The Rib Poem by Josey Alfred

The Rib

Why was Eve made from Adams rib?
Was she to be emotions queen?
Was she to be his passion or pain?
With fairies face and a confused thoughts.

Adam was made from dust of earth,
Eve from Adams rib, he inert asleep
She was perplexed, for she felt no sense!
And emotion raved, she felt cheated.

A game of love and hate broke out!
Between the man and emotions queen!
Fighting egos, struggle to remain cool,
And try to excel each, to be immune.

With emotions strong, and logic poor,
She enslaves him, by tears and threats!
Her ego controls him and their home!
Makes him a slave, keeps him nailed down.

In virtual world, he is the king!
Has no freedom, to mingle with friends,
Has no right to commune, with none.
Even parents, wait in vain for him.

Monday, August 7, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: home,lifestyle
often undesirable situations creep into domestic, life because of the
fight between the husband and wife or the clash of ego. but why?
Me Poet Yeps Poet 19 October 2017

very good story why can't we all still follow it produce more eves from ribs why keep a child in womb still 9 long months do try you have still a long way o poet great then share your secrets

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Josey Alfred 21 August 2017

Thank you Valsaji

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Josey Alfred 21 August 2017

Thank you Valsaji, Many of the occurrences that take place in our society are very painful, I wish even a small number of them may change because of my poems, but it is a very bad situation. If only the Mothers who train the children change, then only the miracle can happen. In a materialistic world it is unlikely to happan. Thank you once again.

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Valsa George 20 August 2017

You have portrayed a very common occurrence in married life! Some women enslave their husbands through threats and tears....! The poor husbands often have to yield to the foolish whims of their wives to sustain the peace and calm of the family or just to show others that their domestic life is running smooth! A poem which resonates with the situation in many families!

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 19 October 2017

men are NOT poor they r intelligent as in silence they bow and get what ever they endow you also know the best way to maintain solance and harmony say I AM THE MAN OF THE HOUSE AND I HAVE MY WIFE'S PERMISSION TO SAY SO Amen

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Qiniso Mogale 07 August 2017

She enslaves him by tears and threats! A great poem poet Josey

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Josey Alfred 08 August 2017

thank you sir, thanks for your, appriciation.

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Josey Alfred

Josey Alfred

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