The Prime Commandment Poem by Philip Winchester

The Prime Commandment

The Prime Commandment

Of Murder, Manslaughter, Homicide! Oh! Such is this a Crime.
The three whilst so common are often much confused.
Murder is planned, intentional, real and with life, on the line.
With which DARK evil forces take hand in hand.
Manslaughter, whilst wicked is unplanned or premeditated.
Or so it is oft pleaded and said anyway.
Manslaughter, Murder, Homicide, ? The saddest of all fates.
Best avoided, if one is to reach an old age?
Learn? Homicide chiefly occurs in a Murder!


Manslaughter, a soft cloak for Murder sublime.
In self-defence Murder can be culpable.
Most Cops and Crime victims from time to time agree.
Justifiable, some say, in preventing atrocious crime.
But! No one has a just cause to Murder.
Life of a King, President, Fly or a Bum is still precious.
To Kill, should not form any part of Life’s plan.
Make just natural life wastage healthy reason to develop.
May those a hawking DEATH rot forever in their HELL! -------------------

The Thousandth Man 12th December 2007

Munia Khan 16 February 2010

Objection Your Honour! ! ! .......Objection over ruled! ! The 1000thman is so true! ! ! So true! ! ! To his words! ! ! ! May God bless him! ! ! ! The Court shall rise to his praise....! ! ! !

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