Love Garden Poem by Josey Alfred

Love Garden

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I grew up in a fertile field
All called me lily of the wild.
My growing days were golden rich,
I grew up bright, without a hitch.

All eyes caressed my sensual curves,
I felt it good inflamed my verve.
With glowing eyes I smiled, still calm!
They hailed me with indulging charm.

A swarm of buzzing bees flew in,
Slowly they swam past me, I grin
And soon a handsome naughty bee!
He flew to me, with loving glee.

He danced swiftly and touched me light,
So warm his touch, it roused delight,
I felt it sweet my eyes grew bright,
He took my hand, I felt delight.

I lost my sense, his magic touch,
His tipsy wine imbibed, I much!
My soul in swoon I lay, fulfilled,
I knew not when the poacher fled?

I felt too hurt, forlorn female
My taste now sour I felt so stale!
No one would want, a face too pale,
Or want a bosom, sagging now stale.

I knew none would take me, his own!
Or will pick a flower, now worn.
Forlorn I felt, yet waited, for long,
But none come to take me along.

A sad maid came to pluck blooms bright,
To adorn her lovers copse a final gift!
I pleaded her to pick me, unhurt,
And place me close, to lover’s heart.

Oh! What it matters, now to me?
Forlorn a life I lived like lame
My seeds may grow, and show by life
It is no charm, but love gives life.

Thursday, March 12, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: failure,love and pain,regret,suicide
Edward Kofi Louis 11 July 2016

I lost my sense, his magic touch! ! Thanks for sharing this lovely poem with us.

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Fantastic, love garden, inspirer me a lot.

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Valsa George 18 March 2015

Beautiful poem! The sorrow and loneliness of a lily is beautifully pictured! But the poem has a positive ending! Despite all neglect, she hopes that her seeds would grow! Also she declares firmly that only through love, life can be fostered! You are no toddler.... you are a poet ripe and fully grown!

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Josey Alfred 21 March 2015

Thak you very much for your valuable comments and opinion. Though I have been writing poems for a long time, but I Could not get any guidance, or opportunities to make my poems public. So I had to work my self, the hard way, to understand about poems and the the minimum basics requirements, by reading, from books. To get the confidence to go forward was difficult, somhow I tried only in Feb, this year to publish them in PH. I mean to say at my 70+ year. Thank you once again. JA

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Josey Alfred

Josey Alfred

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