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The Real Mmeaning Of The Word Family - Poem by Scarlet .....

what do you think of when you say your family
do you think of those you share blood with
i sure don't
i think of those who are there for me
sure we do not share blood
but we share something strong
we share trust
so when you say family
i think of my online family
for those are the people that have been there for me
those are the ones that have helped me through thick and thin
those are the ones who have saved me in my darkness moments
these people started off as strangers
and now they know more about me
than people i have grown up with
these people
mean so much
sure we have never meant
and prolly never will
but still
with just their words
they have done so much
for they have saved a life
healed wounds i didn't think could be healed
they opened my eyes to the joys of the world
they freed my soul
and warmed my heart
all this from just words and being there
for all that they are my true family
for i am closer to them
than any others on earth
in my family there are many
my big bro– the funny stubborn one always looking out for me- always has the funny sh*t lol who worries cause he can't help it
my mother- such a caring woman who has been where I stand- in her job she see more pain and trouble than any should and yet she is always there to cheer me up
my father- with his wisdom, and powerful way with words- he has taught me more than any
my little sister-who has stood by my side through thick and thin
my big sister- who if she could would change this world so no one would feel pain
thank you all for you all never had to help me yet you all did
you showed me the true meaning of family

those of which you can trust
those of which trust you back
those who care for you
and comfort you
the ones you try your hardest to do the same to

this poem is for all you that have been there for me
without you guys don't know what i would do lol
you guys mean alot
thanks a bunch

Comments about The Real Mmeaning Of The Word Family by Scarlet .....

  • (6/3/2007 12:30:00 AM)

    U.U...Barry is right U.U...although I would love to be part of your on-line family...I know perfectly well that I cannot replace your real family. No matter are kin...not matter have a bond. No matter how difficult it all seems right now...I ask you to not completely turn your back on them...there may come a time when that bond is strengthened...: -)

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  • (6/2/2007 9:08:00 PM)

    Our friend Dee Daffodil suggested that I read this one ;
    and once again, she was right. (I sort of wish that she wouldn't
    be that way ' ALL' of the time!) But, she was again!
    I suppose that is one of the many things that we all get to learn
    from each other. Nobody is alone out here.
    We do not have to agree with each other all the time,
    but, we DO listen to each other, and we DO learn.
    Even in the ' best' of families, that does not always happen!
    Well said!


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  • (6/1/2007 12:20:00 PM)

    these people
    mean so much
    sure we have never meant
    and prolly never will

    they freed my soul
    and warmed my heart

    my favorite lines are right here. im always going to be here for u even when i graduate.

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