The Society We Live In. Poem by Nabakishore Dash

The Society We Live In.

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While passing through a highway
I found a small crowd
at the side of the road.
All were busy with their
mobile phones taking snaps
of a road side hazard.
My curiosity arose,
I stopped my vehicle to see
what really happened.
A drowning man was in urgent
need of help in a big pond.
He raised his one hand,
effervescence like bubbles
were coming out of his mouth.
Almost going to suffocate and
hence a saviour's help was sought.

It seemed no one was interested
to take a risk by leaving
his costly mobile phone
as they did not know each other.
Suddenly a yokel
jumped into the pond,
swam a few yards and rescued
the drowning man,
to every one's utter surprise
he was a cycle-rickshaw puller.
None from the crowd ventured
into the pond, in stead
all were engaged in taking photograph.
The scene exemplifies a tragicomedy, the kind of
society we live in and
the extent of our mental riff-raff.

Drowning, sought, help, yokel, riff-raff

Very few in this world risk their lives to save others. But there are some brave heroes who would willingly and happily help the people in distress.

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Top marks for the brave Cycle Rickshaw-puller. Thank you for sharing this poem dear Poet Nabakishore ji.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 26 November 2022

It's said: service to mankind is service to God.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 29 June 2022

A great salute to the courageous cycle Rickshaw- puller.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 29 June 2022

A very keen observation brilliantly expressed. Top Marks.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 29 June 2022

High technology also plays a role in not responding to the scene because some people want to capture the incident and show it to the media for instant popularity

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 29 June 2022

Magnificent and meaningful presentation of how people respond to those who are in dire need of assistance. Some could risk their lives to help and those are the brave and the kind. Others do not have the courage to help knowing that it would risk their very life.

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