence of timelessness; the tireless paradise of air that it synergistically inhaled and exhaled; to astoundingly procreate the chapters of sacred survival.

And on the surface it was just a morbidly bubbling river of blood and infinite nerves; thundering uncertainly into the aisles of nothingness; as each instant unveiled,
But what made the heart perpetually FIVE STAR; was its exotically fascinating string of humanitarian beats; immortalizing forever and ever; the spirit of God's
most priceless gift called; EXISTENCE.


The Sun dazzles brilliantly in the azure sky; profoundly illuminating pallid patches of land on earth,
Lets make it even better by standing directly beneath in it; rejuvenating our
dreary senses in its austerely stringent rays.

The swirling waves of gigantic ocean clash mercilessly with rocks; escalating
to phenomenal heights of froth in inclement weather,
Lets make it even better by completely submerging our silhouette in it; relishing the tanginess of water on our bare skins.

The flakes of freezing snow merrily trickled from the sky; inundating barren
territories of the mountain with thick sheets of white ice,
Lets make it even better by rolling voraciously in them; hurling them frivolously in pudgy chunks; at our beloved.

The fountain pen appeared to be enamoring; with an articulately chiseled nib
protruding from its slim mouth,
Lets make it even better by writing infinite lines of calligraphy with it; sketch mystical shapes out of the same; on plain sheets of sprawling canvas.

The wind blew tenaciously all day; engendering indolent clusters of leaves
riveted to the tree; to gustily blow,
Lets make it even better by confronting it head on; with the mesmerizing breeze clashing blatantly against the eye.

The tea looked stupendously ravishing in the pellucid kettle; with scented wisps of smoke profusely tantalizing the nimble hair in our nostrils,
Lets make it even better by gently sipping it; emitting incoherent noises while gulping it down our throat.

The aircraft appeared astoundingly exhilarating when sighted on the Black tarmac; with twin pairs of majestic wings projecting from its sides,
Lets make it even better by inhabiting the same; soaring high in the sky;
abreast the satiny clouds.

The lips looked luscious and voluptuous; with an unprecedented pink circumventing them in entirety,
Lets make it even better by uninhibitedly exploring them; tasting the
sweetness imbibed; violently with our tongue's.

The gloves lying on the mantel piece appeared pretty enthralling; with bulging
red sponge visible from far distance,
Lets make it even better by wearing them on our palms; judiciously testing
each other's fortitude; battling it out in the heart of the boxing ring.

The two lovers looked inevitably fascinating while embracing; unrelentingly
staring into each others eyes in a backdrop of panoramic waterfall,
Lets make it even better by allowing them the freedom to love; ubiquitously
spreading the essence of the same; in every individual we encounter on
planet earth.


When I witnessed the sparklingly bountiful waterfalls; majestically cascading down the rustically undulating hills,
I suddenly remembered how overwhelmingly thirsty was I; with each frazzled nerve of my tyrannized body unfathomably yearning to be blissfully caressed.

When I witnessed the enigmatically inscrutable forests; with a spell bindingly panoramic myriad of tingling sounds and the princely lion diffusing into a royal parade of unparalleled superiority,
I suddenly how starved was I for adventure; as even the most infinitesimal bone of my body ardently desired to wholesomely blend with the insatiably
untamed wilderness.

When I witnessed the mystically fabulous clouds in fathomless sky; the immaculate puffs of mesmerizing silk gliding past in unprecedented euphoria,
I suddenly remembered how uncontrollably starved was I for titillation; as each pore of my torturously lambasted skin; perennially craved to be caressed by
the; unbelievably ravishing mist.

When I witnessed the mesmerizing blankets of eternally resplendent grass; the marvelously regale festoon of golden dewdrops sprouting in astounding harmony from the intricately poignant blades,
I suddenly remembered that how perennially starved was I for blissful sleep; as each traumatically monotonous contour of my countenance; inevitably slithered to blend with the celestial moistness.

When I witnessed torrentially unrelenting cloudbursts of seductive rain; the enthrallingly exuberant globules of fascinating liquid; pelting down in spell
binding harmony upon truculently parched soil,
I suddenly remembered how starved was I for enchanting dance; as each restlessly impoverished contour of my body; commenced to vivaciously gyrate to the tunes of the ebulliently majestic atmosphere.

When I witnessed the blazingly Omnipotent fireball of magnificent Sun; the unassailably miraculous rays which metamorphosed even the most inconspicuous iota of sadness into a fountain of everlasting triumph,
I suddenly remembered how starved was I for ingratiating optimism; as every speck of my disastrously beleaguered eyes; ecstatically surged forward to relish and replenish the full fervor of; timeless life.

When I witnessed the indefatigably ardent fires in the heart of the wonderfully tantalizing night; with the cradle of sensuously tickling darkness casting its
Omniscient spell upon one and all; handsomely alike,
I suddenly remembered how starved was I for exotic passion; as each ingredient of my maliciously besieged blood; gushed forward like an unstoppable hurricane to coalesce forever with the winds of enthralling seduction.

When I witnessed the Omnipresent whirlpool of wind exuberantly creeping towards my soul; an incomprehensibly romantic maelstrom of whispering
beauty overpowering my wavering reflection,
I suddenly remembered how starved was I for unconquerable breath; as even the most capriciously fugitive space in my nostrils; intransigently sucked
in boundless skies of; gregarious air.

And when I witnessed the immortal beats of her beautifully pristine heart; the irrefutable wave of jubilantly scintillating truth that disseminated on every step that she timelessly transgressed,
I suddenly remembered how starved was I for unending love; as every element of my mind; body and soul; eternally melanged with her Godly fragrance; as every part of me and beyond eternally melanged with the essence of never-dying humanity.


Just as your job was to blasphemously abuse every religion that wasn't yours; my job was to unassailably unite the wretchedly dissipated planet once again into the religion of Omnipotent humanity,

Just as your job was to cold-bloodedly annihilate forest after jubilant forest for erecting sinister edifice; my job was to sow an infinite new seedlings of prosperity every unfurling instant of the day and shimmering night,

Just as your job was to sacrilegiously desecrate every Temple; Mosque; Church and Monastery as the greatest agnostic alive; my job was to inexhaustibly pray—humbly bending down to the fervently Omnipresent footsteps of the Almighty Creator,

Just as your job was to ruthlessly paralyze countless a girl child right itself in the invincibly sacrosanct womb; my job was to altruistically lend every ounce of my mind; body and shoulder to those aimlessly shivering orphans without a roof,

Just as your job was to shoot an infinite invidious bullets right into the innocuous skull; my job was to heal every conceivable wound on the trajectory of this fathomless earth; with the magical ointment of brotherhood that ran inherently in each of my ardent veins,

Just as your job was to shrewdly trade everything on this globe for fecklessly meaningless money; my job was to pen down an infinite lines of mesmerizing poetry and solely follow my heart—which made me the richest organism alive,

Just as your job was to indiscriminately make fun and endlessly slander every piece of weakness in this world; my job was to become the selflessly compassionate walking stick—of all those old; infirm; haplessly staggering and maimed,

Just as your job was to unthinkably molest and trade your very own mother for a few sleazy wads of currency; my job was to become that unflinchingly faithful son of every couple who was banefully childless,

Just as your job was to interminably inundate the reservoirs of ghastly hell with more and more innocent blood; my job was to spawn paradise at every conceivable quarter of mother earth out of thin air—solely on the
foundations of unconquerable love,

Just as your job was to baselessly condemn and spit upon every tangible and intangible thing that you felt and sighted; my job was to appreciate and be in due servitude of God's unceasingly effulgent and tirelessly proliferating Universe,

Just as your job was to acrimoniously scrap even the last traces of your inimitably invaluable heritage and kin; my job was to bountifully procreate an innumerable of my own—contributing my own bit towards the chapters of eternal newness and creation,

Just as your job was to flagrantly lie in every tawdrily damned word that you uttered; my job was to perseveringly evolve a whole new civilization of only truth; which was ruled solely by the unsurpassable sky of righteousness,

Just as your job was to sadistically rejoice the morbidly fetid skeleton in every of your breath; my job was to make day-to-day life of every inexplicably thwarted organism; a joyously unfettered celebration,

Just as your job was to pugnaciously maim even the most infinitesimal trace of creative in its very roots; my job was to uninhibitedly let loose every frazzled cranny of my brain—in order to replenish each aspect of my existence with the uncurbed richness of the Lord's creation,

Just as your job was to cast a spell of deplorable doomsday upon every organism rollicking in the true spirit of life; my job was to be the lantern of unparalleled optimism to each uncontrollably shivering form; by the grace of the Omniscient Creator,

Just as your job was to bombard every cognizable corner of the earth with wanton hatred and satanic war; my job was to solely disseminate the ideals of celestial peace and harmony; which was the only religion that every form of God ever taught,

Just as your job was to miserably lull in the graveyards of disastrously asphyxiating solitariness; my job was to ardently voice the sounds of mellifluous undefeated life- -ubiquitously in the ecstatically palpitating atmosphere,

Just as your job was to barbarously behead every new-born on the spuriously sacrificial altar in order to extend your own life; my job was to fearlessly fight till my very last breath—lay my life instantaneously for the sake of the glory of my venerated motherland,

B'cause please understand O! mercilessly pulverizing devil—that every job; whether indescribably bad or good; is still a job in hand; a job to be done; or as they've been saying since times immemorial that a job is a job


These were the same hands that compassionately traced his royally new-born smile; till the absolute ends to where it uninhibitedly stretched on
his majestically enamoring face,

These were the same hands that hoisted him high and handsome into free spaces of exhilarated air; joyously reminiscing their very own childhood as they witnessed the most beautiful gift of creation blossoming to its magnificent fullness,

These were the same hands that fervently sorted his favorite dolls and toys; from an inexhaustible marketplace of myriad accessories; strings; fresh gizmos lethargically strewn around,

These were the same hands that perspired into an infinite droplets of ardent sweat; each sweltering day and night under the sky; persevering through boundless lanes of hardships in order to give him the best of life,

These were the same hands that stood like an unflinching fortress; in the way of each pernicious impediment and storm that dared come his innocuously blessed way,

These were the same hands that stringently cleansed even the most unthinkably fetid and decayed of his bowel discharge; an umpteenth time a day; so that he forever rollicked and dreamt in his cradle of eternal happiness,

These were the same hands that mischievously tickled him to countless guffaws of unabashed laughter; stood infallibly like the rock of Gibraltar behind even the weirdest of his childish explorations,

These were the same hands that unwaveringly collected each droplet of his saliva and vomit; unceasingly cajoled and patted his pristine forehead; until he transited into profound celestial sleep,

These were the same hands that held his inconspicuously measly fingers; following him untiringly for an innumerable days and agonizing nights; until he learnt to unconquerably walk,

These were the same hands that taught him to grip a pen; legitimately scribble and write; merrily going through the endless learning motions countless a time; and bearing the most vicious of his rebellious kicks with a smile,

These were the same hands that wiped each tear of inexplicable discomfort that dribbled from his eyes; replacing them and each of his moistened eyelashes with the most victorious pearls of paradise,

These were the same hands that snatched him everytime from the jaws of gory death; as he inadvertently tended to fall into the gorge of extinction; the corpse of uncertainty time after time,

These were the same hands that adroitly guided him through each mangled pathway of inscrutable life; slowly and slowly evolving a sensible youngster out of his blabbering childhood rhetoric,

These were the same hands that perpetually entwined with his in applause and congratulations; everytime he emerged humanitarianly triumphant; amongst a pack of asphyxiating worldly wild wolves,

These were the same hands that matched his exhilarated knuckles punch for punch; as he galloped in the peak of spell-binding youth; trying to wondrously decipher his dreams amidst bits of fantastic blue sky,

These were the same hands that put his palms in the palms of his dreamgirl forever and ever and ever; blessed them both in the threads of invincibly sacrosanct marriage,

These were the same hands that once again played and passionately nourished his offsprings like they'd nurtured him several years ago; now that he'd
turned proud father himself,

And unfortunately these were those very same fatherly hands that now
burnt him on his inconsolable pyre; and then banged themselves into a
mist of thwarted nothingness; as he met with an accident; cracked his
skull which was carelessly without a helmet; and on-the-spot died.


There was nothing wrong even if I spoke a 1000 lies, if it brought a smile to the face of the impoverished child,

There was nothing wrong even if I clambered up the mountain slopes well past midnight, if my expedition ended with God waiting to sequester me in his arms,

There was nothing wrong even if I killed clusters of red ant, if my massacre saved the life of a sleeping angel,

There was nothing wrong even if I burnt books of revered literature, if the crackling fires generated thereby imparted warmth to the shivering patient,

There was nothing wrong even if I slapped the bustling youth, if my rebukes helped them cope better with the acrimonious society,

There was nothing wrong even if I furtively shirked crowds, if my evading them brought me at whisker lengths close to my beloved,

There was nothing wrong even if I failed miserably in the examination, if my flunking gave a chance to students more deserving,

There was nothing wrong even if I drove my car like a maniac on the streets, if my whirlwind speeding transported the unconscious soldier to the hospital,

There was nothing wrong even if I submerged my entire persona in disdainful grease, if it meant that the fish could swim in pure crystal water,

There was nothing wrong even if I dug the earth several feet with my axe, if my shoveling extricated the man brutally buried alive,

There was nothing wrong even if I acted like a clown, if my ludicrous gestures made the gloomy princess wholeheartedly laugh,

There was nothing wrong even if I refrained from sipping a single droplet of liquid, if my scorching myself gave new life to the withering deserts,

There was nothing wrong even if I reached office late everyday, if my not arriving on time gave me a chance to hear the sparrows chirp flirtatiously in the

There was nothing wrong even if I clad myself in a piece of tottered robe, if my being naked saved that extra bit of cotton for the farmer,

There was nothing wrong even if I gulped a barrel full of whisky instead of tea at dawn, if my mind fantasized about all the goodness, transited into a blissful slumber thereafter,

There was nothing wrong even if I traversed on a bed of savage thorns, if it meant that my mother could sleep like a queen on the golden couch,

There was nothing wrong even if I said a blunt no when I could have gone around in fishy routes, if my being straightforward patronized my honesty,

There was nothing wrong even if I washed my eyes in a pool of blood, if my bruises could ignite the hearts of all those selfish,

And there was nothing wrong even I had to die Infinite deaths, if each breath of mine gave birth to a million new, saw to it that life went on and so did you.


The solitary plant on soil shook to the most minuscule draught of wind; buckled miserably under the influence of passing breeze,
While it was the cluster of trees which appeared resilient against the most tumultuous of storm; stood like a formidable fortress as the air whizzed past
their demeanor in cyclonic succession.

A single cloud in the sky looked disdainful; lingered lackadaisically without
precipitating for hours on the trot,
While it was the conglomerate of dense clouds in the cosmos; that showered
rain unrelentingly; inundating every barren patch on earth with exotic water.

The flame of the wax candle flickered flirtatiously; as the sultry night started to take a complete stranglehold on the day,
While it was the crackling bonfire that blazed tenaciously through the darkness; profoundly illuminating the cloistered environment with dazzling rays of hope.

The puddle of water looked contemptuous; lying desolate after the monsoons;
anxiously waiting to evaporate into thin wisps of oblivion,
While it was the ocean with an ensemble of swirling waves; rising high and
flamboyant towards the sky; that was able to bear the weight of ships; transport millions of passengers from one destination to another.

A single goat philandering on the hills looked pretty forlorn; aimlessly loitering around; groping wildly for the right path as the complexion of day transited into ephemeral dusk,
While it was the cluster of sheep which ambled audaciously; manipulated the
meandering paths of the terrain; to reach their destination with supreme safety.

One soldier facing the marching enemies abysmally succumbed; collapsing in a
petrified heap at the sight of gleaming guns and bombs,
While it was the battalion of stalwarts who fought valiantly till they relinquished breath; dexterously swishing their swords to annihilate the advancing army.

As a single eye searched for the inconspicuous needle; trying to unearth it
from amidst heaps of rotten leaves and corn; the task seemed virtually insurmountable; with sighs of exasperation piercing loud and stringent through
the atmosphere,
While it was only when several eyeballs rotated all around; were they able to
spot the diminutive metal camouflaged subtly beneath a green banana skin.

The manager looked disgruntled; making flagrant blunders as he buried his head
in submission under a sheaf of monotonous papers; trying to run the company
solely on his own,
While it was only when a team of professionals assembled together; executed
their tasks to immaculate perfection; that the business prospered; became a
name to cherish in the community.

And a single stick of candy snapped ludicrously into multiple fragments; the
instant I applied on it the slightest of pressure,
While it was the united bundle of sticks; which incorrigibly refrained to distort an inch; Infact gained loads more of raw strength; with each
attempt of mine to wholesomely decimate it.


It was solely because of that very tantalizing flesh; that you felt like the most exotically robust man alive for times immemorial; with every nubile goose-bump on your skin roused towards the ultimate crescendos of paradise,

It was solely because of that very effervescent flesh; that you at times forgot the most murderously asphyxiating of your disease; discarded even the most goriest of pain; like wisps of inconsequential nothingness,

It was solely because of that very succulent flesh; that you languished in the aisles of unstoppable desire; even an infinite centuries after diabolical hell had wholesomely melanged with every cranny of earth divine,

It was solely because of that very replenishing flesh; that you felt your true manhood to be blessed beyond sagacious comprehension; as you invincibly loomed over every other conceivable object in the melancholic atmosphere,

It was solely because of that very titillating flesh; that you felt even the most lugubriously dormant dormitories of your brain; burgeon into the most
pricelessly inimitable whirlwinds of optimistically enlightening creation,

It was solely because of that very royal flesh; that you felt as if existence had a boundless more parameters associated to it; rather than just robotically breathe from blazing morning to stupendously enamoring night,

It was solely because of that very royal flesh; that you never ever experienced dolorous boredom; fathomlessly exploring the most poignantly artistic shapes of beauty; which were sensuously accentuated to the ultimate hilt,

It was solely because of that very rhapsodic flesh; that you felt that the world was forever handsomely winning and proliferating; as if there palpitated just
insatiably profound desire in even the most inconspicuous ingredient of the atmosphere,

It was solely because of that very serenaded flesh; that you became entirely oblivious to every ounce of your treacherously depraved impoverishment; feeling the wealthiest man alive; although bereft of a single penny in your pockets,

It was solely because of that very seductive flesh; that you felt inexhaustibly inebriated in the clouds of voluptuous longing; where every droplet of golden
rain perpetually mollified every insinuation of agony and pain,

It was solely because of that very silken flesh; that you felt an unsurpassable entrenchment of enlightenment enshroud every of your dying nerve;
transcending you forever and ever and ever beyond the definitions of victorious ecstasy,

It was solely because of that very jubilant flesh; that you sprang like the most unassailably volatile inferno from even an infinite kilometers beneath your
corpse; and with the incredulous virility of an untamed adolescent,

It was solely because of that very miraculous flesh; that you suddenly started to feel that life was unlimitedly triumphant; and you were the most precious jewel in God's cradle of tirelessly potent creation,

It was solely because of that very ardent flesh; that you learnt to fantasize and romanticize once again like a small kid; although treacherously wrapped in
the throes of daily survival and the despicably abhorrent office,

It was solely because of that very bountiful flesh; that you entirely massacred every venomous prejudice in your soul; yearned towards more and more eternally fructifying goodness; every unfurling instant of your majestic life,

It was solely because of that very mesmerizing flesh; that you experienced ubiquitous versatility at its very best; and the thunderbolt of excitement reigning perennially supreme in every visible and invisible cranny of your visage,

It was solely because of that very glorious flesh; that you thanked the Creator for all those brilliantly exuberant moments; when every droplet of thwarted
tension in your nerves; became an unconquerable fountain of blooming happiness,

It was solely because of that very ravishing flesh; that you felt your life would never ever end even after death; as the pleasure it gave every outgrowth
of hair on your body; made you feel as if utopia was in every line of your outstretched palms,

It was solely because of that very effulgent flesh; that you felt your ultimate odyssey as a vagrant traveler had forever ended; upon the most ecstatically
titillating apogees of unfathomable seduction,

It was solely because of that very unabashed flesh; that every iota of your decrepit impotency; suddenly burgeoned like the sword of the infallibly triumphant warrior; limitlessly ensuring that proliferation on this spell-binding planet; never had any end,

And yet you hypocritically and openly condemned that very flesh which made you feel like the most impregnable king all your life; as a Whore; as a Prostitute; just because it belonged to the body of such a woman who hadn't tied the marital thread with you as per the norms of your inanely double-standard society; just because it belonged to the body of such a woman who had euphorically devoured many more men like you; just because it belonged to the body of such a woman who wasn't your legal wife


Every breath that I inhaled; deluged even the most drearily beleaguered nerve of mine; with fireballs of tantalizing euphoria; and boundlessly surreal delight,

Every breath that I inhaled; compassionately tickled each cranny of my devastatingly shattered conscience; rejuvenating me to propel indefatigably ahead; in the full and tangy fervor of vibrant life,

Every breath that I inhaled; camouflaged my profusely monotonous senses; with resplendent winds of unending romanticism; tumultuously engendering me to gloriously fantasize; beyond the realms of fantastically fragrant paradise,

Every breath that I inhaled; impregnated in me a Herculean conviction to unflinchingly confront the most acrimoniously mighty obstacles; replenishing my body with all the bountifully ravishing ingredients of mother Nature,

Every breath that I inhaled; instilled an insatiably untamed ebullience in my poignantly crimson blood; ecstatically making me philander in a paradise of
overwhelming desire and fervently mesmerizing yearning,

Every breath that I inhaled; triggered in me a sensuousness to uninhibitedly love one and all on this fathomless planet; embrace voluptuously nubile maidens
forever; in the vice like grip of my piquantly famished arms,

Every breath that I inhaled; drew me more closer to the Almighty Lord; made me holistically imbibe and realize my ultimate mission; in the grandiloquent
splendor of magnificently shimmering life,

Every breath that I inhaled; reinvigorated in me an insurmountably relentless optimism to exuberantly lead life; patriotically march on the paths of divinely
righteousness; for centuries immemorial,

Every breath that I inhaled; enchanted me into a trail of fabulously magical newness; brilliantly placating each iota of my pathetically shriveled demeanor; with waves of heavenly contentment,

Every breath that I inhaled; inexorably perpetuated me to blazingly excel in my destined tasks of existence; as I clambered to the epitome of philanthropically
glittering success; to perennially serve all benevolent mankind,

Every breath that I inhaled; timelessly mystified me about the incomprehensible vastness of Omnipresent Lord's creation; as I ravishingly languished in stupendous rhapsody; under the carpet of opalescently milky stars,

Every breath that I inhaled; enlightened me with the most glitteringly veritable purpose of survival; as an overwhelming spurt of energy gushed dazzlingly through my rubicund palms; drifting me on a path of beautifully altruistic humanity,

Every breath that I inhaled; miraculously annihilated even the most infinitesimal trace of depression enveloping my dithering persona; imparting me with a sparkling tenacity to blossom like a new born seed; in vivaciously vivid life,

Every breath that I inhaled; exquisitely carved a niche for me to dexterously perform in every entangled sphere of life; blend with an unsurpassable sea of
symbiotic melody and celestially endowing happiness,

Every breath that I inhaled; eclectically bloomed each part of my disastrously fading perception; as I rejoiced like a silken prince in the eloquently intriguing flavor of; royal life,

Every breath that I inhaled; divinely coalesced me with my integral rudiments of the holistically sprouting soil; sacredly bequeathing upon me the everlasting blessings of my revered ancestors; for countless more births of mine,

Every breath that I inhaled; intransigently thrusted me more vociferously in my mission to save the planet; mitigate my immaculately suffering comrades; from the chains of salacious lechery; and barbarically manipulative malice,

Every breath that I inhaled; bonded me perpetually with the girl of my dreams; handsomely juxtaposing each element of my indigent existence; with
her charismatically Omniscient heart,

Over and above all; Every breath that I inhaled; bestowed upon me the unassailable magnetism to be inevitably attracted by all marvelous goodness that wandered magnanimously upon this fascinating planet; bestowed upon me the spirit to live; and let alive.


If the ravishingly mesmerizing lotus could spawn from the; stinkingly sordid pond of lugubriously dolorous dirt; with nothing but an obfuscated haze
of decaying scarecrows around,
Then why couldn't you exist as pristine as an immaculate angel; amidst the horrendously berserk ratrace for commercial lunatism; the tornadoes of
abhorrent jealously that pulverized countless into threadbare dust?

If the brilliantly blazing fireball of Sun could arise from behind; the prison of ominously insidious and horrifically crippling clouds,
Then why couldn't you exist as the ultimate messiah of philanthropic truth; in a world treacherously enshrouded by the winds of diabolical hatred;
and abominably ruthless lies?

If the carpet of resplendently robust grass could evolve bountifully around the murderously rueful corpse; stagnating in realms of disparagingly
deteriorating and delinquent oblivion,
Then why couldn't you exist as an unflinchingly innocuous patriot; whilst the planet around you parasitically sucked indefatigable reservoirs of blood; fought every moment of their lives for spuriously materialistic gains?

If Omnipotent whirlpools of golden honey could ooze from amidst the branches of the barbarically thorny hive; lecherously trying its best to dreadfully abrade its harmonious melody,
Then why couldn't you exist as a messiah bonding all humanity one and alike; even as thunderously dictatorial hell rained unsparingly everywhere around
you; from the heart of hell in fathomless sky?

If rejuvenating water gloriously oozed from the belly of the savage cactus; with nothing but an entrenchment of hostile nails to penalize it every unleashing
second; in the truculently scorching heat,
Then why couldn't you solely follow the inner most tunes of your passionate heart; even as the very entity of charismatic human had metamorphosed into a
robotic missile; indiscriminately trampling upon one another; to maliciously catapult to the summit of bombastic prosperity?

If the resplendently euphoric voice of the nightingale could diffuse profoundly unconquerable magic in the gigantic forests; inspite of the salaciously man-eater
lion; thunderously trumpeting its incoherently demonic feet,
Then why couldn't you irrefutably adhere to the principles of symbiotically benign existence; even as the entire globe around you; had invidiously
transformed into a marketplace of artificiality; a graveyard of raunchy flesh trade?

If the most impeccably opalescent Moon could blossom from the heart of ghastly darkness; a torturous ambience of black heinously stabbing it from
all sides,
Then why couldn't you cherish an infinite births on the sacrosanct footsteps of your divine mother; even as the entire earth around you; malevolently shrugged
the ones they loved the most in their insipid conquest of earning; pugnacious money?

If unsurpassable gallons of Omnipresent breath sprouted in the aisles of bizarre nothingness; with the endless battalion of tyrannizing demons trying their absolute best to asphyxiate even the most capricious iota of blissful life,
Then why couldn't you unequivocally maneuver your conscience towards the path of eternal righteousness; even as the entire Universe around you; insanely
thrived on sardonically sullen platforms of manipulation and coldblooded lies?

And if true love reigned immortally supreme everytime the earth was born; although the insurmountably lambasting cauldron of devils; massacred its priceless throne a countless times,
Then why couldn't you altruistically relinquish every trace of your life for suffering humanity on each step that you tread; even as the entire planet around you; gruesomely blinded each other in their quest of greedily sighting the
first rays of dawn?


There were no surreptitious secrets to achieve it; bask in its gloriously scintillating laurels for centuries immemorial,

There were no clandestine shortcuts to catapult to it; shimmer in its unparalleled cynosure; like no other entity on this astronomically colossal Universe,

There were no easy rides to gallop towards it; unequivocally embellish it in your forehead; for countless more births of yours yet to unveil,

There were no magical mantras to wholesomely assimilate it; irrefutably ensure that it was solely yours; from amongst infinite more on this unendingly
gargantuan planet,

There were no incoherent insinuations to perpetually incarcerate it; perennially ensure that it didn't budge even an inconspicuous inch from your invincible

There were no ominously nefarious means to blissfully absorb it; witness it become the unfathomably poignant radiance; that reflected profusely from your
disastrous soul,

There were no dexterously ambiguous methods to lure it; unleash it from the unsurpassably limitless Universe; to make it the bountiful carpet of your stinking household,

There were no miraculous rockets to unflinchingly escalate to it; sight the entire planet as an infinitesimal insect; sitting on its majestically kingly countenance,

There were no ravishingly melodious tunes to seduce it; make it the profoundly aristocratic jewel of your impoverished eyes; while the rest of the globe envied
you in utter disbelief,

There were no swords to nonchalantly pluck it; bestow it with astronomical ease in the heart of your dwindling palms; for times immemorial,

There was no tenacious breeze to swipe it entirely in one single go; proudly solemnize your severely devastated existence; with all stupendous glory that
lay in the resplendent cosmos,

There were no sleazily titillating colors to tantalize it; uninhibitedly make it the celestial radiance of your frigidly capricious skin; for decades unprecedented,

There were no bombastic pools of crocodile tears to melt it; trap its divinely prosperity forever; in the swirl of your insidiously non-existent imagery,

There were no ideals of spuriously pathetic business management to grasp it; forever embed its triumphantly glittering flag on the roof of your vengefully
dithering dwelling,

There were no rigid textbook incantations to seek it; gyrate in the spell of its heavenly ebullience; irrespective of ghastly night or spell bindingly sweltering day,

There were no ingeniously scientific formulas to wonderfully evolve it; preserve it without the slightest of effort; for incomprehensibly unstoppable decades on the trot,

There were no flash in the pan one-night-stands to reach it; let its marvelously enamoring intensity; descend upon every cranny of your lecherously diminutive visage,

There were no bizarrely commercial manipulations to trade it; make it the most unassailably treasured aspect of your despicable life; in exchange of fathomless treasuries of your rotting wealth,

And if there was any way to immortally reach it; divinely experience it in every philanthropic smile of your survival; then it was irrefutably and only timeless perseverance; a Sun of blazing hard work; that undisputedly leads you to the heaven of; unconquerably sweet success.


The Omnipotently blazing Sun never ever complained an infinitesimal trifle; even as it indefatigably enlightened and dazzled livid earth all sweltering day,
And you fecklessly nonchalant human had all the guts on this planet to discordantly groan; saying that the shine was a fraction too much for your sanctimonious bones to handle; although you were being pricelessly blessed.

The blissfully undulating sea never ever complained an inconspicuous trifle; even as it relentlessly deluged every quarter of traumatized earth;
with reinvigoratingly tangy froth,
And you dastardly lackadaisical human had all the guts on this planet to cacophonically lament; saying that the exuberance was a fraction too much for your withering visage to handle; although you were being unfathomably blessed.

The bountifully iridescent forests never ever complained a diminutive speck; even as they tirelessly perpetuated the fabric of this dolorous cosmos; with
beautifully unprecedented mysticism,
And you jaggedly abraded human had all the guts on this planet to sadistically fume; saying that the enchantment was a fraction too much for your beleaguered eyes to handle; although you were being limitlessly blessed.

The triumphantly crimson clouds never ever complained an ethereal inch; even as they enriched every drearily lambasted cranny of this earth with majestically
sparkling rain,
And you sordidly irascible human had all the guts on this planet to nonchalantly slander; saying that the rhapsody was a fraction too much for your stupidly
trembling skin to handle; although you were being indomitably blessed.

The indefatigably unconquerable mountains never ever complained an evanescent bit; even as they irrevocably illuminated the complexion of every coward on this fathomless earth; with invincibly astronomical courage,
And you meaninglessly rigid human had all the guts on this planet to lugubriously insult; saying that the strength was a fraction too much for your nimble arms to handle; although you were being inimitably blessed.

The pristinely impeccable leaves never ever complained an ephemeral voice; even as they boundlessly permeated the sullen atmosphere of earth; with unsurpassably jubilant euphoria,
And you uselessly manipulative human had all the guts on this planet to scorchingly scorn; saying that the celebration was a fraction too much for your
perfidious senses to handle; although you were being heavenly blessed.

The celestially opalescent stars never ever complained a fugitive fragment; even as they inexhaustibly adorned the cushion of this atrociously blackened earth; with ebulliently twinkling shimmer and shine,
And you mercilessly marauding human had all the guts on this planet to vengefully rue; saying that the glitter was a fraction too much for your delinquent countenance to handle; although you were being gloriously blessed.

The perpetually throbbing heart never ever complained even a mercurial grain; even as it unstoppably blessed the aridly acrimonious landscapes of this earth; with incomprehensibly unending love,
And you belligerently venomous human had all the guts on this planet to gorily wail; saying that the beats were a fraction too much for your profane silhouette
to handle; although you were divinely blessed.

And the Omnisciently impregnable Creator never ever complained even a parsimonious shadow; even as he timelessly spawned mellifluously unflinching life on this gigantically mystical earth,
And you acridly abhorrent human had all the guts on this planet to remorsefully oppose; saying that the breath was a fraction too much for your licentious
form to handle; although you were being royally blessed.


The amalgamation of clouds in the cosmos; brings tantalizing tumblers of sparkling rain,

The amalgamation of winds from different directions; brings a tumultuously vivacious and enigmatic storm,

The amalgamation of bedraggled fragments of cloth; evolves a fabulously impeccable garment,

The amalgamation of minuscule pinches of sand loitering aimlessly around; eventually culminates into a majestically handsome and fathomlessly
sprawling desert,

The amalgamation of profusely baked bricks; produces a magnanimously fortified and sheltering wall,

The amalgamation of worthless words scattered in the dictionary; blossoms into an emphatically mesmerizing sentence,

The amalgamation of frigidly insipid matchsticks; perpetuates into a royally blazing fire; flaming flamboyantly towards the sky,

The amalgamation of shiny pearls extracted freshly from the oyster; harnesses into a shimmering necklace glowing eye to eye with the crimson Sun,

The amalgamation of infinite waves undulating with ravishing froth; spawns into the boundless ocean; clashing mystically against the chain of scintillating rocks,

The amalgamation of battered looking curled hair; molds into a voluptuous eyelash; stealing your senses like streaks of thunder in the sky,

The amalgamation of variegated crinkly petals; gives rise to an exotic flower; wafting its enchanting fragrance for miles unprecedented,

The amalgamation of several solitary rooms rotting in realms of profound remorse; gives birth to a grandiloquent castle; through which transgressed the
jeweled prince,

The amalgamation of countless births as divinely as the heavens; produces Man; the most incredulously intelligent creation of Almighty Lord,

The amalgamation of unfathomable emotions fulminating rampantly in the soul; triggers the chords of imagination to crop up with a festoon of
unbelievable ideas,

The amalgamation of blood from all religions; produces the most indomitable of tribes; marching unflinchingly to knock the corridors of success,

The amalgamation of dusty books lost for centuries in obsolete wisps of neglected nothingness; produces a cherished library fostering a repertoire of
incomprehensibly priceless literature,

The amalgamation of varied breaths unanimously as one; produces the most tenacious spirit to survive; confronting an insurmountable battalion of satanic
devils without a ripple to the skin,

The amalgamation of unsurpassable sounds together; produces the most astoundingly beautiful song ever conceivable on the trajectory of this vast planet,

And the amalgamation of two passionately palpitating hearts in this Universe; produces the most worshipped gift which we all live and could unhesitatingly
relinquish breath this very minute for; a gift which even the greatest of
Gods salute as love.


Everyday I stared at the azure sky for long hours; admiring the fiery rays of the Sun in the morning; basking in the glory of the celestial blanket of stars well past after midnight,
While the other human of my kind; meticulously brushed their teeth with stringent toothpaste every morning; exited for monotonous office at the
tick of sharp 9.

Everyday I sat on the sordid wall chewing tangy gum and tantalizing chocolate; executing an armory of flirtatious smiles at every ravishing damsel in the
neighborhood who passed by,
While the other human of my kind; buried his face under a sheaf of bulky papers; listened patiently to the fleet of blatant abuse from his employer with
silent remorse.

Everyday I literally counted the number of cars traversing the streets from my divine balcony railing; drunk rum with uninhibited glee profoundly engrossed
in a voluptuously titillating fantasy of my own,
While the other human of my kind; incessantly engaged himself in apple polishing; ensuring that the company's profits augmented by leaps and bounds at the cost of his own life.

Everyday I rolled in green grass under the robust afternoon; gallivanted on horses through the meadows; devouring any morsel of food which was congenially offered to me by the farmers,
While the other human of my kind; evolved ingenious policies on the computer; wasted hours of time in sorting his meal with silver forks; and in the end
didn't relish the slightest.

Everyday I slept till the time I wanted; waking up blissfully as the serene evening descended; leaping acrobatically with the wind as the enchanting night took a vicious stranglehold,
While the other human of my kind; started his preparations well before dawn had unveiled; hardly slept a single wink in the darkness; indefatigably worrying about his performance; and the evading salary cheques which were his only source to please his wife.

Everyday I counted boundless numbers of sheep philandering nimbly on the hills; danced in ecstatic jubilation as the peacock came from behind the trees
after exotic rain,
While the other human of my kind; inexorably cribbed about his destiny; the impoverished state he was in; as his boss didn't consider him to be with the
contemporary times.

Everyday I went on learning and imbibing the language which I wanted; eccentrically penning down infinite lines of poetry the instants my mind commanded,
While the other human of my kind; peered through the keyhole of his boss's cabin; praying to God that his chance to enter inside came faster than the
speed of white light.

Everyday I cried uncontrollably; screamed in sheer hysteria whenever my heart felt asphyxiated; had an insatiable urge to pour its imprisoned agony out,
While the other human of my kind; conversed in overwhelmingly soft whispers; used the heaviest slang possible to make his bombastic presence felt amongst
the spurious crowd.

Everyday I walked barefoot; with at times torn rags engulfing my body and a necklace of spooky crabs enveloping my neck; whistling raucously in the air as
I marched gallantly without caring two hoods for the sanctimonious society,
While the other human of my kind; found himself deluged with an unending reservoir of tensions each unveiling hour of the day; craved miserably for an
opportunity to cling to the swanky mike; get his aching hands on the steering wheel of that status Mercedes.

And I went where I wanted; talked what I wanted; did what I wanted with gay abandon as I was thoroughly unemployed; treating each day as a fabulous Sunday although it was the peak of monstrous activity time,
While the other human of my kind; perhaps had tons of more money than I did; perhaps had insurmountable amount of pride in the society more than what I could have ever perceived; but didn't enjoy even a single minute as the unsurpassable years crept by; infact it was profoundly sad to state that the last day of his life was his one and only Sunday


If I perceived myself as a king; then I was indeed perched on the embellished throne; with a festoon of diamonds glittering royally by my side,

If I perceived myself as a panther; then I was indeed the menacing beast on the jungle; trampling rampantly through the dense undergrowths; paving my own
inimitable way,

If I perceived myself as a mountain; then I was indeed the summit shimmering magnificently under the flamboyant rays of Sun,

If I perceived myself as a peacock; then I was indeed a pompous bird; blossoming my armory of vivacious feathers ingratiatingly towards the sky,

If I perceived myself as a beggar; then I was indeed the ragamuffin spreading my hands abominably on the streets; waiting for those indispensable coins of currency to flood my scared and impoverished hands,

If I perceived myself as a duck; then I was indeed the appeasingly dimpled monster; floating on the serene surface of tepid water,

If I perceived myself as an infinitesimal speck; then I was indeed the diminutive mosquito; irascibly buzzing around the divinely asleep eardrum,

If I perceived myself as the fortified castle; then I was indeed the invincible walls of iron which shrugged off the most mightiest of attack with nonchalant ease,

If I perceived myself as the grandiloquent Sun; then I was indeed the fountain of mesmerizing rays that illuminated every cloistered cranny of earth,

If I perceived myself as a criminal; then I was indeed the satanic hoodlum intransigently bent upon devastating blissful mankind,

If perceived myself as dumb; then I was indeed bereft of words and speech; stood like a retarded lunatic when infact I had a fathomless treasury of eloquence embedded in my soul,

If I perceived myself as a tear; then I was indeed disdainful depression insurmountably augmenting by the unveiling second,

If I perceived myself as a magician; then I was indeed the astoundingly inexplicable conjurer; metamorphosing all chunks of bland mud into biscuits of gold,

If I perceived myself as garbage; then I was indeed the pile of horrendously fetid sewage; lying dilapidated and decaying to rot,

If I perceived myself as a cloud; then I indeed a surreally fabulous fantasy; pelting down showers of flirtatious romance,

If I perceived myself as a needle; then I was indeed the minuscule strand of metal disgustingly poking people in their ribs,

If I perceived myself as darkness; then I was indeed a perpetually solitary ambience; enveloped from all sides by inevitably bizarre grief,

If I perceived myself as sick; then I was indeed suffering from astronomically high fever; with my forehead blazing more than blistering embers of sizzling fire,

If I perceived myself as happy; then I was indeed exuberant; embracing the absolute pinnacle of prosperity uninhibitedly with both arms,

If I perceived myself as a shark; then I was indeed the preposterously huge monster; ready to rip apart innocuous personalities into infinite bits of their
original form,

If I perceived myself as fearless; then I was indeed valiantly doughty; ready to confront the most deadliest of catastrophe; without flinching or faltering the slightest,

If I perceived myself as sheep; then I was indeed the fleet footed and daintily nimble animal; celestially existing amongst boundless of my kind,

If I perceived myself as love; then I was indeed a messiah profusely dedicated to propagating its different forms; to far and distant across this colossal Universe,

If I perceived myself as hatred; then I was indeed deceitful anecdotes of malice; snapping the cherished essence of sacrosanct life,

If I perceived myself as truth; then I was indeed an irrefutable idol of honesty; assisting countless individuals trapped in the dungeon of salacious lechery; with optimism seeming an overwhelmingly far cry,

If I perceived myself as ugly; then I was indeed the unfortunate possessor of distorted features; with every organ of my body gruesomely placed and
repugnantly grotesque,

If I perceived myself as beautiful; then I was indeed gorgeous; with my lips portraying that voluptuously pink and robust tinge,

If I perceived myself as a blabber mouth; then I was indeed an inexorably talkative individual; chattering tirelessly all throughout the day and for marathon hours of the sultry night,

If I perceived myself as a volcano; then I was indeed a fulminating stream of lava; erupting out with brute force from the compassionate belly of soil,

If I perceived myself as a bee; then I was indeed a rambunctiously chattering fly; profoundly engrossed in evolving pools of golden honey,

If I perceived myself as poignantly piquant; then I was indeed the ardent granules of spicy salt; which the swirling waves of the ocean flung with an
insatiable intensity upon the shores,

If I perceived myself as blind; then I was indeed without sight; stumbling pathetically on each pebble that came my way; inspite of having emphatic eyes,

If I perceived myself as unlucky; then I was indeed the man with a stone touch; converting each thing I caressed into rock hard boulder; when infact the stars
that shone on my birth were those befitting a prince,

If I perceived myself as thunder; then I was indeed streaks of electric silver lightening ready to strike ground & tremendously terrorize,

If I perceived myself as a candle; then I was indeed the uncertainly flickering flame; deluging the dreary ambience with a beam of vibrant hope and light,

If I perceived myself as a pig; then I was indeed the incomprehensibly fat and greedy beast; ready to gobble virtually whatever that I could lay my hands upon,

If I perceived myself as a fruit; then I was indeed a rubicund sapling; ready to placate the gluttony of those who indispensably wanted food,

If I perceived myself as a reflection; then I was indeed an ethereally appearing shadow; which cropped up in brightness and vanished completely
with dolorously Black light,

If I perceived myself as a bone; then I was indeed a dreadful skeleton; with absolutely not the tiniest trace of energy left in my countenance,

If I perceived myself as smile; then I was indeed an entity wholesomely blended with joy; basking in the unprecedented glory of pure ecstasy,

If I perceived myself as dead; then I was indeed buried unfathomable feet beneath soil; despite having my heart palpitating violently beyond
the boundaries of life,

And if I perceived myself as living; then I was indeed having life; irrespective of the unsurpassable battalion of hurdles that confronted me in my way; raring to ubiquitously spread the wonderful essence of my breath; raring to ubiquitously spread the most sacred word of all; called alive.


The royally striped lion although uncouthly imprisoned behind the bars of cage; simply denied to eat green chunks of grass,

The flamboyantly sizzling Sun although deceitfully imprisoned behind the clouds; simply denied to relinquish its dazzling rays of light,

The grandiloquently colossal ship although ruthlessly imprisoned on land; simply denied to walk,

The lethally slithering scorpion although pathetically imprisoned in a jar of water; simply denied to permeate its tail and sting,

The fabulously scented rose although gruesomely imprisoned amidst a heap of fetidly stinking garbage; simply denied to emancipate its wonderful fragrance,

The true soldier although surreptitiously imprisoned in the enemy territory; simply denied to divulge the secrets of his Motherland,

The brilliantly scintillating pearl although ominously imprisoned in a blanket of perpetual darkness; simply denied to abdicate its enchanting glimmer,

The sacrosanct mother although murderously imprisoned in the land of the devil; simply denied to feed her child satanic blood,

The boisterously vivacious bird although diabolically imprisoned behind walls of ghoulish ice; simply denied to lie on its back and sleep,

The audaciously crawling crocodile although forcefully imprisoned in a cave replete with pure vegetables; simply denied to open its armory of knife like jaws,

The overwhelmingly towering mountain although savagely imprisoned in the red ant's mole; simply denied to detach its oligarchic crown summit,

The immortally laughing clown although mercilessly imprisoned in the realms of the morbid graveyard; simply denied to shrug off his heavenly smile,

The ardently throbbing heart although barbarically imprisoned in the domains of the conventionally wretched society; simply denied to slacken the intensity of its passionately palpitating beats,

The gargantuan stomach although treacherously imprisoned in the fathomless deserts; simply denied to devour the appetizingly silver sands,

The insurmountably determined eyes although miserably imprisoned amidst an island of blood and horrendous impediments; simply denied to ooze even
a droplet of tear,

The irrefutably saintly body although inevitably imprisoned under the coffin; simply denied to embrace even the tiniest of evil,

The religion of humanity although perilously imprisoned amidst spurious norms of the world outside; simply denied to sell its omnipotent dignity,

The invincible arrow of truth although disastrously imprisoned in an ocean of insatiable lechery; simply denied to drift towards the luxurious cream of blatant

The astronomically resilient beams of courage although imprisoned behind black walls of despair; simply denied to succumb to the hopeless sorrow,

And the uninhibitedly divine virtue of love although cruelly imprisoned infinite feet beneath the barriers of baseless civilization; simply denied to fade away;
simply denied to die.


More Population; means more penalizing unemployment; baselessly victimizing even the innocent; into the webs of salacious drudgery and disparaging

More Population; means more cold-blooded crime; as the pangs of inevitably augmenting hunger; metamorphosed even the most impeccable into an ocean of gory bloodshed,

More Population; means more insidious disease; as the seed of ghastly infection proliferated astoundingly from traumatic sordidness; afflicting even the most
robustly sculptured with bizarre ailment and thunderous agony,

More Population; means more abhorrent manipulation; as people relentlessly fantasized a castle of their very own; to impregnably exist amidst an unfathomable horde of blood sucking wolves,

More Population; means more derogatory corruption; with even the most immaculately sparkling organism wholesomely blending with the winds of lechery; to ecstatically surge ahead in the chapter of life,

More Population; means more massacring war; as unsurpassable battalions of even the most holistic entities; indiscriminately fought for a speck of land;
for a place to survive,

More Population; means more snobbish abuse; as the stinkingly rich irrefutably digressed from the poor; whipping them with swords of dictatorial power and
overwhelmingly overpowering greed,

More Population; means more pugnacious renaissance; with heads being chopped off like brutal matchsticks; in the name of religion and meaningless discrimination of skin; caste and spurious creed,

More Population; means more invidious dissatisfaction; as each organism felt that he was savagely asphyxiated of his share of luck; while his counterparts
philandered for times immemorial in the aisles of glorious paradise,

More Population; means more disastrous hunger; as the fields of blossoming corn proved to be capriciously diminutive needles for the fathomless sky of famished children; eventually manifesting into their grotesque grave,

More Population; means more uncouth freezing of blood; as countless hapless urchins; uncontrollably shivered without a single cloth to encapsulate their supple flesh; every night after the chiming of sinister midnight,

More Population; means more lethally obnoxious frustration; as even the most infinitesimal of palpable entity; felt its relentless festoon of desires being torturously suppressed by whiplashes of the; mercilessly claustrophobic atmosphere,

More Population; means more ghoulishly abominable odor; as incomprehensibly gargantuan pools of perspiration; dribbled in painstaking tandem from drearily beleaguered and despicably staggering bodies,

More Population; means more staggering viciousness; as the graveyards of crippling fortune; led even the most harmoniously melodious of denizens to surreptitiously stab behind each other's back,

More Population; means more barbaric slaining of sensuous fantasy; as the insurmountably vengeful monotony of the world around; ruthlessly plagued even the most evanescent trace of mesmerizing serenity,

More Population; means more gruesome blackness even in the most dazzling of Sunlight; as countless children got blinded and maimed since the very first cry of
sacred birth; to rot in the realms of the fetid dustbin for the remainder of their penurious lives,

More Population; means more degradation of wonderful humanity; as even the most unassailable emotions and religion; got preposterously traded for a wad of
sleazily derogatory notes,

More Population; means more ghastly solitude even in the midst of veritably augmenting boisterousness; as the remorsefulness of disdainfully sullen death
irrevocably overpowered everything in conceivable vicinity,

More Population; means more sordid rebuke on the quality of life; as human diabolically squelched human; in the malevolent rat race for baseless supremacy and existence,

More Population; means more despairingly bonding your spirit with the truculent devil; thrusting every iota of your celestial happiness into the mouth of ungainly anguish and horrific obsolescence,

More Population; means more ominous atrocities on spell binding mankind; tainting the fabric of eternal philanthropism with the corpse of debilitating
greed and inexplicable sadness,

More Population; means more heinous discordance with the laws of resplendent existence; profusely penalizing the enchanting carpet of mother earth with an unfathomable battlefield of forlornly crippling weight,

More Population; means more tensions to survive in this already adulterated planet; where every droplet of water already had a million mouths fervently waiting; even before it could tumble from fathomless sky,

More Population; means more horrendously regretful theft; with hell breaking free on the trajectory of scintillating earth; as man egregiously choked for
vital breath to survive,

More Population; means more pathetically unprecedented stagnation; as boundless innocent bundled in a lugubriously decaying heap; without the tiniest iota of comfort or Omnipotent compassion,

More Population; means more atrociously bellicose delinquency; as survival beneath bizarre poverty lines; had rendered even the most patriotically blazing soldiers; to stoop down like defeated rats,

More Population; means more unrelenting coffins of agonizing tears; as each stage of life became an unwanted curse; without integrally quintessential elements of fodder in the miserably bereaved stomach,

More Population; means more irascible atheism; with people believing more in money than in the Almighty Lord; viewing a bundle of worthlessly small and measly paper as the ultimate messiah to live; till times beyond eternity,

More Population; means more licentious betrayal of Omnipresent Love; as every individual tirelessly kept assassinating in order to catapult to the zenith of success; wholesomely forgetting that it was impossible to do that without the essence of benevolent togetherness,

O! Yes Population explosion was an uncontrollable menace; which eventually snapped the wings of Omniscient existence forever and ever and ever; with its venom of unemployment; poverty and inconsolable hunger,

So it is my humble plea to all families out there; as well as my comrades who have blissfully supported me on my every step; to please follow the most triumphant mantra of existence today: we are two; our's are only two.


Inundate the barren landscapes sprawling over kilometers of territory; with lush green patches of grass and blossoming flower,

Inundate pallid regions of the lackluster wall; with flamboyant strokes of scarlet color,

Inundate the arid strips of desiccated desert land; with bountiful amounts of sweet water,

Inundate the mouth of a famished squirrel; with a plethora of succulent
kernel and brazen nuts,

Inundate the abysmally hollow foundation of an edifice; with an armory of bare and freshly baked bricks,

Inundate the rocky slopes of the lanky mountain; with crystal white globules of frozen snow,

Inundate empty canisters encapsulated in the car; with the aromatic elixir of petrol,

Inundate the raw bruises oozing blood from body; with fillings of stringent antiseptic powder,

Inundate the vacant spaces of white and long canvas; with panoramic scenes of view of the gorgeous valley,

Inundate gruesome darkness engulfing the tunnel; with austere beams of holistic sunlight,

Inundate the dilapidated stable of sacrosanct cow; with loads of salubrious forage and bunches of banana leaves,

Inundate the desolate and silken web suspended from between two trees; with scores of venomous spider,

Inundate the torn and disheveled persona of shirt; with heaps of thread and garish cloth,

Inundate the dying embers of red coal; with flames of a dynamic and crackling fire,

Inundate the demeanor of a rustic ring; with clusters of sparkling diamonds,

Inundate the gloomy silhouette of parched and despondent lips; with an everlasting laugh,

Inundate the forlorn and solitary streets in the city; with bustling jams of unruly traffic,

Inundate the fecund strips of black and loamy soil; with a granary of rich
pudgy seeds,

Inundate the feet of your god; mother; beloved; with all the wealth you can assimilate on this earth,

And inundate the lives of all those afflicted with bizarre pain and inexplicable distress; with unprejudiced love and immortal smiles.


The leaves of the tree withered at the onset of autumn; rendering it as bare
and a pathetic sight to witness,
Although the body and trunk were still alive; did scream passionately as the
wind slapped and caressed them.

The most majestic of reptile shed its skin while undergoing a metamorphosis
of seasons; partially annihilating its grandeur,
Although its slithering body still traversed in circuitous routes; and its fangs were ready to strike injecting lethal venom.

The mountain sheep had their fur sheared for weaving thermal contrivances;
leaving their appearance as shabbily disgraceful,
Although they still wandered in harmony on the colossal slopes; bleated in
unison as dusk stealthily encroached.

The austere sun god shed its brightness as nightfall took over; resembling an
insipid reflection of its original identity,
Although it still shone brilliantly the next morning; illuminating stringently
every bit of cloistered gloom.

The slender iron nail lost all its gloss as monsoon showers poured incessantly
from the sky; giving it a deplorable appearance,
Although it still maintained the capacity of being embodied in the wall; and
still had the hostility of piercing the inflated balloon.

The fermented barrel of milk lay bereft of immaculate white color; resembling
worthless chunks of flaccid curd,
Although it still produced an extremely piquant taste; had reasonably high
levels of salubrious nutrition.

The flying birds shed infinite numbers of feathers each day; looking
bedraggled after being stripped of their kingly plumage,
Although they still retained the power to fly; soaring high up in the air and
procreating their progeny.

The banana after peeling its intricate skin appeared as a dilapidated urchin;
shivering uncontrollably in the wind,
Although it was sumptuous and relishing to eat; and its pulp caused ravishing
sensations in the buds of taste.

The biscuits of gold after losing their shine; resembled the mundane coin;
failed to captivate attention,
Although they still had the same value; could fetch their owners an astronomical fortune when judiciously traded.

And all the old folks traversing the streets; looked a sight to profoundly
sympathize with; clinging tightly to their walking sticks,
Although they still had the power to love; the power to overwhelmingly
fantasize; as they were young and innocent at heart.


Be it from the most majestically compassionate palaces of glittering gold; or be it from the most acrimoniously impoverished streets; which hissed nothing else but asphyxiating poverty and treacherous dust the entire day,

Be it from the most opulently sensuous skies pregnant with rhapsodic rain; or be it from the most hedonistically torturous den of brutal scorpions; which spurted vindictive venom all night and day,

Be it from the most invincibly emollient lap of the venerated mother; or be it from the most pulverized treads of the haplessly devastated orphan; from whose
eyes radiated nothing else but tears of inexplicable helplessness,

Be it from the most indomitably royal apogee of the triumphant mountain; or be it from the most deplorably shattered mirrors; from which reflected nothing else
but unfathomably distorted imagery,

Be it from the most victoriously blazing of Omnipotent Sun; or be it from the most hideously sadistic cloak of devilishly crippling darkness; which sulked in the mortuaries of remorse for times immemorial,

Be it from the most effulgently symbiotic of meadows; or be it from the most cold-bloodedly infertile rocks; which unrelentingly and heartlessly smashed an
infinite bones; into inconspicuously worthless chowder,

Be it from the most Omnisciently blessed of silken palms; or be it from the most ghoulishly stinking corpses of stagnation; which did nothing else but jinx
every organism alive; beyond realms of holistic recognition,

Be it from the most lusciously ignited of blossoming lips; or be it from the most thorny terrains of preposterous wilderness; upon which feared to tread even the most peerlessly invincible of soul,

Be it from the most romantically undulating seas; or be it from the most pathetically smoldering ashes of the fires; which died a miserably parsimonious death countless hours ago,

Be it from the most ubiquitously egalitarian philanthropist's eyes; or be it from the most robotically sleazy business tycoon; for whom the entire Universe just a insouciantly emotionless pendulum of tawdry give and take,

Be it from the most tantalizingly mesmerizing waterfalls of insatiable heavenliness; or be it from the most apocalyptically pugnacious cactuses of
malevolently barbarous abhorrence,

Be it from the most impregnably humanitarian of chests; or be it from the most heartlessly blood-sucking mosquitoes; which knew nothing else but to slowly and painstakingly suck every ounce of vibrantly enthralling life,

Be it from the most eternally replenishing bellies of panoramic mother nature; or be it from the most ostracized land of the devil; where solely rained the
holocausts of unimaginably penalizing prejudice,

Be it from the most regally insuperable streams of infallible truth; or be it from the most ominously desecrating skeletons of infidelity; from which wafted
nothing else but diabolically raunchy lavatories of betrayal and lies,

Be it from the most formidably unconquerable fortresses of righteousness; or be it from the most despicably demented dungeons of debauchery; which inexorably crucified every form of undefeated life; on the pretexts of baselessly bawdy religion,

Be it from the most passionately rejuvenated tunnels of the perennial nostrils; or be it from the most indiscriminately open jaw of the sadistically chortling ghost; who was the absolute epitome of incarcerated unmanliness,

Be it from the most Omnipresent abodes of the perpetually blessing God's; or be it from the most lynched labyrinth of dismally imprisoning blackness a
countless feet beneath soil; which numbed even the most ephemeral trace of vitality and desire,

Be it from the most immortally passionate cocoons of the benign heart; or be it from the most despondently fretful feces meaninglessly rotting on the lavatory
seat; which inevitably perpetuated the last trifle of breath to indefinitely suffocate in the chamber of robust lungs,

O! yes; It could be from absolutely anywhere; anyplace; anyone on this limitlessly enamoring planet; I wouldn't mind that the slightest; but I wanted love to desperately come to me; engulf my mind; body and crucified spirit this very instant; like the first princely rainshower of the monsoon; because without it I knew I would die; die and most certainly die.


Don't worry if he had chosen you to be blind; depriving you of indispensable blankets of blissful sight,
For at the same time he had bestowed you upon with an extraordinary prowess of hearing; making you discern even the most sensitive sounds in the atmosphere; which your sighted counterparts had not the slightest of ability to ever conceive.

Don't worry if he had chosen you to be deaf; divesting you of the most miraculous tenacity to intricately hear,
For at the same time he had bestowed you upon with an astronomical virtue of hawk sight; engendering you to witness even the most distortedly bleary images
floating in voluptuous space; which your mates with perfect ears; had not the slightest of ability to ever perceive.

Don't worry if he had chosen you to be dumb; irrevocably refraining you to utter even the most inconspicuously infinitesimal sound,
For at the same time he had bestowed you upon with an unfathomably delightful virtue of expression; propelling you to magnificently divulge the inner most feelings of your heart; which your supremely tongued compatriots; had not the slightest of ability to ever imagine.

Don't worry if he had chosen you to be maim; acridly crippled to the ground; without even the most minuscule of support to march on your own feet,
For at the same time he had bestowed you upon with the winds of profusely marvelous artistry; which your celestially fingered and fleet footed fellow beings; had not the slightest of ability to ever dream about.

Don't worry if he had chosen you to be incomprehensibly weak; triggering you to collapse towards the soil every time you tried to get up; afflicted with inexplicable disease all over the blood in your impoverished body,
For at the same time he had bestowed you upon with ingratiating philosophy and an astoundingly overwhelming tenacity to face the most mightiest of
enemies; which your robustly complexioned mates; had not the slightest of ability to ever fantasize.

Don't worry if he had chosen you to be horrendously Black; coating your entire diminutive countenance with a dungeon of hideous darkness,
For at the same time he had bestowed you upon with an incredulously augmenting wave of uninhibited compassion; which your frigidly snow white mates; had not the slightest of ability to ever posses.

Don't worry if he had chosen you to be pathetically tiny; with every entity that traversed by your side; looming like an untamed giant over your ludicrously
stooping shoulders,
For at the same time he had bestowed you upon with a lion hearted chest to face the most treacherous of catastrophe that descended from the cosmos; which your belligerently towering and pistol clad friends; had not the slightest of ability to stand upto.

Don't worry if he had chosen you to be illiterate; swooning ridiculously towards obdurate soil; the instant you heard an obsoletely alien accent lingering around,
For at the same time he had bestowed you upon with the intransigent rudiments of unity; peace and irrefutable truth; which your bombastically stylish and
manipulatively corporate city counterparts; had not the slightest of ability to ever inculcate.

And Don't worry if he had chosen you to be poor; penuriously surviving each day of your unsurpassably marathon life; sporadically blending with sleazy
drawers of threadbare dust,
For at the same time he had bestowed you upon with the immortal island of love as you passionately throbbed till beyond the island of tantalizing eternity; which your stinkingly rich and opulently glamorous companions; had not the slightest of ability to ever belong to


Fantasizers were born to unrelentingly dream; frolic euphorically in a land
of surreally fabulous seduction,

Artists were born to vibrantly evolve; diffuse the most poignant infernos fulminating in the profoundly mesmerizing recesses of their soul,

Businessmen were born to dexterously manipulate; shrewdly weave webs of astute give and profitable take,

Birds were born to boisterously chirp; enshroud each arena besieged with insurmountable gloom; with the passionate fervor of life,

Frogs were born to disdainfully croak; creepily bounce in remorsefully stagnant water; with a despondently smug smile entrenching their snouts,

Parrots were born to fantastically emulate; replicate even the most inconspicuous tunes; of their tyrannically uncouth master,

Kings were born to royally rule; govern fathomless civilizations with great vigor and aristocracy; like beads of scintillating pearls cascading from voluptuous sky,

Oceans were born to spray tangy salt and ebullience; undulate into a ravishingly ecstatic fountain of perpetual enthrallment,

Vultures were born to hedonistically pluck at innocent flesh; feast and have the time of their lives; on a mountain of abominably rotting carrion,

Cows were born to yield sacrosanct festoons of impeccable milk; pacify the wails of every new born organism; on the trajectory of this gregariously
boundless planet,

Patriots were born to irrevocably defend their motherland; sequester the revered soil on which they tread; from even the most infinitesimal iota of lecherous betrayal,

Stones were born to sulk in ludicrously mock silence; remain more frozen than murderously white ice; even as the world took birth and died outside,

Roses were born to disseminate gorgeous clouds of scent; rekindle the rapidly extinguishing philanderer in insensitively plodding tycoons,

Sharks were born to irrefutably rule the sea; menacingly churn their way through hordes of small fish and fiercely turbulent rafts of white water,

Rats were born to mischievously munch at tantalizing cheese; infiltrate a myriad of scornful holes in embellished cloth and gargantuan fabric,

Leaves were born to euphorically rustle into mists of everlasting yearning; propel thunderbolts of exultating breeze; which made you soar above the realms of monotonously pragmatic space,

Rainbows were born to mystically enchant; trigger insurmountable cloudbursts of vivacious nostalgia; in your gruesomely commercial persona,

Dogs were born to intransigently bark; pierce the titillating iridescence of the night; with their unfathomably rambunctious flurry of disgruntled sound,

Nostrils were born to inhale and exhale precious air; inevitably carry on the chapter of gloriously exotic existence,

But all of us irrespective of caste; creed; or color; were born to immortally love; proliferate God's incomprehensibly bountiful planet with countless more
of our kind; be integral elements of blessedly beautiful creation; be indispensable threads and religions of; unconquerable mankind


Who's ordered you to embrace all humanity; hoist each orphaned child magnanimously upon your rubicund back?
But at least don't mercilessly annihilate innocent like squashed insects; ruthlessly manipulating lives of the immaculate millions in the swirl of your barbaric malice.

Who's ordered you to worship every temple that you encountered on the streets; bowing down diligently to every impoverished beggar wailing incongruously
But at least don't pulverize philanthropic civilizations with your ominously lethal bombs; blowing up the blissful world; in non-chalant wisps of
derogatory smoke.

Who's ordered you to indefatigably frolic in the lap of your mother; tirelessly floating in the aisles of impeccable childhood fantasy?
But at least don't impeach treacherously upon the territories of your revered motherland; lecherously molesting the innocuous in chains of utter devastation.

Who's ordered you to dedicate your entire existence for the sake of those in inexplicable pain; apply the uninhibited ointment of your love on despicably oozing blood and wounds?
But at least don't rub salt in those eyes profusely crying; brutally lambasting those with your satanic whip; who had already relinquished breath and died.

Who's ordered you to embellish each life with your unprecedented richness; shower upon an unprecedentedly bountiful blessings upon mankind; while you miserably shivered every instant and died?
But at least don't ridicule those gruesomely maimed and blind; penalize the already deprived with your baseless webs; of manipulatively blood sucking

Who's ordered you to transport the disastrously trembling; to places of heavenly comfort; benevolently shouldering their weight upon your lone shoulders?
But at least don't indiscriminately run your car over those impoverishedly sleeping on cold pavements; as you basked in the glory of sleazy wine
and princely desire inside.

Who's ordered you to be the ultimate messiah of this planet; metamorphosing every withering soul's dream into a perpetual reality?
But at least don't stand like a demonic impediment in the way of those about to achieve the pinnacle of success; savagely sabotaging their hard earned share of ardent happiness.

Who's ordered you to bond every passionately throbbing hearts ubiquitously across the Universe; disseminate the essence of immortal love in every philanthropic entity you met?
But at least don't mercilessly break harmoniously blossoming relationships; rendering countless bodies to exist without the slightest of purpose; without
the slightest of breath.

Who's ordered you to feed every famished organism on earth with appetizing morsels of food; horrendously starving while your tottering mates marvelously
replenished their famished hides?
But at least don't trade their pathetically frugal skeleton of mere bones to tyrannically slave; for overflowing your treasury with a stinking wad of notes.

And who's ordered you to instill the Omnipotent panacea of life in every dead; procreating boundlessdivine with the unsurpassable potential of your countenance?
But at least don't torturously kill and corrupt God's impeccable fleet of organisms; at least don't rise taller than skies; embedding your roots more
formidably every instant on the land of innocent blood


Unsurpassably yours were these eyes of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring
their very best; to pave a way for you through the most horrendously
asphyxiating of your blackness,

Sensuously yours were these lips of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring their
very best; to trigger an unending gorge of smiles in your tyrannically despairing life,

Compassionately yours were these fingers of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring
their very best; to weave an endless civilization of regally triumphant artistry through every mundanely suffocating moment of yours,

Tantalizingly yours were these eyelashes of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring
their very best; to embellish every drearily dwindling aspect of your existence with inimitably untamed mischief,

Blissfully yours were these shadows of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring their
very best; to beautifully mollify every bit of traumatically scorching agony
in your frazzled soul,

Unflinchingly yours were these shoulders of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring
their very best; to permeate your intermittently deteriorating strength; with the fortitude of blazing existence,

Gregariously yours were these palms of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring their
very best; to cushion your miserably fatigued scalp; whenever it wanted to
eternally rest,

Passionately yours were these bloodstreams of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring their very best; to eternally coalesce your inexplicably quavering spirit with the spirit of unshakably priceless humanity,

Intriguingly yours were these brain cells of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring
their very best; to engender an unlimited ocean of burgeoning innovation in
your haplessly dejected and hopelessly demented stride,

Lusciously yours were these skin pores of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring
their very best; to ignite the rays of unparalleled desire in your persona;
whenever it wanted to deliriously embrace the apocalypses of invidious infertility,

Robustly yours were these cheeks of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring their
very best; to impregnate every disparagingly gloomy instant of your life
with vividly eclectic charm and charismatic color,

Earnestly yours was this signature of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring its
very best; to unassailably stand by you like an unfettered rock; whenever
you felt that your identity was being pulverized to frigidly
inconspicuous ash,

Melodiously yours was this voice of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring its very
best; to resplendently illuminate your every torturously lambasted second;
with the Omnipotent lullaby of symbiotic existence,

Peerlessly yours were these bones of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring their
very best; to perennially sequester your nimbly sensitive form; from even
the most minuscule of atrocious vagary in the chapter of inscrutable life,

Unhesitatingly yours were these feet of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring their very best; to pave a path of gloriously majestic victory for you; when you seemed to have entirely lost direction; neither had the power to stride,

Vivaciously yours was this belly of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring its very
best; to ebulliently arouse you from the very depths of your ghoulish coffin; with its immeasurably seductive rhythm in the royally star-studded night,

Irrefutably yours was this humanity of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring its
very best; to metamorphose even the most diminutive trace of salaciously decrepit treachery in your soul; into a fountain of fragrantly iridescent truth,

Ardently yours was this sweat of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring its very
best; to tirelessly flow and without the tiniest of reproach; while you lazed and stretched your bones till the aisles of eternal eternity,

Fierily yours was this breath of mine; inexhaustibly endeavoring its very
best; to perpetuate the mantra of your survival to unrestrictedly blaze; everytime you were circumscribed by the gallows of hypochondriac death,

But Immortally yours O! Mate was this heart of mine; with its beats perpetually loving you; insuperably bonding with you; irrespective of your caste; creed or color; not only for this birth; for an infinite more births till the time the Creator wanted this earth to chime


As I surveyed the area sitting like a prince on the helicopter seat; sipping
with great relish; from a canister replete with chilled champagne,
The scenes that struck my vision were profoundly appalling; and a silent sob
escaped my breath; making me nostalgic about my blissful past.

When I trespassed the streets in the swanky Mercedes; a cavalcade of cars
following me in stringent unison,
I felt a cold shiver creep down my spine; disseminated a few bundles of scented currency chivalrously amongst the afflicted.

When I philandered through the village; royally seated on a horse; incessantly
pulling its reins; instigating it to gallop faster,
I felt nimbly moved by the situation that confronted me; made an appeasing
speech to the masses to keep their calm.

While I transgressed through the hutments; masticating sumptuous delicacies;
in the stupendously air-conditioned compartment of my train,
I could hear stifled wails kissing my ears; and I immediately instructed my
colleagues to investigate more scrupulously into the matter; act philanthropically with the tyrannized people.

As I sighted the land; soaring high in my luxurious gas balloon; with a silken
ensemble of clouds caressing me voluptuously; every unleashing second,
I saw a tiny conglomerate of people scampering in terror on the lanes; felt a
bit petrified at the sight of disaster; which in turn fomented me to drop multiple packets of food; to sanctimoniously assist those circumvented by bizarre anguish.

When I glimpsed the houses through my field glasses; nibbling at robust chunks
of apple; sitting on the deck of the majestic ship,
I saw hazy shadows of blood and panic; and incoherently babbled a message
through the loud speaker; appealing to the belligerent individuals to relinquish their swords.

As I peeked at the distraught scenario; eavesdropping on the brutal proceedings from the balcony of my grandiloquent bungalow,
I ordered my guards to tighten security; instructed them to transport ladies
and helpless infants to corridors of safety.

When I was apprised of the gruesome situation; after viewing it explicitly on
the monstrous monitor of the planetarium,
I dictated a nation wide alert; instantaneously dispatching battalions of army
and relief supply to cater to those rendered homeless.

While it was only sitting beside them; that I realized their veritable
grief; the devastation they had suffered after the killer earthquake,
And what had taken me infinite expeditions to imbibe; now became as clear to
me as the back of my palm; as I embraced them wholeheartedly; felt their moist
tears dribble down my cheek; candidly yet emphatically portraying the aftermath of disaster.


Some said it was empty; while some said that the glass was half full with water,

Some said that it was rising in the sky; while some said that the color of the Sun was insipid and weak,

Some said that it was standing tall and lanky; while some said that the tree was naked without leaves,

Some said that they were succulent and ravishing; while some said that the grapes were sour and had holes in them,

Some said that it was a twinkling star; while some said that it was a speck of
disdainful dirt; polluting the sky,

Some said that he sang splendidly; while some said that he didn't give a chance for others to speak,

Some said that it was an exotic evening; while some said that it was an
unearthly hour past midnight,

Some said that it was gorgeously flowing river; while some said that it swept along with it tones of moist earth,

Some said that it was droplets of jubilation; while some said that it was tears of sadness dribbling slowly down,

Some said that it was voluptuous wisps of air; while some that it was an
ominous cloud hovering perilously around,

Some said that it was a mystical tunnel; while some said that it was a gaping and long hole in the wall,

Some said that it was a beautiful image; while some said that it was a gruesomely shattered mirror,

Some said that it was a scintillating key; while some said that it was the completely open lock,

Some said that it was mesmerizing yawn; while some said that it spread a
thunderous noise in vicinity,

Some said that it was a vast reservoir of empathy; while some said that they
were a squinted pair of eyes,

Some said that it was audaciously walking forward; while some said that the
soldier was trampling fragile leaves and twigs,

Some said that it was irrefutable truth; while some said that it stung them
like a quiver full of pugnacious arrows,

Some said that it was violently throbbing; while some said that the heart made a person weak,

Some said that she had given me birth; while some said that I had burdened the
earth still further,

And it's simply the way you see it, So some said that it was wholesomely dead; while some said that its spirit was still living and bouncing alive


I live to savor the eternal fruits of Natures timeless creation; the astoundingly vivacious butterflies fluttering handsomely in fathomless bits of; majestically blue sky,

I live to savor the resplendently twinkling stars in the royal cosmos; the shimmering fountain of milky light that grandiloquently poured to enlighten the
ghastly corpse of dastardly night,

I live to savor the rejuvenatingly sparkling freshness of the aristocratic waterfalls; profusely blend my mind; body and soul in the cascade of exotically heavenly waters,

I live to savor the melodiously everlasting sound of the ravishing nightingale; profoundly assimilate each of its wonderfully tantalizing sounds; in the innermost recesses of my tumultuously frazzled soul,

I live to savor the winds of exuberance blowing my way; the beautifully mesmerizing feel that they vibrantly imparted to even the most
infinitesimally deadened of my nerve,

I live to savor the handsomely scintillating pearls of the enchantingly vivacious oceans; the blissfully unbelievably synergy that they instilled in every iota of
my; nervously devastated demeanor,

I live to savor the bountifully bouncing kangaroos in the mischievously philandering fields; the waves of impeccable innocence that they bestowed perennially upon; my murderously manipulative visage,

I live to savor the sensuously titillating dewdrops at ethereally magnetic dawn; the essence of ebullient freshness that they showered upon; every element of
my frantically beleaguered persona,

I live to savor the brilliantly flamboyant rays of the Omnipotent Sun; the unfathomable ocean of blazingly enlightening light that it ubiquitously disseminated; to every cranny of this Universe besieged with; inexplicably horrendous pain,

I live to savor the mystically enthralling whispers of the rustling trees; the unsurpassable entrenchment of exhilarating enigma that they placed me within; making me wholesomely oblivious to the preposterously snobbish vagaries; of the savagely realistic Universe,

I live to savor the royally swimming fish in the undulating sea; the ecstatically glorious leap in their stride; that made me feel that I had once again; and irrefutably transited into a jubilantly new born child,

I live to savor the regally glistening eagles soaring handsomely in the boundless sky; the uninhibited flapping of their poignant wings; freeing me of all my
waveringly bedraggled memories of disdainfully lecherous human kind,

I live to savor the torrentially pelting drops of seductively titillating rain; the globules of golden empathy which magically quelled all brutally traumatized mankind; of even the most minuscule of its pain,

I live to savor the indefatigably charismatic blanket of crimson roses; the marvelously spell binding scent that they unequivocally emanated; which perpetually pacified each remorsefully vengeful ingredient; of my
vindictive blood,

I live to savor the uniquely incredulous freshness of God's evolution; the most amazingly eclectic chapter of endless procreation; that every organism on this
planet was beautifully endowed with,

I live to savor the vibrantly dancing rainbows soon after the passionate rains; the blissfully symbiotic wave of unprecedented excitement that they enshrouded my entire countenance with; for infinite more births yet to come,

I live to savor the voice of patriotically unassailable truth; the unshakable royalty with which it Omnisciently sunk; deep down in the walls of my viciously wavering conscience,

I live to savor celestially impeccable forms of new birth; the immaculate cries of the freshly born; unflinchingly imparting me with the strength to scrape even the most inconspicuous iota of diabolism; from the fathomless trajectory of
this planet,

I live to savor tireless gallons of enchantingly princely air; the piquant carpet of invincible life; that veritably made me embrace all mankind irrespective of creed and color; made me feel the richest being; humanitarianly alive,

And most importantly I live to savor the most immortal gift of Almighty Lord's creation called; love; intransigently try my best to diffuse its ecumenically sacrosanct essence; to every dwelling without light; to every heart without euphoric beats


As each second unfurled into a wholesome minute; the winds of time gallivanted ahead at astoundingly incomprehensible speeds,

As each minute unveiled into a wholesome hour; the painstakingly persevering needles of the clock now; chiming in spell bindingly unanimous unison,

As each hour galloped into a wholesome afternoon; the brilliantly dazzling Sun blazing its Omnipotent shine full throttle,

As each afternoon speeded into the wholesome night; the resplendent blankets of moonlight casting an spell of eternal mysticism; upon the most horrendous of
blackness prevailing,

I felt more and more closer to my mission of alleviating bereaved humanity from realms of inexplicable anguish; I felt more resolutely invincible in my advancing footsteps; by the grace of Almighty Lord.


As each night unraveled into a wholesome dawn; the melodiously enchanting cuckoos; enshrouding each cranny of the beleaguered atmosphere; with their
celestially ingratiating sounds,

As each dawn sprinted into a wholesome week; the pragmatically meticulous routines of life now profusely consolidated to a mammoth extent,

As each week danced into a wholesome fortnight; the essence of ubiquitous sharing; now ardently creeping into the insatiably yearning quarters of the dwindling soul,

As each fortnight shot into a wholesome month; the vivaciously changing colors of the boisterous season; now imparting their profound sensuousness to the
mangled conglomerate of frazzled nerves in the body,

I felt more and more closer to my mission of metamorphosing all traumatized lechery on this planet once again into a divine paradise; I felt more overwhelmingly empowered in every word that I spoke; by the grace of Almighty Lord.


As each month raced into a wholesome year; the soil now astonishingly adept and handsomely blending; to the vacillating shades of flamboyant light; freezing
cold; and torrential rain,

As each year escalated into a wholesome decade; the battlefields of savage bloodshed now sprouting with the plants of ravishing freedom,

As each decade blossomed into a wholesome century; the good and diabolically bad of life now nostalgically reverberating in fathomless playgrounds of
open space,

As each century unfolded into a wholesome millennium; the inadvertently committed sins of past existence; now blissfully washed with the radiantly sparkling rays of a crimson tomorrow,

I felt more and more closer to my mission of irrefutably ensuring that no organism slept a famished night; I felt my conscience unassailably radiating
with nothing else but truth; by the grace of Almighty Lord.


As each millennium gushed into a wholesome birth; the most infinitesimal bits of lechery in the atmosphere now completely annihilated; by the cries of freshly
born Divine,

As each birth sprouted into a wholesome Era; the fields of contemporary modernity now frantically searching for their; scintillatingly simplistic rudiments,

As each era whirled into a wholesome civilization; the vividly striking newness of wonderfully mesmerizing creation; now radically replacing the stagnating dormitories of rusty past,

As each civilization eventually faded into wholesome timelessness; each element of the enthrallingly supreme sky beautifully blending with; bountifully
existing earth,

I felt more and more closer in my mission to save priceless humanity from the salaciously brutal clutches of the despairing devil; I felt more invincible in my perspective of sacrificing my entire life for the service of mankind; by the
grace of Almighty Lord.


There was no dearth of commercialism; as boundless humans salaciously paved their way ahead; insidiously suppressing countless innocuous of their own
kind; today,
There was no dearth of manipulation; as literally every 3rd person alive; tried his best to perniciously trick you; towards the realms of horrendously dwindling extinction; today,
There was no dearth of prejudice; as an unrelenting reservoir of greed glinted with pompous luminosity in millions of eyeballs alike; disparagingly robbing the
fabric of eternal humanity; of its most priceless rudiments of mankind; today,
There was no dearth of barbarism; as even the most civilized of organism's savagely fought for each other's blood; replenishing their sordidly disgruntled
lips at the cost of vital life; today,
And sadly if indeed there was any dearth; it was of the most immortal fountain of love which had been miserably ransacked by miscreants of spurious religion; it was of compassion which had sadly metamorphosed into a lecherous
devil; today.

There was no dearth of war; as virtually every continent viciously desired to be the ultimate superpower; a force even above the Omnipotent Lord
Almighty; today,
There was no dearth of depression; as even the most innocuously sparkling of youth; were horrifically buried under the juggernaut of abominably
suicidal education system; today,
There was no dearth of racialism; as even the most sagaciously educated of household's; murderously discriminated between humanitarian sects of rich and
poor; today,
There was no dearth of crime; as the most scintillating stalwarts of irrefutable power themselves offered a flurry of unsurpassable incentives; for committing murder; extortion; blasphemous atrocities; today,
And sadly if there was indeed any dearth; then it was of the ocean of immortal love which had wholesomely evaporated in wisps of brutal adulteration; it was of priceless humanity which was tyrannically slashed even before it expelled its very first breath; today.

There was no dearth of slavery; as merciless powerhorses of bombastically infinitesimal wealth; torturously lambasted the oppressed to even the most
inconspicuous of their commands; today,
There was no dearth of morbidity; as an unendingly appalling gloom descended at all quarters; over the treacherously besieged atmosphere; today,
There was no dearth of starvation; as infinite infants having just emanated the first cry of birth; were uncouthly stuffed in garbage bins of despicable poverty for the rest of their lives; today,
There was no dearth of tragedy; as an unprecedented mass of immaculately sparkling living being; was remorsefully subjected to perilously raining bombs and gunpowder everyday; today,
And sadly if indeed there was any dearth; it was of the sky of immortal love which had been vindictively metamorphosed into the horizon of death by all those stinkingly corrupt; it was of an emotional empathy which had been lethally squashed to capricious pulp by artificial robots; today.

There was no dearth of revenge; as an incomprehensible ton of living beings devilishly slit their counterparts throat; just for being a shade better than
them; today,
There was no dearth of politics; as the so called unflinching leaders of the society languidly slept on a consortium of innocent bone and disgustingly
transient currency; all night and day; today,
There was no dearth of wailing; as virtually every dwelling under the flamboyantly sweltering and golden Sun; had become obnoxiously sensitive to its overtly fiery rays; today,
There was no dearth of death; as the most austerely abhorred tablet of preposterous suicide; had become a pragmatically routine fashion; today,
And sadly if there was any dearth; it was of the heart of immortal love which had been rendered to a sleazy machine by daggerheads of malice; it was of the
invincible adoration of the divine; which had been wholesomely alienated
by Nuclear war; today.


Whether it be clambering the footsteps that led to your dwelling; or whether it be exuberantly galloping to the summit of the Herculean mountain; in
lightening seconds of time,

Whether it be whispering your fears into your mother's ear; or whether it be blazingly silencing the wail of derogatory corruption; with the power of unflinching righteousness in your exhilarated voice,

Whether it be plucking a singleton fruit for your existence; or whether it be indefatigably expending every element of your intrepid silhouette; to philanthropically feed all on this planet; one and alike,

Whether it be envisaging about what was going to unveil just an infinitesimal footstep beyond your body; or whether it be galloping your brain on an unrelenting rampage; to assimilate all panoramic beauty on this earth in your wandering soul,

Whether it be stooping and cleaning every iota of dust from your kitchen window; or whether it be patriotically baring your irrefutably sparkling
countenance; for the sake of your entire motherland,

Whether it be bathing your dreary bones under the measly trickle diffusing from your dilapidated tap; or whether it be gyrating in profound furor with the
ravishingly undulating ocean waves,

Whether it be straining your ear towards the sounds of the majestically mellifluous nightingale; or whether it be ebulliently absorbing the ingratiating
fascination of this gigantic world; like unbelievable darts of white
lightening through your ears,

Whether it be tanning the patches of profuse white in your skin as the first rays of Sun shone enchantingly outside; or whether it be audaciously facing the
mighty winds of the ferociously sweltering desert; singlehandedly,

Whether it be tracing the outlines of your quavering shadow with your curled fingers; or whether it be wholesomely coalescing even the most mercurial element of your mind; body and conscience with the religion of eternally insuperable mankind,

Whether it be embossing an inconspicuous alphabet on barren paper; or whether it be tumultuously inundating fathomless kilometers of disastrously bane canvas; with boundless volumes of spell binding literature,

Whether it be assisting your own kin in whatever way you could; or whether it be standing like an unconquerable fortress in the face of the most acrid
adversity; for handsomely mitigating every orphaned and blessed; alike,

Whether it be feeling exultated by just a globule of rain on your impoverished caricature; or whether it be uninhibitedly wandering through the lanes of
unfathomably radiant and celestial paradise,

Whether it be flirting with sensuously nubile maidens behind the sunset hills; or whether it be surrendering even the most fugitive beat of your heart to the
person your implacably loved,

Whether it be licking a parsimonious glob of holistic honey; or whether it be wanting the symbiotic sweetness of the unsurpassably iridescent atmosphere;
to nestle miraculously on the tip of your emaciating tongue,

Whether it be passing out your examinations at school to appease your revered parents; or whether it be royally acquiring every felicitation on this boundless
planet; even beyond they could ever perceive to magnificently come,

Whether it be a capricious craving to harness artistry with your very own scarlet blood; or whether it be a altruistic resolution to poignantly dedicate every day
of your life; to the benign service of innocuously bountiful mankind,

Whether it be an evanescent breath that you wanted to expunge from your beleaguered nostrils; or whether it be a vibrantly impregnable determination of your conscience to instill quintessential life in every extinguishing life; that you encountered in your way,

Whether it be your signature for a single humanitarian life; or whether it be your immortal pledge to take birth an infinite times; till the time you eradicated
every obnoxious trace of uxoriously depraving slavery and poverty,

Whatever benevolent you do; whether it be minuscule or whether it be more colossal than your timeless life; do it wholeheartedly; plunging every trace of your heart; blood; breath and body ardently into it,

And then you will find; that with the blessings of the Omnipotent Lord; there would be no salacious devil to impede you in your way; there would be no devil to stop you; invincibly succeed.


If you really wanted to spread ebulliently ingratiating happiness; then spread it amidst all those torturously lambasted; inexplicably bursting into a corpse of inconsolable sobs and traumatic misery,

If you really wanted to spread unflinchingly intrepid strength; then spread it amidst all those horrifically infirm; being baselessly blown away like a pack of
frigid matchsticks; for ostensibly no fault of theirs,

If you really wanted to spread irrefutably sparkling truth; then spread it amidst all those asphyxiated with parasites of derogatory corruption; inhaling each
breath of life viciously tainted with bellicose prejudice,

If you really wanted to spread Omnisciently benign light; then spread it amidst all those whose lives were brutally inebriated with malicious blackness;
even in the most brilliantly eternal of Sunlight,

If you really wanted to spread effulgently mellifluous voice; then spread it amidst all those who got nothing else from life; except insidiously penalizing gunshots of cacophonically treacherous despair,

If you really wanted to spread majestically vibrant smiles; then spread them amidst all those orphans who had nothing else; but an unfathomable battalion of
impediments to transcend; at every step that they staggeringly tread
on coldbloodedly barren soil,

If you really wanted to spread the spirit of symbiotically united oneness; then spread it amidst all those indiscriminately perpetuating blood in the name of spurious religion; truculently beheading their very own; just to please to pot-bellied politician,

If you really wanted to spread voluptuously intoxicating sensuousness; then spread it amidst all those incarcerated within gory jailhouses of rigid monotony; mechanically monitoring even their sleep; to the fecklessly coldhearted ticking of the clock,

If you really wanted to spread gregariously resplendent scent; then spread it amidst all those inevitably fretting in the dingily diminutive lanes of the gutter; even as opprobrious superpowers snored in castles of celestial gold outside,

It you really wanted to spread articulately rhythmic dexterity; then spread it amidst all those insanely imbecile; devilishly employing every bohemian part of
their visage; to salaciously destroy the essence of beautiful mankind,

If you really wanted to spread sagaciously bountiful literacy; then spread it amidst all those worthlessly whiling every unfurling instant of priceless life
staring dolorously at empty sky; dreadfully sinking into the corpse at even the tiniest innuendo of signing their name,

If you really wanted to spread boundlessly opulent coin; then spread it amidst all those uxoriously emaciating on the obstreperous streets; while their rich counterparts egregiously squelched them one by one; under their
pugnacious wheel,

If you really wanted to spread regally euphoric imagery; then spread it amidst all those preposterously stagnating in the dungeons of malicious deprivation; hysterically sobbing in self-inflicted tyranny; till the very last breath of their lives,

If you really wanted to spread poignantly tantalizing charisma; then spread it amidst all those carnivorously bound by chains of abstruse rigidity; infinite a time pulverizing their ravishing dreams; just because they didn't follow the path of their decrepit ancestors,

If you really wanted to spread quintessentially scintillating employment; then spread it amidst all those aimlessly squandering in wastrel wheelchairs;
even after possessing the most rubicund persona that the Lord could ever have blessed,

If you really wanted to spread blazingly fearless patriotism; then spread it amidst all those invidiously betraying their mother soil; selling every cranny of their non-existent conscience for a capriciously sinful clutter of sanctimonious note,

If you really wanted to spread gloriously fructifying fruit; then spread it amidst all those horrifically stunted since times immemorial; wistfully slavering at even the most derogatory of stone viciously pelted towards their trembling skin,

If you really wanted to spread perpetually burgeoning breath; then spread it amidst all those haplessly stuttering for life; despairingly stuttering through
coffins of gory death; even in the most pristine prime of royal life,

And if you really wanted to spread immortally unconquerable love; then spread it amidst all those murderously slandered by every echelon of the murderous society; and yet the insatiable desire to ardently embrace glowing brightly in their; ruthlessly neglected eyes.


It took an infinite droplets of frosty salt; to evolve the majestically fathomless ocean; ravishingly undulating with unfathomable cocoons of tantalizing waves,

It took an infinite specks of salubrious soil; to evolve the unsurpassably towering mountain; handsomely kissing the clouds with its profoundly mesmerizing summits,

It took an infinite puffs of ebullient mist; to evolve the voluptuously crimson conglomerate of clouds; uninhibitedly pelting down cloudbursts of rhapsodically exuberant rain,

It took an infinite twigs of curled mysticism; to evolve the boundlessly enigmatic forests; regally harboring an indefatigable fleet of striped panthers and red ant; symbiotically alike,

It took an infinite blades of robust grass; to evolve the timelessly enchanting meadow; ingratiatingly blooming under golden rays of the; frolicking
afternoon Sun,

It took an infinite pinches of fortified cement; to evolve the incomprehensibly escalating spires of the marvelously magnificent edifice; pragmatically sequestering countless corporate offices in its colossal belly,

It took an infinite drops of profusely scarlet blood; to evolve the most indispensable nerve centers of the body; incessantly perpetuate the exhilarating elixir of vibrant life,

It took an infinite repertoire of dexterous variations; to evolve the miraculous mantra for irrefutably unconquerable success; perennially blazing forward
in uninhibitedly invincible glory,

It took an infinite brain cells; to evolve the most fabulously spell binding and intriguing innovations; possessing the vivacious piquancy to blissfully metamorphose the complexion of this mammoth planet,

It took an infinite threads of satiny silk; to evolve the fascinatingly titillating web; in which gloriously danced the charismatically vivid legs; of the pot-bellied tarantula,

It took an infinite rays of blistering light; to evolve the profusely fulminating island of the Sun; Omnisciently placating the traumatized agonies of one
and all alike; with its unassailable festoon of brilliant hope,

It took an infinite shades of impeccable compassion; to evolve the fountain of pricelessly sacrosanct milk; royally oozing the most impregnable panacea to
lead; inexplicably enthralling life,

It took an infinite sky of tumultuous spice; to evolve the endless field of euphorically green chili; inundating worthlessly lackadaisical lives; with the
reinvigorating expedition of existence,

It took an infinite entrenchment of surreptitious seduction; to evolve the inscrutably ardent shadows; sweeping like the princess of eternity; across every
beleaguered cranny of this gigantic Universe,

It took an infinite draughts of boisterously optimistic wind; to evolve the fabulously torrential maelstrom; encapsulating every drearily lugubrious
soul; in the magic of its insatiably redolent artistry,

It took an infinite compendium of incredulous solutions; to articulately crack the tyrannically penalizing maze; rhapsodically free all incarcerated innocent from; the aisles of horrifically unprecedented treachery,

It took an infinite elements of undefeatable righteousness; to evolve the most spectacularly aristocratic fireball of glorious truth; looming unconquerably large over every other thing; on this boundless planet,

It took an infinite balloons of replenishing breath; to evolve the most divinely chapter of beautiful life; mesmerizing one and all on this unending planet with
the spirit of; splendidly Omnipotent creation,

But believe me for it was not I; but the Almighty Lord who said; that it just took a single beat of the passionately palpitating heart to fall in immortal love; eternally embrace all living kind with the essence of equality and alike,

So what are you waiting for? Just open your hearts a trifle; and let all astounding beauty and heavenly love on this earth; be forever always be yours and mine.


I sowed a cluster of poignant seeds in the soil; digging a
trench conducive in depth,
Diligently watered the mud at the onset of every dawn; and in brilliant sunshine;
sprinkling the enclosure with salubrious manure,
After a few years the tree grew tall and handsome; and showered upon me
succulent fruits; free of cost.

I provided it tones of green leaf; kept a festoon of immaculate coconut in its
Obliterated it from acerbic rays of the sun; and sweltering heat; providing it
an island of hay to sleep,
In return the rustic cow bestowed upon me gallons of frosty milk; free of cost.

I manoeuvred the canvas at astronomical heights in the sky; dexterously
plucking at its nimble string,
Violently tugging the same; when confronted with swashbuckling draughts
of breeze,
In return the kite swayed phlegmatically in the air; gave me gargantuan gratification; free of cost.

Several of my ancestors fought gruesome battles in their lives,
Audaciously massacring prevalent evil; clashing swords to drive away the obnoxious enemy,
In return they left me marathon years of perpetual bliss and freedom to live; free of cost.

I used portable water parsimoniously in winter; preserving every droplet that
I could,
Educated the society about the indispensable need to store and relinquish
In return when the tyranny of summer took its acrimonious toll; I received colossal amounts of water; free of cost.

I procured a battalion of children; playing with them for incessant
hours of the day,
Incorporating their persona with the essence of humanity; teaching them to
march straight without leaning their weight,
In return when they transited to youth; their philanthropic deeds spread far
and wide; and they bestowed upon me the pride of being their father; free of cost.

I built mammoth sanatoriums for those afflicted with disastrous pain,
Assisted the blind; crippled; and the impoverished to cross the street; doing the best I could within my affordable means,
In return I got the benevolent and unprejudiced blessings of the same; free of cost.

I lived the entire of my life intensely loving the girl of my dreams,
Devoting Herculean amount of time towards those in tribulation; unrelentingly
attempting to fulfill my earthly tasks,
In return when I relinquished life and breath; the Creator gave me a place in blissful heaven; free of cost.


I was completely brown when I was born; emitted my first cry,
As my mother hoisted me high in the air towards the almighty; asking him to bless me with fairer complexion.

I was completely brown when I matured into youth; shedding all innocence of childhood,
And didn't possess the faintest streak of white on my demeanor; making it easy for people to sight me in the crowd.

I was completely brown in sunlight; as acrimonious rays of the sun struck my persona,
Refrained to impregnate a darker texture in my skin; stood unfazed as the tumultuous heat took its tyranny.

I was completely brown when I had an attack of severe cold; with loads of mucus dribbling down my nose,
And every unleashing minute that unfolded; prompting me to thunderously sneeze.

I was completely brown when burglars entered my dwelling; pilfering handsome amounts of currency,
Threatening me to divulge secrets; marauding my intricate documents placed by the golden lamp.

And I remained completely brown when I died; relinquishing my final terrestrial breath,
Simply didn't change color; nor did allow any other shade to blend with my perpetual brown.


While when you were born; you had a snow white complexion of the skin,
And your mother praised you in elders with bombastic flattery; feeling blessed to have you white.

When you matured to youth; you acquired a silken tan to contrast with
your white,
Making you the darling of furtive philanders; with a battalion of young men dying to court with you.

When you were in dazzling light of the celestial sun; you acquired a distinctive tan,
Coating your supple face with profound lines of black; inundating your skin with yellow freckles.

When you had an attack of severe cold; prompting you to blow your nose umpteenth times in an hour,
Your skin turned crimson red; with infinite patches in your neck developing disdainful allergy.

When nefarious burglars invaded your house; your face transited to a deathly white,
Seemed immensely pallid; with your resplendent color fading like the day unveils itself into the morbid night.

And when eventually you departed for your heavenly abode; your complexion changed to nimble blue,
Kept changing to darker perspectives of blue; with your fairness now converted to obnoxious filaments of variegated color.

and yet after all this; you had the impetuous audacity to call me colored!


In reality I felt like kicking him straight in his face; but in the end I found myself saying that You're looking amazing sir,

In reality I felt like savagely retaliating to his volley of abuse; but in the end I found myself admiring the cadence of his voice,

In reality I felt like munching the same meals laid ravishingly on his plate; but in the end I found myself sipping plain water which he had profusely used to wash his hands,

In reality I felt like wearing the same designer clothes which he adorned himself in every minute; but in the end I found myself wearing rags which he had discarded after they became a trifle tight,

In reality I felt like possessing the scintillating Mercedes nestling splendidly in his driveway; but in the end I found myself driving the same at his
commands; transporting him safely to office,

In reality I felt like spraying the same scent that he used in gay abandon on his armpits; but in the end I found myself inhaling the same from kilometers apart;
busy sweeping the majestic corridors before the guests arrived,

In reality I felt like bashing him left, right and center in his belly; but in the end I found myself cleaning the dirt adhering to the lining of his shoes,

In reality I felt like strolling as domineeringly in the lawns as he did, but in the end I found myself following him at close quarters; of course as his shadow,

In reality I felt like exposing his blatant lies to the world; but in the end I found myself nodding my forehead in poignant consent to whatever he uttered,

In reality I felt like disseminating all his illegally earned wealth amongst the impoverished masses including myself; but in the end I found myself investing it prudently in ingenious schemes; to ensure him maximum returns,

In reality I felt like banging the telephone receiver on his balding head; but in the end I found myself attending to every call; and amicably transferring him the line,

In reality I felt like sitting in the conference room in his place; with the cool air of the air-conditioner putting me off to blissful slumber; but in the end I found myself serving glasses of cocktail and appetizing delicacies; at the slightest command of his crisp voice,

In reality I felt like drinking apple juice every hour as he did; but in the end I found myself peeling open the tin; for him to tantalizingly gulp the same,

In reality I felt like speaking in American slang as he did; but in the end I found myself silencing the unruly crowds around; to thereby facilitate him to speak,

In reality I felt like hurling every object in proximity as he did when agitated; but in the end I found myself collecting the shattered remains; molding them into toys again for him to break,

In reality I felt like laughing all day as he did with my lips stretched to the most extreme limits; but in the end I found myself learning new jokes everyday; in
order to trigger off his smiles,

And in reality I felt like owning all what he did; but in the end I felt myself completely helpless; as I was born naked in the dustbin; thoroughly deprived of
wealth; and to feed myself and my family of ten children; he would always have to remain my master; and I his obedient slave


On every morsel of food scattered in distant territories of the earth,
there lies a name inscribed of; the person about to consume it.

On every bit of fertile clay projecting from hard land,
there lies a name embossed of; wild grass about to grow.

On every bit of bare bruise sprouting on the surface of skin,
there lies a name riveted of; the magical technology of healing.

On every bit of undulating water containing tones of salt,
there lies a name embedded of; the aquatic fish and spongy coral.

On every bit of flaming sun and celestial moon,
there lies a name embodied; of the supreme creator.

On every bit of perspiration dribbling down with tenacity,
there lies a name pressed of; the onerous amount of hard work.

On every bit of succulent looking barren tree branch,
there lies a name firmly stapled of; the fresh buds about to take birth.

On every bit of crystal water plummeting from crystalline tips of the mountain,
there lies a name dogmatically printed of; the living organism dying of thirst.

On every bit of charisma inhabiting oblivious regions of the globe,
there lies a name emphatically glued of; the human eye.

On every heart that throbs with a benevolent disposition,
there lies a name imprisoned of; the person it loves.
And on every bullet of lead that ricochets after striking the air,
there lies a name of the person living; about to die.


The best thing that the eyes could do; was to stare indefatigably into free space; relentlessly admire the mesmerizing treasures of this earth,

The best thing that the feet could do; was to walk tirelessly on the path leading towards victory,

The best thing that the flower could do; was to disseminate its aroma as far and wide as the world existed,

The best thing that the clouds could do; was to pelt down furiously;
gargantuan droplets of rain,

The best thing that the tongue could do; was to move vivaciously in the chamber of the throat and produce sound,

The best thing that the birds could do; was to spread their wings to wide angles; and then sweep buoyantly across the sky,

The best thing that the soil could do; was to proliferate millions of grains; evolve all the food which was necessary for existence,

The best thing that the scorpion could do; was to viciously swish its hideous fangs; and lethally strike,

The best thing that the snow could do; was to melt at lightening speeds under the celestial sun; and thereby cascade down the mountain in rivulets of
sweet water,

The best thing that the sea could do; was to rise high and swirling towards the sky; impetuously crash its massive assemblage of froth on the chain of
scintillating rocks,

The best thing that the sun could do; was to sizzle darkened areas on this planet with its brilliant shine,

The best thing that the dolphins could do; was to leap acrobatically in the ocean; add vibrancy and color to the otherwise pallid atmosphere,

The best thing that the telephone could do; was to passionately ring; portray the voice of the person opposite; crisp and crystal clear,

The best thing that the mosquito could do; was to hover pertinently in the vicinity of the eardrum; suckle ripe and youthful blood,

The best thing that the shirt could do; was to completely engulf the bare chest; sequester it from bizarre cold and shivering,

The best thing that the owl could do; was to keep awake all night; prudently watch the activities going on; without uttering the slightest,

The best thing that the gutter could do; was to accumulate tones of fetid sewage; diffuse a stench more obnoxious than the pig,

The best thing that the frog could do; was to gleefully skip around; croak discordantly to pollute the mystical ambience around,

The best thing that the poet could do; was to pen down infinite lines of enchanting verse,

The best thing that the stars shining in the cosmos could do; was to illuminate every person's fading night,

The best thing that the child could do; was to incessantly play; bang its innocent wrists demandingly into its mothers belly,

The best thing that the dog could do; was to bark vigilantly; petrify the ominous assailants to the last bone of their spine,

The best thing that the shoe could do; was to indiscriminately trample all that it tread upon,

The best thing that the pen could do; was chisel intricate calligraphy; emboss the surface of bonded paper with exquisite literature,

The best thing that the ball could do; was to bounce as soon as it struck the
hard floor,

The best thing that the candle could do; was to profoundly brighten the atmosphere with its escalating flames,

The best thing that the spider could do; was to ooze out sticky juice from its body; spin silken threads of its web in a matter of seconds,

The best thing that the glue could do; was to stick parchments of dispersed paper into a complete and single sheet,

The best thing that the binocular could do; was to facilitate the evanescent tip of the mountain to appear like a gas balloon,

The best thing that the king could do; was to judiciously govern his empire; drown himself into the aisles of uninhibited wine and pleasure,

The best thing that the wall clock could do; was to keep ticking all day and night; move its hands tirelessly in round circles to depict accurate time,

The best thing that the eraser could do; was to scrap across jumbled lines of dirt; magically transform the paper with a hundred blemishes into one; sparkling and
brand new,

The best thing that the mind could do; was to keep fantasizing; perceive the most exotic; spinning in countless different directions; even while in deep sleep,

The best thing that the lips could do; was to stretch themselves freely; smile and kiss,

The best thing that the muscles could do; was to swell themselves into a perfect curve; and forcefully punch the air,

The best thing that the key could do; was to dexterously break open through the mechanism of the iron lock,

The best thing that the diamond ring could do; was to amicably occupy a place on the engagement finger,

The best thing that the matchstick could do; was to ignite the entire warehouse; into a blazing ball of flames,

The best thing that the rope could do; was to hoist the pail of water from the unfathomable depths of the well,

The best thing that the towel could do; was scrupulously scrub all the dirt and water adhering to the skin; metamorphosing an unruly devil into an angel,

The best thing that the tortoise could do; was to recede its neck back into its cozy shell; and live for a thousand years,

The best thing that the fountain could do; was to catapult high in the air; shower all across into boundless droplets of delectable froth,

The best thing that the scissors could do; was to articulately chisel shapes through cloth and paper; chop all unnecessary bits extruding out extravagantly,

The best thing that the worms could do; was to glow radiantly at night; while pertinently trespassing through the jungle,

The best thing that the saliva could do; was to rot after being spat on the ground; decay all palpable life in proximity; capsizing it in the wrath of disease,

The best thing that the drapery could do; was to sequester the castle from sweltering heat; ensure that the shadows lingered longer in acrimonious summer,

The best thing that the calculator could do; was to decipher enigmatic sums of arithmetic; evolve solutions to the most mind-boggling of puzzles,

The best thing that the toothbrush could do; was to poignantly caress the armory of teeth; extricate the last bit of dirt stuck in their cavity,

The best thing that the mouse could do; was to nibble gaping holes into the silken floss of cloth,

The best thing that the coffin could do; was to house the dead; impart heavenly peace to those tragically bereaved,

The best thing that the businessman could do; was spend hours on the floor of the stock market; adroitly contemplating the prices of rising and falling shares,

The best thing that the heart could do; was palpitate thunderously; romancing every instant of life,

And the best thing that a human could do; was to love till the time he lived; try and embody the same in each entity he confronted or was about to encounter

39. LOVE

There were various sounds in this world which you didn't like; one of them was the sound of the discordantly wailing eunuch,

There were various truths in this world which you didn't like; one of them was the inevitable arrival of death,

There were various places in this world which you didn't like; one of them was the island of ghastly hell,

There were various things in this world which you didn't like; one of them was starvation to unprecedented limits,

There were various heights in this world which you didn't like; one of them was the abnormally long height of the dinosaur,

There were various situations in this world which you didn't like; one of them was the arrival of devastating earthquake,

There were various delays in this world which you didn't like; one of