The Princess' Kiss(Enclosed Tercet) Poem by Chris Embrick

The Princess' Kiss(Enclosed Tercet)

Rating: 5.0

A noble Knight like all the rest
Although well bred, he'll die today
"Tell me, Wizard surely there's another way
Must love this poor Knight's honor slay
From distant lands, I've kissed the best

To watch them wither, ashes fall
Oh, cursed this spell that I'm under
With dreams of love no peaceful slumber
That I'm still a virgin, is it any wonder
To reverse the magic why do you stall?

Your father's greed paid all too well
He used your beauty all for spite
To destroy the Kingdom's rival Knights
And so with this spell, this senseless fight
All to win a kiss and ring the wedding bell

You know the rest, but one small kiss
From the knight who's heart is pure
Will break the curse and bring the cure
For love my Lady, one must endure
And for your hand all lust resist

Soon there'll be no brave Knights left
The yard lies full of youthful bones
In many beds the maidens moan
Their lovers lie beneath cold stones
For fame and wealth, they challenged death

Indeed, the royal blood is poisoned dark
Though innocent it's all the same
You've not had your fill, these bloody games
Your soul it too must share the blame
Look in the mirror that sees the heart

You're next in line for the royal ring
You must decide, I will not sway
Consider well this other way
But for this too, your heart must pay
To end the madness, kiss the King

At last, peace to the Kingdom bring
His ashes scatter in the wind
Then choose your Knight, the curse will end.

Saturday, March 24, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: fairy tale,knights,magic,marriage,spells
Rose Marie Juan-austin 01 April 2018

A fairy tale elegantly penned. Enjoyed reading it. A great piece.10

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Chris Embrick 03 April 2018

I need an occasional break and let my mind go a little crazy now and then. Thank you Rose Your comments are always greatly appreciated.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 24 March 2018

For love of Lady, one must endure. This fairy tale is definitely very interesting and excellently and beautifully this is presented. When the royal blood is poisoned dark, this challenges life and death and provokes thought. An amazing sharing is done here...10

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Chris Embrick 03 April 2018

I enjoy writing things from my imagination sometimes. These are my mini-novella poems. Always, kind friend your comments are deeply appreciated.

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Chris Embrick

Chris Embrick

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