The Pretty Seas In Your Pretty Eyes - Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

I love the pretty and blue sea Eternally Because it's pretty and wonderful... Concerning your eyes, They have in them a lot of secrets, In every eye, There is an endless sea and In every eye, There are unfathomable secrets... They are eyes and seas That are wide and extended, They contain love's secrets Because eyes contain endless kingdoms... In seas, There are secrets...There are secrets... There are secrets... In the eyes, There are worlds, secrets, love, beauty, Treasures, and a lot of things... Setting sailing in the eyes has no borders Because the normal sea has a beginning and Has an end, The eyes' sea or the eyes' seas are without Borders... Eyes have shores extending From a heart to another heart, Eyes can set sailing in the eyes to that Extension that God wishes... Eyes have wonderful worlds With their beauty, Their extensions, and Their looks... Eyes are really pretty and calm seas, We're crossing through them and in them into The warm hearts To have a true love that is Pure and clear... We do not need a visa to enter through the Eyes' seas, but You have to dive in them into an eternal love Where you will learn swimming and You might remain in there to as much as God Wishes, These are the love's eyes And setting sailing in them needs only diving, floating, and exploring love. _____________________________________________I dedicate this poem called ' THE PRETTY SEAS IN YOUR PRETTY EYES ' to any girl or any woman who falls in love with me in truth because I am looking for a new and pure love in truth. Bye.

This is a translation of the poem THE PRETTY SEAS IN YOUR PRETTY EYES البحار الجميلة في عيونك الجميلة by MOHAMMAD SKATI

Topic(s) of this poem: love

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 2, 2014

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