The River Poem by Kathleen Jessie Raine

The River

Rating: 3.3

In my first sleep
I came to the river
And looked down
Through the clear water -
Only in dream
Water so pure,
Laced and undulant
Lines of flow
On its rocky bed
Water of life
Streaming for ever.

A house was there
Beside the river
And I, arrived,
An expected guest
About to explore
Old gardens and libraries -
But the car was waiting
To drive me away.

One last look
Into that bright stream -
Trout there were
And clear on the bottom
Monster form
Of the great crayfish
That crawls to the moon.
On its rocky bed
Living water
In whorls and ripples
Flowing unbended.

There was the car
To drive me away.
We crossed the river
Of living water -
I might not stay,
But must return
By the road too short
To the waiting day.

In my second dream
Pure I was and free
By the rapid stream,
My crystal house the sky,
The pure crystalline sky.

Into the stream I flung
A bottle of clear glass
That twirled and tossed and spun
In the water's race
Flashing the morning sun.

Down that swift river
I saw it borne away,
My empty crystal form,
Exultant saw it caught
Into the current's spin,
The flashing water's run.

Edward Kofi Louis 24 August 2015

Water so pure! ! With the muse of life through your dream. Nice work.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 24 August 2015

Fantastic dream. Enjoyed the poem.

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Ramesh T A 24 August 2015

It is a nice dram poetry to read! River, a house nearby, gardens and libraries are visible in the clear water of river!

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Johnthebarman 04 September 2022

I was looking for a good poem on rivers but was thrown back into a torrent of dreams, Kathleen and my own.

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Darlan M Cunha 16 February 2020

What a beautiful poem. Wide river and clean.

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* Sunprincess * 25 August 2015

....beautifully penned, I love both dreams ★

3 1 Reply
Kevin Patrick 24 August 2015

Cool and dreamy, imagery so rich it can only come from a fertile rich mind. Awesome read!

3 1 Reply
Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 24 August 2015

Great imaginations and poem so enjoyed.

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