The Rantipole. Poem by Nabakishore Dash

The Rantipole.

Rating: 5.0

Always finds faults with others,
thinks he has none,
his integrity is doubtful,
mind full of scorn.

Broods over thoughts and plans
to malign others without his gain,
does not task his brain
to reach own destination,
one should remember that one
rides to the apex through
truth and tough competition.

Condemns, belittles, torments others
even without provocation,
perhaps gets sadistic pleasure
out of such actions.

Does not care for how some one
feels when falsity reigns,
gets snubbed and ridiculed by many,
never changes own orientation.

Exaggeration and self appreciation
are his two best companions,
his writing is never in agreement
with own thoughts and actions.

False allegation, misconception,
vain boasting are his
additional qualification,
trivializes others, but has
no guts and courage to come
to the forefront with
truth and logical perception.

Goes beyond the expected
language used by any
civilised person,
never knows that a man becomes
unassuming and humble
by true education.

Highly intoxicating and dangerous
for many in any generation,
people should tread, either
in a family or a forum, with caution.

Rose Marie Juan-austin 31 March 2022

'Exaggeration and appreciation are his two best companions, his writings are never in agreement with his own thoughts and actions'. Brilliant and incisive lines that portray a man with an ugly heart. Truly a dangerous man.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 28 March 2022

A vivid and brilliant depiction of a man or woman with an unruly behavior. A very dangerous human being.

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Nabakishore Dash 22 March 2022

The inspiration behind this write is a television serial in India where truth overpowers, with difficulties, over falsity, Sath Nivaon sathia.

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